Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not much to say, but I'm here...

I really don't have much to blog about right now. That's why I haven't posted in a while. But I thought I would at least let you know that I'm still here. =) Asher and I have been at my sister Amy's since last week. We're (not really so much Asher) helping as much as possible to get her family ready for their move. I think we're going to start the big move today. Beau will come up on Friday when he's done with work. This may be the longest we've been away from each other - a week and a half. Yikes! But it's been worth it to be able to be here. And we're all making it just fine. We miss Beau and he misses us, but only two more "sleeps", then we'll see him again. Yea!

Asher has had a great time with his cousins and aunts. He now says, "Rock On!" (by doing his hands a funny way), "Mmm,mmm...", "Yea" except it sounds like "DAY!", and he's getting better at shooting the basketball. =) The little ones have been doing pretty well together, but there's definitely a love/hate relationship sometimes. =)

Unfortunately that's all I have for now. I hope you all have a fabulous day. =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Wardrobe is Changing!

I'm only seven weeks pregnant, but today for the first time so far, I could NOT wear what I normally could! A loose t-shirt over my "little" belly saved the day though! I'm entering that awkward stage...where I don't look pregnant, but I'm definitely "growing". Hmmmmm...Part of me hates this stage, but the other part of me is happy, because it means I have a baby growing inside of me! Amazing!!!

We got a Valentine's package from Barbara yesterday (THANK YOU BARBARA!!! We LOVED everything!!!), and in it were some things for Beau and Asher, a pretty maternity top for me, and some really cute ruffly socks and pretty little headband...just in case we're having a girl! It was really fun to see little girl stuff come in the mail! =) We'll see what this little gumball is, though. Beau says it's a boy. I don't know...and I don't care. A brother would be fun for Asher, but it sure would be fun to be able to put little frilly things on a little girl!!!


It's becoming a "tradition" when Beau is leaving for work that he gives Asher a kiss, then Asher opens his mouth (you know like babies "kiss") over and over and over and over and over get the picture. It's really funny! It's a game to him! Trying to keep Daddy home as long as possible. And finally Beau has to leave, and Asher just sits there with his mouth open until he realizes that Daddy is really gone. The kid cracks me up!


Today I would tell Asher to say, "Allie", "Grammie", "Lee", etc., and he SAID everybody's names! Granted, you would not be able to understand him if you heard him. I wouldn't even be able to understand him if he just randomly said somebody's name. But he was making different sounds each time, so he was trying! He's never done that before! It was fun!

He's starting to communicate more and more. He nods his head really big if he wants to watch the Doodlebops (which are so annoying, but he really likes their singing and dancing!). He says, "baba" if he wants to watch basketball on tv. He also says, "baba" for baby, bottle, and banana...but he knows what he's saying - and usually we do too. I can ask him if he wants something, and if he does he nods yes - he hasn't gotten "no" down yet - which I'm fine with. =) Anyway, he's a cutey!

Big Boy!!!

I took Asher to the doctor on Monday for his twelve month checkup - even though he's fourteen months now! This time they weighed him on the "big person" scale. He weighs 23 pounds (35th%). And they measured him in feet and inches! He's 2'7" (75th%)!!! Only three feet shorter than his mommy! =) AND he even got a sticker from the doctor when we left! What a big boy!!!

Little Dipper

My son comes by it honestly. I have always been a dipper. I remember all the way back to when I was a little girl in Plainview, sitting at the kitchen table, dipping my sandwich in orange juice. Weird, I know...but it's true. Well, when Asher was eating lunch today, he was "insisting" on dipping his toast in my water. I didn't let him for a while, then after he had a drink of my water and backwashed in it, and I wasn't about to have another drink of it after that, I decided, "Why not?". And he proceeded to dip his toast in my water...and eat it. And his grapes. And his sausage. He loves to dip...just like his mommy! I thought it was pretty funny! Then it turned into more of an "art" and "science" session. Dropping toast in the water to see if it would float or sink..."painting" with water on his tray...etc...I had to draw the line, though, when he offered me a bite of his soggy toast. NO THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our Little Reader

I can't write much at the moment...because I'm SUPPOSED to be cleaning our room right now, (I think a tornado must have hit!) but I just stopped by the computer "right quick" to check a few blogs, know what happens...I got sucked in. And I could stay sucked in for a very long time - there's SO MUCH to read, but I better take care of our little life here first.

