Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today has been a great day! I was a little nervous about how Asher would handle going to King's Kids today since his "incident", but he did GREAT when I dropped him off. He didn't even think twice about it!

After that I went to the cutest little 50's style diner with someone who I think will be a new friend to me. Can I just say that friends make such a difference! And I love how God has brought different ones into my life since I've lived here. One was an old friend of my mother-in-law's who "just happens" to live back here now (her hometown). Another one I met in line at Wal-Mart (of course...we all know I spend enough time there!) while we were talking about our two year old boys. A couple of them I know through our church. And this most recent friend is our pediatrician's wife. And none of them are "accidents". I have been feeling very strongly lately that God is orchestrating my life. I love it!

After I picked Asher up from MDO, I took him and Ainsley to a park in town, and he had so much fun playing!

Then Beau came into town to meet us for dinner.

And last but not least, Goody's is going out of business here, and TOMORROW is their last day to be open. So my good hubby suggested that I go buy some things. So he took Ainsley home for me, and Asher and I went and shopped for a while. I bought 16 items for $76!!! I'm SO HAPPY about that!!! What a good ending to a good day!

And here is a short list of brilliant quotes: =)
*After telling me that he rode an ambulance and that it took him to the hospital, he said, "I drink wrong cup. I hurt my eyes. It make me sad." And I told him I was so sorry that he was sad but asked him if he is ok now, and he said, "I ok now."

*Out of nowhere (and I don't know what he was thinking about): "Thanks Skyler and Coby."

*There were some birds standing on an outside wall and pecking at something on the top of the walll: "Birds eating wall. Silly birds."

*"Grammie play tennis." We were at the park, and there were HIGH SCHOOL students playing tennis. He saw a girl with dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, with a hat on, and dark complected skin, and he thought it was his Grammie. I'm sure Grammie LOVES that! =)

*Beau gave him his allegra tonight, and he said, "My orapred." That's his steroid that he's been taking since his reaction the other day. He's done taking it, but he doesn't realize it. How funny is that?! A two year old asking for his "orapred".

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am taking a much needed break - because I feel like it is NECESSARY! =) Although all is not quite right in the world yet, because Ainsley is not quite asleep...but she will be soon. Then I can really relax! I've been working my tushy off today so far - which was also BEYOND necessary! After a very full second half of the week, we crashed yesterday and didn't do ANYTHING - and it showed today! Actually it's been "showing" for a few days now! So I folded and put away a MOUNTAIN of laundry. Whew! I sorted through the new hand-me-downs for Asher from the Powells. The way God has provided for us in the area of clothes (and more) for our kids has been AMAZING!!! We've hardly had to buy anything - you know besides diapers and stuff like that! =) So many people have been amazing, but we've gotten a HUGE bulk of our clothes from the Powells, Kavaliches, and Mannings! Thank you ALL!!! (By the way, Ainsley is alseep now - Asher already was.) I've put up toys (of course!), started more laundry, and I even cooked a big breakfast this morning. I'm TRYING to get it together! I'll be working really hard the next few weeks to declutter, because my in-laws are probably coming at spring break. Thanks for the motivation Mark and Barbara! =) I'm sure things won't be perfect, but perhaps they'll be better. Hopefully a LOT better! =) God has really been encouraging me lately to actively live out the things He's put in my heart. I've grown stagnant and overwhelmed in so many ways since having kids, and I'm trying to rise above that. I really want my home to be a peaceful haven for my family and anyone else who comes here. I want us all to experience the beauty and peace of God when we're here - not the utter chaos and MESS that it's been! =) Here's to hoping and praying! =)

Well, here's a new dose of Asher sayings:
*"Whatcha makin'?" (to me when I was making dinner or something) - and Beau was humored because I was ACTUALLY making something! =)

*"I'm so proud of her!" (about Ainsley) - so sweet!

