Saturday, February 13, 2010


Asher and Ainsley had so much fun this morning opening packages that Grammie and Grandad sent in the mail for Valentine's Day! Thank you Grammie and Grandad! They loved it all!!! And Beau and I are excited about our gifts too. :) We'll put it ALL to good use! Thank you for thinking of all of us!!!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Kiddos

My kids!!! I love 'em!!! I haven't posted in so long. I've been trying to "get my life together", so this has fallen to the wayside. I hope I don't forget too much. They're such a joy! They're both SO FUNNY and FULL of LIFE - even when we wish they would cool it a little! :)

Ainsley Grace is almost 17 months old and is growing up more every day.
Some things she loves these days:
*Bringing Asher's cowboy boots or rainboots to us to put on her, and then she'll often take one off and just walk around with one on. I don't know why, but it's funny.
*Playing with Allie's old toy kitchen that we recently moved into her room
*Pointing at the coat rack and adamantly requesting (in her unique way/language) that I put her coat and her hat on her and then saying, "Ba-ba" (bye-bye)
*She loves to wear gloves and immediately starts clapping her hands together after I've put them on her, saying, "YA-AY!" (I like it how she can make a one syllable word into two. :))
*Climbing! - up on the couch, Asher's bed, chairs...
*She and Asher have been having fun lately by turning Beau's video rocker (little rocking chair thing that sits on the floor) over and using it as an indoor slide. And it's a good thing, since it's been so COLD outside lately!
*Playing with her bag of 100 balls in her room or in Asher's firetruck tent - kicking them, "swimming" in them
*And OF COURSE playing with Asher!!! They're becoming better and better buddies all the time!!!

Some of the things she's saying:
*Rubbing her hand on her chest ("please" in sign language), exclaiming, "Nya-nya...Nya-nya...Nya-nya!!!" This means that she wants her cup of milk. :)
*"Shsh" - shoes
*"Mommy"!!! - She has, of course, been saying "Mama" for months, but just this week (first from her bed), she started calling, "Mommy."
*"Dae-dee" - baby
*"Dah-dee" - Loki (our dog)
*"Da-da" and "Daddy" - Daddy (She's been saying that forever too.)
*"Ghi-ghi" (or something like that) - blanket
*"A(short "a" sound)-he" - Asher - It's so cute! It had been "Aya" (or something like that), but it's evolving.
*"Eye" - eye - And although she knows where the mouth, nose, ears, and hair are, she says, "Eye" for all of them. :) Just yesterday she started learning where her arms and legs are.
*And she says a ton of things that I understand by tone alone, like when I ask her what a turtle does, and she "says", "Walks very slowly!" There are no words, but we've been saying the same thing the same exact WAY since Asher was a baby, and she has picked up on it. It's hilarious!
*I'm sure there are more things that she's saying, but that's all I can think of for now.

And then there's Asher Case - 3 1/4 (almost) - I was holding him the other day, and it seemed as though I could literally FEEL him getting bigger in my arms! I hated it!!! Of course I want nothing more than for him to be healthy and grow into the man that God has created him to be, but to feel his "littleness" slipping away just KILLS me sometimes!!! HE says, "I'm still little...but I AM bigger." I love it that he's still "little" even though he's getting bigger! I love my little first born so much it makes me teary!!! He's absolutely WONDERFUL and LIGHTS up our lives (as Ainsley does!)!!!

*He is WORKING on potty training. He does GREAT sometimes...and sometimes our timing is all wrong! I have to believe that we'll get it ONE day! :)
*He LOVES guns, swords, and cowboy hats!!! He loves watching "The Three Mousketeers" (as he calls it) - sensored, of course - and "The Princess Bride". Much of everyday is spent wearing his blue cape that Uncle Tyler got him for Christmas BACKWARDS (on the front of him), his cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat (that he really wishes had a big feather on the side of it), holding a gun and a sword. He's definitely "Wild at Heart", like the book says. :) Ainsley even likes to pretend with him. It's hilarious! He'll get her, and she'll say, "Aaaah!" and fall on the ground.
*He's started getting a little more into full length movies like "Toy Story", "Toy Story 2", "Monsters, Inc." to name a few.
*He, as always, loves playing outside, and he's getting dirtier than ever, which is just fine by me! I love it!
*He's getting more into building towers with wooden blocks, Legos, and Lincoln Logs.
*He loves his remote control cars and trucks!
*He likes to "help" me cook and switch out laundry (when I'll let him - sometimes I just need some SPACE! :)).
*He LOVES his dog and is getting good at just ducking his head into himself when Loki jumps on him (which we're ALSO working on!). For some reason we haven't been successful at getting Asher to be forceful with Loki yet in saying "no" and popping her on her nose. Instead he just ducks his head. Hopefully we'll solve this problem eventually! :)
*He loves writing and drawing. He writes these letters: H, T, i, S (as of yesterday!), A, L, O. And we've started working through a workbook that helps him learn his letters. We're on "B" so far. :) He seems to be a smart little boy! We just pray for wisdom as we try to parent him in the best way.

