Monday, December 24, 2007

Best Two Out of Three...

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Do Different Pics Make a Difference???

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Who Does Asher Look Like???

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What Do YOU Think???

So Beau and I have been having some friendly debates. =)

-I say Brett Favre is gray-headed. He says he has some gray hair, but he's not completely gray.

-Beau doesn't put powdered sugar on his french toast, because he says people just do that so it will look pretty...but then in basically the same breath he said that it's "too sweet". I say he contradicted himself by saying those two things. He says he didn't.

Soooooo...YOUR part of this is to comment and give us YOUR opinions!!!!

Our Christmas So Far...This is for YOU Amy!

Well, we headed out on Friday...Beau, Asher, Dusty, and me. Dusty's family is in Livingston, so he rode with us - which was a great entertainment to Asher! We arrived around 8:30 or so that night and had fun watching Asher get used to his Grammie and Grandad's house again. We were here four months ago, but it generally takes him just a little bit to warm up.

Saturday I talked about taking a shower all day and finally did late in the afternoon. It was nice lounging around in our pjs all day long. However, we did play outside a little bit - before it got really chilly. It's SO pretty here - with Lake Livingston out back and tall pine trees everywhere. I love it! Asher and Grammie went on a walk like they always do, but this time Asher actually walked - as opposed to riding in the stroller. They went down and looked at the water and saw lots of birds...and Cooper (the dog - not the cousin) went along too. And Asher loves Cooper! =) He likes to make dog sounds - and they sound more like Tim the Tool-Man Taylor than barks. He's pretty cute...if I do say so myself. Saturday evening, Barbara and I had a girls' movie night and left the boys here to do their own football I think. We went to Livingston's very unique and small-town Fain Theater and watched the 2nd "National Treasure". It was really good - just as good as the first one, which I was surprised about. The theater has made lots of improvements over the past few years as I understand it, but it was pretty funny as we had to wait outside until the movie before ours let out (there's only one theater), then our 7:00 movie didn't start until about 7:15. It was fun.

Yesterday morning Tyler came in to see us for a couple of hours before he had to fly out of Houston. It was great to see him! We love him so much and wish we could see him more!!! Asher likes his Uncle Tyler, and he just might grow up to love airplanes just like he does! Tyler gave him a little WWII style bomber jacket, and it is SO CUTE!!! I LOVE it! But I will say that it's QUITE funny, because what Tyler thought looked just the right size for Asher will probably actually fit him when he's five or six. He looks like ET right now when he's walking away from us with it goes down to the floor, and the arms go just about as far. It's hilarious! Anyway, we loved seeing Tyler, and we look forward to seeing him on the 26th when he's finished with his holiday flights. (He's a pilot for Continental Express for those of you who don't know.) Then yesterday afternoon we all made a trip to Nacogdoches to see Beau's Mom's side of the family. It's also SUCH a GORGEOUS place!!! They have lots of land with tons of tall pine trees and ponds. It just SMELLS good there! Beau and I took Asher on a ride on the Mule (a heavy-duty "golf-cart" type vehicle just in case you don't know). He LOVED it! And we got out and looked at a couple of ducks who have made their land their home for a long time now. And he loves ducks, so that was really fun. =) And we had a GREAT Christmas meal...I think THE BEST mashed potatoes I've EVER had. They were DELICIOUS!!! Granny's secret? A stick of butter and PET milk. Yum!!! Asher even got to enjoy a lot of the good food! And PawPaw fried a turkey - which was equally as yummy! We loved seeing everyone there - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even a little 2nd cousin for Asher who is six months younger than he is. We enjoyed meeting little Rafi! He's a sweety! We drove home last night, and Asher slept the whole way. Yea! I love it when that happens! And we even drove through a neighborhood in Lufkin to look at Christmas lights. The most creative home we saw...or maybe I should say "unique" was one with a large picture window in front FILLED with DOLLS looking out at us. It was kind of creepy looking. =)

Today, Asher chose to make his appearance at an ungodly hour once again! I don't know what his deal is, but he got up at 5:00 or so and wouldn't go back to sleep - the little turkey! So Beau was up with him for a while, but he started saying, "Mamom, Mamom!" (which is new, by the way - and I love it!) we've all been up since way too early in my opinion. But now he's sleeping. Barbara fixed french toast and bacon, which was delightful! =) I love french toast ("which was created in England", Beau says)! Tonight we will go to the Christmas Eve service then to show Asher a park in town that has great lights. And those are our big plans for the day. It's been very relaxing so far, and I'm glad we're here for a few more days!!!