*"I love you boys!" (as he reaches out his arms to touch Beau and me)

*"Hi boys!" (to Beau, Ainsley, and me)

*"I went to the basketball game YESTERDAY with Mommy, Ainsley, me, and Daddy." (He's never said "yesterday" before - and it really WAS the day before he said that! Smart kid! =))

*"I ride on an ambulance. It take me to the the hopisal (hospital)." By the way, when he talks about it, he says that the ambulance was fun (even though he didn't think so at the time), which I am thankful for. However, the other day after he said the line from above, he said, "Mommy go bye-bye. And Daddy go bye-bye. And I stay at King's Kids." And Beau asked him if he was sad that we went bye-bye, and he said yes. It BROKE my heart. I cried. (He didn't see me cry.) We're going to try the "get back on the horse if it bucks you off" thing this week, but if he's too sad we'll re-evaluate. I, of course, want to be there for him if he genuinely NEEDS me! So we'll see how it goes! His teacher, Mrs. Tricia, called yesterday to check on him, and he talked to her on the phone, so hopefully that helped a little.

*"I love you much!" (stretching out his arms as wide as he could, talking to me) I loved it!!!

*"Beautiful sumic (music)!" I think maybe he got that from "Little Einsteins" (or "Little Eimsteims" as he calls them). And I LOVE that he calls "music" "sumic". He mixes up the letters. How interesting. It's so cute.

He's just the cutest little thing!

And Ainsley's pretty darn cute herself! She's started this high-pitched squealing thing the last three days that is hilarious! It's her "new" voice! She's getting closer and closer to being able to sit up by herself. She's arching her back a lot but hasn't rolled over again. She will...one day. =)

Have a wonderful day! Until next time...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Asher Update

Asher is doing better this morning. His eyes are still puffy, but they have gone down a lot. He's acting a little "sensitive" about things, but he's playing hard and being funny and sweet as usual. So thanks everybody for your prayers!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Asher's Allergies

First of all, Asher is ok. He went to King's Kids this morning, and we got a call late in the morning that his eyes were swelling and he was getting a rash - but he wasn't having any trouble breathing (and he never did this time - thank God!). While they were on the phone with me, somebody else at the church had already called 911, which I am thankful for, because, as we know, these things can escalate really quickly! The same teacher called me back a couple of minutes later and said that they were taking him to the ER in an ambulance. The fire station is right across the street from the church, so it all happened really fast!

His and another little boy's highchairs were sitting right next to each other at lunch time, and that other little boy put his cup (that matched Asher's exactly) with milk in it on Asher's tray. I think his teachers noticed it pretty quickly and were not sure if he had taken a drink or not but were keeping an eye on him. After lunch, they put the kids down for their naps, and Asher started crying. They went to him and his eyes were starting to swell and he was getting a rash on his face. And this had ALL happened within about a ten minute period. They immediately called 911 and me. And even though they had always been careful with Asher - knowing about his allergies - they will be even MORE careful now. Everyone has been talked to. We're not happy that it happened, but I, of course, have been guilty of letting things slip by me too, so I can't point much of a finger. And we (and they) will make SURE that Asher is NOT able to get to somebody else's milk or anything else dangerous to him in the future!

Anyway, I got to the ER as quickly as I could (and Beau followed as soon as he could), and although Asher was pretty calm by this point, what I saw was heartbreaking!!! His eyes were even MORE swollen than they have ever been. It was horrible! They gave him lots of different medicine - all the usual - antihistamine, steroids, epinephrine...His rash is pretty much gone, and his eyes have started to go down a LITTLE, but it's still VERY SAD to look at him!!! And he is ok. We were able to bring him home around 2:00, I think. He's been sleeping pretty much straight for the last few hours, so we'll see what he's like when he wakes up. He may be "out of it" for a while. I look forward to having our "bouncing baby boy" back! It makes me sad for him to be this way. But it could have been so much worse, and I know that he'll be just fine.

So you can pray for all of that! =) We're praying for Asher to recover quickly and for him to be miraculously healed completely of these allergies. My first instinct today is to never let Asher go to mother's day out or school or anything like that again. But I KNOW that wisdom and being careful are good and necessary, but sheltering him out of fear is not good - even though that's what I feel like doing today. Just wanted to bring everybody up to date on what happened today.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Feb. Pics

Click on this link for our latest pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/beauandsarawaters/FirstHalfOfFeb09. There are some fun ones, but they may not be as interesting as normal, because it hasn't been that long since I posted some - and I lost the camera for a few days. I'm just trying to post them a little more often, so there aren't HUNDREDS to go through every time. =) We had a cute Valentine's Day with the kids - a very pink and red day - but, unfortunately, that was in that group of days where the camera was MIA. Enjoy!