Asher went to mother's day out last year and really liked it, but he seems to be in a stage this year where he just needs me, and that's ok with me. I don't completely understand what's going on with him all the time, but it's been interesting to just take life step-by-step with him and Ainsley and try to be sensitive to their individual needs and personalities. He is 100% OUTGOING at home and with those he feels really close to but tends to be on the shy-er side when in a group of people. We're always seeking to make the best choices for him - sometimes to push him a little, because obviously it's good for him to relate with others, but at the same time letting his little personality blossom the way that God intends it to. We started going to the library this past week for story time on Tuesdays and play time on Thursdays, and I am excited about this. It's an opportunity to be in a classroom setting (on Tuesdays) in a way and to have interaction with others but having me there at the same time. I think it's a good fit for him right now, and I'm thankful that God led us to find it. His favorite part about it so far has been the "bear hunt". I'm hoping that he can start tee-ball in the spring, but I still need to check and see what is offered here. He took a tumbling class in the fall and really enjoyed it, but I'd rather find him something that he can take part in with other little boys his age. Girls are fine, but he was the only boy in his class. :)

So that's the scoop on the kiddos. Hopefully I can get some pictures posted soon. Speaking of, I do have PART of our Christmas pics uploaded to Picasa, so if you're interested, go take a look. I hope to get the rest posted soon! Click here if you'd like to see the new ones so far:

A Little About ME... :)

...since we've been strangers to the bloggy world for a couple of months now. I'm just not good at keeping up. What can I say?

Before I got married and had kids I thought I "had it together" for the most part - as far as feeling somewhat in control of life, keeping a pretty and clean home, etc. Since I've gotten married and had kids, I've been progressively amazed and distraught about who I've "become" in that regard. Over the last year or so, I've been learning a lot about myself through books and Some things I already knew, but as I read more, I'm more convinced of different things. Like...that I am a perfectionist, and if I don't feel like I have the time, energy, or "know how" to do something the way it "should" be done, then I feel INCREDIBLY overwhelmed, sometimes a bit depressed, and the end result is that I become "crippled" and don't do anything. Then my house (and everything else) goes down hill until I can pull myself together again. (I will confess that even as I write about this, I feel a little "sheepish" :), because I think I'm "weird", but oh well, this is me...)

Well, I feel like I am rounding a corner and that God is faithfully changing me - little by little. My friend Autumn loaned me a book called Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul, or something like that. It's been GREAT for me!!! I think every mother can relate to giving, giving, giving, and giving some more, then feeling completely drained, with NOTHING or LESS than nothing left!!! I LOVE my family FIERCELY. I would absolutely NEVER choose another life than the one God has given me!!! I am moved to tears when I think about how MUCH I love Beau, Asher, and Ainsley. I am BLESSED!!! And at the same time, my soul needs to be FILLED by God EVERY day, or I become an unpleasant mess, because no one can give the way a wife and mother are required to (and blessed to) and not feel depleted at the end of the day. Even as I type this, I feel rediculous, because it seems like complete common sense, but it's been the struggle of my life to set aside time every day to give God the place He deserves. Anyway...the book I've been reading deals with making it a priority to get your sould filled by God every day, and I've seen SUCH a difference since I've made that commitment AGAIN in my life. (This whole issue is so much more complex than anything I could ever describe in writing.)

So...I certainly don't have it all "together", which I know is actually a good thing, because it keeps me striving toward the goal of knowing God more every day, but lately my days have looked something like this: Beau takes care of the kids for a while when they wake up, and I stay in bed reading, journaling, and praying. Then sometimes I EVEN take a shower before he gets his turn. :) I am being silly, but this has actually been a really big deal for me to make a conscious effort to get dressed and ready for the day at the BEGINNING of the day like a "normal" person does. :) (I know it would be ideal for me to get up earlier, but I haven't conquered that part yet. :)) Then I go downstairs, feed the kids and myself breakfast (if they haven't eaten yet). Then I get to work. Breakfast dishes done, beds made, straighten anything that needs to be straightened, get the kids dressed, get laundry going, etc. By the time all of that is done, it's usually 10:00 or so, and we generally either go outside and play for a while or go into town for errands or something. And then the rest of the day consists of what you would think it does, fixing meals, playing, changing diapers, potty training (when I remember - we're working on it!), cleaning, dishes, straightening, laundry, naptime, bathtime, bedtime, etc., etc., etc. (You may be wondering why I'm writing a post like this. It may be a little BORING, but it's what's been going on with me, and this is my "journal". :))

So, thanks to God, Autumn for loaning me that book, the lady who wrote the book (I can't think of her name right now), and FlyLady. I am focusing on a few new daily habits that are really helping me a LOT: 1)concentrated (even if not super lengthy) time alone with God, 2)getting ready for the day (not staying in my pjs all day :)), 3)making our beds, 4)keeping the dishes (especially since we don't have a dishwasher) and laundry "done", 5)keeping things picked up, and 6)decluttering for 15 minutes a day. Again, these things seem SO BASIC, I KNOW, but to break it all down has really been helping me. And I also want to say that there are so many more to credit for teaching me these things and encouraging me in them over the course of my life. I've been inspired by countless people and resources throughout my life in these my MOM! :)

Even as mundane as these things sound, they (and my kids, hubby, and life in general) keep me on my toes! It's a full time job to "keep up", and I'm still trying to figure out the balance of it all, because although I'm happier these days from keeping up with the basics, I'm SO TIRED by mid-afternoon or so, and I haven't quite figured out yet how not to be. I usually try to rest during naptime, and that helps for the afternoon, but then I'm ready to "quit" by 7:00 in the evening. :) Luckily, Ainsley goes to sleep at 7:00, but Asher doesn't. I'll welcome any tips, but maybe being tired is just part of life. :)

Well, I planned to fill you in on the kids too, but I've got to go fix lunch. So...I'll leave you with this for now, and I'll make it a point to update you on them later this afternoon. They're changing every day, and we're loving every minute of it...ok, maybe not EVERY minute of it, but you know what I mean!!! :)