But speaking of reading...this morning, Beau and I were watching something on tv, and when we looked at Asher, he was lying on the floor on his SIDE (like a big person) "reading" BEAU'S big thick book! It was so funny! He's started "reading" a lot in the last couple of days. He'll point to the words and just start jabbering away. It's too cute!

Off to accomplish things!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby Hands

I love my baby's hands. I love their warmth, their softness, their dimples...I love the way he holds my finger when I'm rocking him to sleep or when I'm reaching back to him from the front seat trying to comfort him. I love the way he searches with his little fingers for just the "right" spot on his blue silky blankets and then how he holds onto that spot while he sleeps. I love how he tries to copy us when we say "come here" with our hands or when we say "good job" or "gig 'em" with our thumbs. I loved it this morning when I was rocking him, and he reached up and layed his hand on my face and just left it there for a while. He's just too darn cute and too darn precious!!! I can't get over him!!!

Funny Boy!

This is a post of random things that Asher has done lately that make us LAUGH! You may or may not care...but I can look back on it one day and remember the "little things" with fondness! =)

Just now, I was sitting here reading blogs, and he comes running towards me and runs into the wall. I guess he turned too soon. It probably didn't feel good, and he started to cry, but all of a sudden, he started laughing really hard. It was so funny, so I started laughing too, and I hit my leg like, "That's SO funny!" So he hit his leg too, then he hit the floor, because that's something that Beau and he have been doing lately. Laughing and hitting the floor. It cracks me up!

He also is becoming even MORE of a little rascal than he already has been! If he's doing something that he knows that maybe he shouldn't be doing or he just thinks he's funny, he'll start making his "evil" laugh and get this really "scoundrelly" looking grin on his face. He's a little mess sometimes.

Yesterday while I was on the phone - first with Beau, then with Grandma and Grandad - I found him behind the cabinet that we have the tv on (it's catty-cornered in a corner). He was in "cord heaven". Then he was all of a sudden on top of the end table beside the couch! Then he found my wedding rings and RAN from me when I came after him...because he runs now! Yikes!

Those are just a few of our "adventures". More to come, I'm sure!

About this BABY...

To my extended family and close friends...

I'm really sorry if you found out about this baby #2 through my blog! I really am! I would have liked to call you - or at least emailed you, but with being out of town this weekend and already having known for two weeks, I decided to just go ahead and put it out there. I hope you forgive me. =) I know you do!

LOTS of love!!!


I love our three big windows beside our dining room table. They go all the way from the floor to the ceiling and are right beside each other, and the view out of them is so pretty. Yesterday when Asher and I were eating breakfast, he saw his first squirrel. (Sounds like a theme Amy!) He loved it. He watched it so closely and followed it around to the window that goes out to the porch. This morning there are TONS of birds outside. Robins (I LOVE robins!) and little sparrow-looking birds (but a little different). He LOVED watching them too! He just stared and stared and waved and waved to them. I love watching him watch things!!! Then Beau came home for something, and a dog followed him home. Asher loves dogs! So our mornings have been filled with animals and nature - even if it's been from the warmth of the living room! It's too cold outside - which Asher does NOT understand!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We're Having a Baby!

Yes, we're expecting another baby around October 3rd! It seems a little crazy, because Asher is still our BABY, but he'll be almost two when the new baby comes (22 months to be exact). We couldn't be happier!!! I'm just five and a half weeks along, so we'll go in about three weeks to see the little heartbeat. I've already said that I'll be relieved when I find out that it's not twins. =) But of course if it is, we'll figure it out...not that we're expecting it to be twins...the only sets in our families as far as I can remember are Beau's granny and her sister and his two cousins! Everything is going well so far - just a little faintness/dizziness one day and some extra tiredness and hunger of course! =) We pray that this pregnancy is as good as the last!

We've been 98% sure that we were expecting for two weeks, but didn't tell Beau's family until a week later after we had taken a positively positive test. And we waited until this past weekend to tell my family, because we knew that we were going to see them for Jack's birthday and the Superbowl. It's amazing that I was able to keep it from all of them for TWO WEEKS!!! We were also able to see Beau's Memaw and aunts and uncle this weekend. It was GREAT, as always, to see them!!! So now, as Amy reminded me this morning, I can blog about it! =) So here begins...The Chronicles of Baby #2!!!