Asher Sayings

*"The stars make me happy." (as he's watching the stars as we drive down the road at night)

*"No way squirrels! The squirrels ate the paper towel!" (talking about the squirrel we saw actually eating a stray paper towel on our porch...weird!)

*"Your eyes are brown?" (to me)

*"It's my lucky day!" (random)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Asher...again =)...and Ainsley

Right now Asher is looking at the book I'm reading, The Duggars: 20 and Counting!, and he pointed to their picture and said, "a family". He's just starting to really get the concept of what the word "family" actually means, and I love it! Most mornings we all end up in our bed or on Ainsley's floor and we say, "Family time!" It's becoming a special little tradition. Speaking of family, last weekend when my side of the family got together, he referred to his "cousins" a lot -which he had never done before. I love that he has so many great cousins to grow up with and build such special friendships with!

He sings the whole ABC song really well now - all the way through! My favorite part is, "eeF, eff, g" and "llllllop". I used to be so nervous about how I would prepare my kids for reading and things like that, but I guess it all just happens. =) (not that he's reading yet! =))

Last night he started saying, "evermore" about things - meaning "anymore". It's so funny! "I don't like that evermore!" "I no go King's Kids evermore!" "Him Darcy. He not Barney evermore!" If you can't tell by all those statements, he's getting quite argumentative, which we're trying to curb, but I suppose it's just a new developmental stage where he's trying to express his opinions. He also likes to say, "Him is." "Him is not!" "Yes it is." "No it's not." "Yes it not." (my favorite) You get the idea. He even tries to get me to "argue" with him. If he says "Yes it is.", he says, "Mommy, say 'Yes it not.'" I know, he's a mess. We're trying to work with him on all of that. It's funny and not all at the same time. Because he obviously does not fully understand what he's saying...but he does a little. =)

Tonight he was being a little toot - not wanting to obey pretty much anything we said, so we were having a serious trying-to-teach-him-to-obey-time =), and he did (finally!), and I made a big deal about it - saying, "Good job Asher! Thank you for obeying Mommy!" And he said, "You're welpoom." Oh! My heart melted! He said "you're welcome" for the first time! Unprompted! He's certainly a little toot, but he's a sweet - and even well-mannered - toot sometimes! =) We're so proud of our little rascal!

We were sitting at the dinner table for all of that obeying stuff, and after he decided to start being sweet, he said, "So. You're welpoom. Mommy, what you do today?" So I told him about my day. I asked him about his. Then he said, "Daddy, what you do today?" So cute! =)

I was changing Ainsley's diaper today, and he got down beside her and held her hand, and said, "You're ok Ainsley." It's so fun to see him be so kind and compassionate with her. I love him to pieces!!!

So there's my little Asher rant for the evening. I guess I don't get the "Love is not proud." part of 1 Corinthians 13, because, I have to admit, I'm kind of proud of my boy! Maybe the point is to know that all good things come from God, and we definitely know that! He's SUCH a gift from God. We're amazed at the little guy that He has entrusted us with!

And we feel the same about Ainsley! She just doesn't say as many cute things yet. =) But SHE is more and more beautiful to me every day, and I love her more and more every day! I'm so excited to see her develop into the little person that God has created HER to be too!!! And just for the record, she rolled from her back to her tummy last weekend. A few days later, she rolled from her tummy to her back. (Although she hasn't done either of those things since. =)) And yesterday, she sat up by herself for quite a while. It was so exciting! =) She may have her "dramatic" moments =), but she's really a good baby overall, and we're so thankful for that!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Pics from January

If you want to see new pictures from the second half of January (and the first few days of February) click on this link: http://picasaweb.google.com/beauandsarawaters/SecondHalfOfJan09?feat=email#