I hope you're all having a very MERRY Christmas!!! Lots of love to you my family and friends!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is Beau's and my 4th anniversary! It's been a special day so far. Every year we give each other the traditional gift for that particular year. The first year was paper, then cotton, then leather...and this year is fruit or flowers (yikes for Beau's gift!). I got up to put Asher back to sleep at 4:30 this morning, and when I came back to bed there was something "glowing" underneath the comforter. It was a digital picture frame. And the last picture on it was a picture of an APPLE. =) Very creative. And I gave Beau an assortment of FRUITY candy and a gift card to Wal-Mart. The gift card has a bride (holding FLOWERS) and a groom...the only one that I could find with flowers on it. =) Asher actually decided not to go back to sleep, so he was basically awake from 4:30 this morning! Crazy kid! So, Beau, being the good hubby and daddy that he is, stayed up with Asher. And I slept until 8:00. Yea! Asher went down for a nap around 9:00, and I fixed breakfast - pancakes, BANANAS (fruit...see the theme?) with brown sugar, and sparkling white GRAPE juice. It was a nice little breakfast at the table (unlike where we normally sit for meals) with a candle and a "Country Love" =) CD playing. We talked about some things that we enjoyed from the last year. Beau likes it when Asher and I surprise him with little visits during the day when we're out on a walk or something. And I like his creative gifts (like the picture frame with a picture of an apple). Those were just two little things, but it's interesting that the things we remember are just the simple things. It seems like it should be easy to keep each other happy. =) Unfortunately, I'm a little too much of a "woman" at times!!! Anyway, then while we were cleaning up after breakfast, Beau stopped me and we danced in the kitchen to one of our favorite country songs. Other than that, we've just been taking it easy and hanging out together. I'm about to go get ready for the day, because he's taking Asher and me somewhere special for lunch. So...ta-ta for now. More to come later...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I wasn't going to do this. I had a whole long post written, and I clicked "Publish Post", and it got lost somewhere in cyber-space. That makes me so mad! =) Anyway, after reading the sisters' and the mom's blogs, I feel somewhat inspired, so here goes...

I don't think I've told the blog-world about my Christmas quilt that Dina made for me. I LOVE it!!! It's one of my favorite things this Christmas season. I'll have to take a picture of it, so you can see it. =) I love to cuddle up with it, a cup of hot chocolate (two packets in one cup...mmmm) topped with marshmallows, and watch a Hallmark movie. It's the best at night, after Asher's asleep, the lights are off except for the Christmas tree, and Beau is in our room playing football on the Playstation. Although, I tried that last night, and I was in a deep sleep in about two minutes, then when the movie was almost over, I realized where I was, stumbled into our room, and into our bed in a huff. You know that kind of sleep where you're kind of awake but really not? Beau told me this morning that after he had gotten up to go watch tv, he searched high and low for the remote and finally found it on the floor in our room. I don't know if that's funny to anybody else, but it's kind of funny that I was so out of it, that I brought the remote to our room with me. Maybe you woulda had to have been there. =) But he was mad at me about the remote, and I was mad at him for leaving the light on. I think I slept with the light on until almost 1:00 this morning. Weird.

A couple of quick comments to my blogging sisters since my computer is as slow as Christmas, so I don't leave "comments". Amy, yes, YOU are most definitely a drama queen...just like the rest of us! =) Emily, those vests are hideous and HILARIOUS...and it makes it even better that Allan's is a woman's!!! =) Hahaha!!! And THANK YOU BOTH for your sweet posts and beautiful pictures of my baby boy on his birthday. I loved them!!! For those of you who want to see them go to: and

Asher and I went on a "hike" today to explore here at the camp...he in his wagon and me pulling him through tall grass, up and down hills, and over rocks. It was so fun as he bounced along and spotted birds and a plane in the sky, and it made me excited that he's growing up at such a neat place. We've got so much more to explore on these almost 550 acres!!!

