Friday, September 28, 2007


My WHOLE family (that is, my immediate family) is going to be at my dad's game tonight in Irving, and then at Jack's game tomorrow. It's killin' me to have to miss it! Part of me was sad, because I thought that this was just something that was going to be different because we moved to Oklahoma. But it's actually just that we have something this weekend that I need to be here for. So that, in a strange way, makes it a little better. It would be different if everybody was going to be together more than three hours away, and I just couldn't come because of the distance. But that's not the case. Yea!!! I'll be at our next "thing"!!! All the grandkids are wearing shirts that Emily made (maybe?) that say "I love Poppie" cute is that?! I wish Asher could be there!!! They'll have to wear them again the first weekend in November!!! I love you all, and I can't believe you're all going to be together without me!!! I hate it! (I feel like I'm in Germany again!) =)

Snakes, Snaps, and Strolls

Well, the same day as Asher had all his other "firsts" the other day, he also saw his first snake and started "snapping". Beau found a snake - just a bull-whip (which means nothing to me, but that's what he called it), and he brought it home for Asher to see. How kind...=) He even put it over Asher's shoulders, and the SIX FOOT LONG snake kind of twitched its tail, and Asher wasn't bothered in the least. Beau had its head the whole time, so there was no danger, but it was still a little freaky...but fun at the same time. =) Then Beau let it go, and it started climbing up the side of our house. Yikes!!! No snakes in MY house please!!! But he got it and threw it out in the woods. It was an exciting experience. =)

And Asher started "snapping". It's pretty cute! He just sits there and does it over and over and over. What a baby genius. =)

AND...I'm talking about two different kinds of "strolls"...We got a backpack for Asher to ride in. Thank you Mom and Dad!!! We've already gone on a couple of walks, and today I needed to make a bed for this retreat that we're having here this weekend, so I did it with Asher on my back. It was kind of funny. That thing is gonna come in handy.

The other kind of "strolling" I'm talking about is Asher just walking around. As I was typing this, I looked at him, and he was walking all around the room, went out the door and into the hall...all standing up, walking - just holding onto things with one hand. He's been doing that, but just not SO MUCH!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wal-Mart, Turtles, and Tractors

Today I was talking to Connie on the phone, and she asked how far we lived out of town. I told her we were about 20 minutes from Wal-Mart. She found that humorous...that my reference point was Wal-Mart. It's kind of like Emily getting a kick out of our "big outing" being to Wal-Mart and Wendy's one day. What can I say...we live in the sticks. =)

On that note, it reminds me of the other day when I was taking Asher to Dina's, and I was on the phone with her while I was on my way so that she could tell me when to turn, etc. She told me that they had been doing road work, so if I couldn't get through just to let her know and they would just come carry him over or something. It cracked me up. I feel like we're on "Little House on the Prairie" or something. =) By the way, I got through.

And today Asher saw his first turtle and rode on his first tractor (other than Poppie's riding lawn mower). We were driving down one of our little camp roads with Daddy and we saw a turtle, so we stopped and got out to look at it. He thought it was cool...kind of like the chickens we have here. He is also really into those. Then after lunch, Daddy was going back out to mow a field, so Asher took a short ride with him on the tractor. It's pretty cute seeing him learn about all this new stuff. We like our boy...and so do the people at Wal-Mart. =)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Out of Control...

That's how I feel...Out of Control! We have new carpet, so even though I vaccumed really well when we moved in, there are still little loose carpet threads everywhere - for Asher to eat...and choke on. Taping needs to be done before we can paint, then we need to prime, then we need to paint...everything! Laundry needs to be done. The tub needs to be unclogged so I can give Asher a bath...we put lots of Drano in it today, but it didn't do anything. New blinds need to be hung in all the windows (after we paint). I need to plan meals for this next week and buy groceries...again. How can I go to Wal-Mart almost every day??? Boxes need to be unpacked. Cabinets need to be cleaned. Bla,bla,bla. I know I'm complaining...and that's not good...but all of this stuff is looming over my head. I don't know how the "wonder moms" of the world do it!!! It will all be ok, but sometimes I feel paralyzed by the "to-do list"! Like today, Beau was home, and we could have gotten lots done (or at least more than we get done on the days that he's working), and we DID get a LITTLE bit done! But more than anything we didn't...because I get overwhelmed, so I end up not really doing anything...which ends up making me more overwhelmed. I know it's stupid. But it's a cycle I've found myself in my whole life. It's ok. We've got a big retreat coming up next weekend that is kind of Beau's first big thing here at this camp, so after that, we'll really get crackin'! We're supposed to even have some people help us after that retreat to get the painting done. That will help a ton! On that note, I think I'll go to bed...after I check my sisters' blogs one more time. =)

More Firsts for Asher...

Asher is now putting things to his ears and pretending that they're phones. We'll say, "Hello", and he'll put a phone or a remote or his hand or whatever up to his ear. It's so cute. =)

And he's such a faker! It's hilarious! For a while now, he just makes random noises, trying to fake cough, laugh, cry, etc. But today he fake sneezed. It was so funny. Ever since he was tiny, he gets a big smile on his face any time he sneezes. I guess he thinks the sound is funny, and he loves it when we say, "Bless you!" So today when he faked it, it was pretty funny!

Family and Friends!