The baby boy has been QUITE needy today...still his happy self a lot of the time, but also very sad at the drop of a hat. It was sad to see his big crocodile tears spill out of his eyes. I don't know what was up, but we had some good cuddle time on the couch. He pretty much always falls asleep on his own in his bed, but tonight he fell asleep laying beside me on the couch, and I loved it!!! He's so sweet. And I loved that as he lay there, he looked just like the little baby I had one year ago. I hope that we'll have special moments like that forever. I know things will change dramatically as he grows up, but he will always be my baby boy!!!

There's more to say, but for now, I must say good night!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hello World!

Hi All! I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a MONTH! Yikes! We went without any internet at all at our house for almost that long, but I'm back. It's still slow...but I'm here. I'll try to catch you up.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Waco with my side - including my grandparents, Aunt Maxine, and two cousins. It was great to all be together. And we even had a little birthday party for Asher (with a TERRIBLE "allergy-friendly" cake!!!). One of my favorite parts of the time we spent there was when the guys kept the kids, and the girls went to the movie! It may sound shallow, but I had not been to a movie without Asher since he was born. It was GREAT! And so was the movie..."Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". I loved it.

Speaking of Asher. He is officially ONE YEAR OLD! I can't believe it! We had a great day on his birthday, and I only got a little teary-eyed when I was about to put him to bed for the night. I can't believe a YEAR has come and gone! It's very difficult learning how to be a mommy and wife...and person...all at the same time, but it's been the BEST experience of my life!!! I love Asher more than I could EVER describe!!!

Another "exciting" event was that he ate a cricket yesterday. Yes, he actually ATE it! GROSS!!! I'd like to say that I kept my composure, but I found it beyond disgusting! And there was NOTHING I could do about it. It was already on its way down when I realized what was happening! NASTY!!!

I guess this update will be a tad unorganized, because we're back to his birthday now. He got a very cute rocking horse from his Poppie and Gibbie, and he loves it. Although, once he figured out how to rock back and forth by himself, he then had to figure out how not to rock TOO far...because he fell off twice...once going forward, once backward. It was actually pretty funny.

And his Grandad and Grammie sent him a Radio Flyer red wagon in the mail. And he loves that too. I haven't taken a picture yet, because my camera's full, but he's so cute in it. He just gets the biggest smile on his face, because he thinks it's so fun! And today when we were on a walk he spotted birds in the sky while he was riding...which he thought was pretty cool. =)

Thank you to the rest of you who gave him gifts as well. He's having a blast with all of them! =)

One of his favorite new things is BOOKS!!! He's pretty darn cute with them! He likes to bring us books to read to him, and then he'll go get another one...and another one...and another one. I love it!

AND he asks nicely for things now too. Oh, many times he'll whine first, and we'll tell him not to whine or "How do you ask?" or "What do you say?", and he'll sign "please". I'm so proud of how polite he can be. I love the little guy!