At the moment, I am overwhelmed with LOVE for my family and great friends!!! God has blessed me over my thirty years with really RICH relationships! How come I am so blessed???!!! I was just getting caught up on "my blogs" - and I especially loved Amy's, Emily's, Jami's, and Jenny's tonight. I actually learned new stuff about SISTER! Emily is hilarious! And I love reading Jami's and Jenny's blogs - close friends from my youth group in high school. It's so fun to all be mommies now (finally)...and to hear your stories and your emotions...many of the same emotions I'm experiencing now. I love it!!! =) God has been so faithful to all of us! How could we ask for more when it comes to the love we feel for our kids?! There's NOTHING like it!!!!!

Here I Am, Miss Oklahoma (Sung to the tune of "Here She Is, Miss America")

Hey Hey!!! We have internet!!! You never realize what a big deal that is until you're REALLY out in the sticks like we are! =) I should be asleep right now, but Asher woke up a little before midnight, and I've been addicted to updating myself on my sisters' and mom's blogs ever since. (I have others that I want to read, but I have to draw the line somewhere or I'll never go back to sleep!) Amy and Emily, thank you for your sweet blogs! You both made me tear up. I love you both so much and am also sad that I live farther away from you now!!! And Amy, I laughed out loud when I read about your going to the "desk store"!!! That's still hilarious! =)

Well, I love it here. Our views out our windows are so pretty! This house needs LOTS of help, but I love looking out the window over my kitchen sink and beside our dining room table. We have already burned a path between our house and Wal-Mart and Lowe's...and I'm sure the one between here and Sonic will be well known also. They have "happy hour" every day between 3-5. Woohoo! =) There is lots left to do...boxes to be unpacked, walls to be painted, and blinds to be hung...but we'll get there...SLOWLY but surely!!!

I've been ok with my lack of progress since my family left until today. I got very overwhelmed and tired of the unsettledness that we're living in, but the day ended great! We're SO BLESSED to have a friend here ALREADY!!! Out of ALL the places God could have taken us, He brought us to the same town...the same SIDE of town even...that one of Barbara's (Beau's Mom) really close friends lives. Dina. She's already been a LIFESAVER!!! The day we got here she brought us some really yummy food that she had cooked up for us. And today I took Asher over to her house for a couple of hours. I wasn't getting anything done, and I was just about at my breaking point. (not good!) So she took him, and they had a great time! And I ran a few errands without him! Thank you Dina!!!

And then we got home, and Beau and I had so much fun with our little dude!!! He's SO GREAT!!! He's EVERYWHERE!!! Last night he took his first step!!! And today he did it again!!! And he plays peek-a-boo now! He's liked us to play it with him for a long time, but now he pulls a blanket up over his own face or squats down behind something and pops up. It's so cute!!! And he said his third word today!!! "Bye-bye"! He's so amazing! =)

That's us in a very small nutshell. I better go to sleep now...if I know what's good for me. Tomorrow is another day...and I better be ready for it!!! All my love to you family and friends!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We had a special night with our Riverbend Family tonight. We went to eat one last time...all cazillion of us. (THAT part will be REALLY different in Oklahoma!!!) We have been blessed to be surrounded by such great people here and we will miss you so much!!!

On a lighter note...we went to Babe's. If you ever have a chance you should definitely go! It was GREAT! Cool atmosphere, fun music, REALLY good fried chicken and fixin's...served family style. And every once in a while all the waiters dance in the to "Boot Scootin' Boogy", "YMCA", or something like that. And one of the waitresses came and got Asher, and he "danced". It was pretty cute.

AND he CLAPPED today for the first time!!! He's so brilliant. =)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Great Things

A couple of great things have happened so far today. I had an epiphone in the middle of the night. For the last couple of weeks we have thought that Asher's bed doesn't go down as low as most baby beds, so we have been using his pack'n'play and weren't even going to put his baby bed up at the new house. Well, in the middle of the night, I realized that maybe we had put the metal part that holds the mattress (what do you call that?) on upside down. I discovered this morning that we had, and that now the mattress goes down as low as it should. So now we can use it without worrying that Asher is going to climb out...or fall out. =)

And...Asher SHARED with me for the first time! We haven't even tried to teach him about that yet. =) He was playing with the tag on one of his toys, (because he LOVES tags!), and he kept handing the toy to me. He would suck on the tag, then he would put it up to my mouth like, "Here Mommy you try it." It was really cute!

Well, I'm off to get a few things done while Asher sleeps. Only four more nights before the movers come to pack! Yikes!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Pictures...FINALLY!

For all you grandparently and auntly types who might be wanting some new they are. Click on the Picasa link to the left.

Progress and Firsts...

Well, Mom and Dad came yesterday afternoon and spent the night. I got my kitchen floor swept and mopped (which I've needed to do for WAY too long - especially with a crawler!!!), carpet vacuumed, garage cleaned out, laundry done, etc., etc., etc...Thank you Mom and Dad for coming and helping me with stuff around the house and for playing with the Ash Man!!! We loved having you here one last time.

And Asher has experienced some significant firsts in the last couple of days. He pooped in the bathtub for the first time. I know...lovely. But it was one of those "things" I always dreaded about being a mom, but it wasn't as bad as I had always thought it would be. =) I hope cleaning up his puke one day won't be as bad either - that is something I just cannot even imagine being able to handle!!! =) And today he ate his first corn on the cob...which was really cute. And I made a "tent" in his room with a blanket, and we played under it. He loved it. And we played peek-a-boo with the blanket. It felt like more of a "little boy" moment than a baby one. I hope I remember it forever! =)