Let's see...what else??? We've got a busy month ahead of us! Thursday, Asher and I will leave for Dallas. Amy's birthday is Wednesday, so we'll have dinner for her birthday that evening. Actually, Asher will either stay with Allie and one of her friends or Uncle Joe (Allan), which will be nice...and fun for him too! Then Friday starts the girls' (and Asher) weekend. We're going to stay in a hotel in Grapevine, go to Six Flags, shop, eat, sit in the hot tub, and have fun. I can't wait. Then Monday morning Asher has one last appointment with his doctor in Waco. How pathetic is that? I can't give him up! We've taken him to the doctor once here, and we just didn't like the guy NEARLY as much as Dr. Nesmith! So...since we're going to be in the area, and he needs his one-year checkup, we're going to complete his first year with Dr. Nesmith...who knows Asher and we trust! I know, I'm a little crazy. =) Then, at some point on Monday I hope to see my friend Julie who just had her baby (Jay) and possibly my friend Robin (who is expecting a baby in January). They both live in Austin. But we'll see if that can be figured out. BECAUSE...on Tuesday, Emily, Amy, our babies, and I are flying to CHICAGO for the DAY!!! Again...CRAZY!!! But the reason we're doing it is because Beau and I had passes that we were going to use to go see Lee and Chance (Beau's sister and her hubby) in Florida, but come to find out the closest we could've flown with those passes was New Orleans. We were SAD to have to cancel that trip!!! BUT...the passes expire on the 19th of this month, so we're going to use them to go explore in Chicago for the day on Tuesday. Brrrrrrr!!!! It will be cold, but a fun adventure no doubt!!! I've never done THAT before, but I love random "adventures"!!! =) Anyway...then Asher and I will head home on Wednesday. Friday is my birthday!!!! Our anniversary is the 20th!!! And we will leave for our Christmas week in Livingston on the 21st or 22nd....which we're excited about! It will be GREAT to be with Beau's family for several days!!!!! We miss them!!! And then my family will come here for the last weekend in December so that we can celebrate Christmas together as well. That should be lots of fun...but I've got LOTS to do to this house between now and then. It's GREAT motivation! The kind of motivation I need! And THEN...Beau's birthday is the 31st...aka New Year's Eve! =) Ay-ya-ya!!!

That's us in a nutshell. I MUST go for now! This computer sucks me in, and I don't have time for this. =)


Friday, November 9, 2007


My man is working somewhat strange hours this weekend because of the retreat that's coming in. So he's home right now, and I'm at his office - WITHOUT a baby! It's glorious. I love my little buddy SO MUCH, but time without looking over my shoulder - making sure he's not going to fall off of something or eat a bug (which he tried to do today) - is QUITE nice! So, I'm sitting at Beau's desk blogging and checking my email via SATELLITE...vs. DIAL-UP! MUCH BETTER! =) And I've got a great view to top it all off - the lake down below us, trees all around us that are changing color and losing their leaves, and a blue sky. It's a nice moment. Ta-ta.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today was a good day. We have a group coming this weekend (a few of them came tonight), so Beau started his day bright and early, and Asher and I did too. We all went into town this morning after we determined how many blankets, sheets, etc. we needed to buy to make the beds half-way inviting for the ladies this weekend. (We are in need of a major revamp when it comes to linens...and facilities in general.) But first, before we started our errands, we made a stop at McDonald's, and while Beau waited on our breakfast, Asher and I played on the indoor playground. It's the first time he had ever done that, and it was fun watching him figure it out. The rest of the afternoon was pretty normal - lunch, playing, laundry, dishes, etc. Then this evening we made lots of beds and did a little last minute sweeping, since there are always new dead bugs everywhere. =) We even lit a candle for the ladies who were arriving tonight. It was fun to put our hospitality into practice. We've got a long way to go here, but even a little bit of the dream that God has put into our hearts being realized is kind of exciting.

I'm way behind on reading "my" blogs (Mom, sisters, and friends), but there just doesn't seem to be enough time in my days. Oh, what to do? =)

Oh, one more fun thing...I love staying in hotels. (a silly little bit of Sara trivia) Beau has a convention that he has to be at Monday and Tuesday, so we're going to go to Oklahoma City on Sunday and stay until Tuesday. I'm excited about our little "adventure". It's just a regular hotel, but for some reason I just love it. =) And there's a hot tub. Maybe I'll get to relax in it for at least twenty minutes or so.

That's all my "interesting" news for now. Good night fellow bloggers. =)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Pics!!!

Click the Picasa link on the left and see LOTS of new pictures from September and October. And there are still MORE to come...unbelievable, I know.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fun day with a not so fun ending...

We had a great day today! Beau, being the wonderful husband and daddy that he is, got up with Asher this morning and let me sleep. I got up at 9:30, and it felt great! I love sleep! =) We played and lounged this morning. And Asher took a two hour nap, which is very good for him. His naps are usually about an hour and a half long - or a little shorter. I got to take a bath, wash my hair, shave my legs (AND lotion them), put on makeup, and fix my hair ALL in the same day!!! QUITE an accomplishment for THIS mommy! Then this afternoon, we took Asher to a park in town. He loved it. He swung...swang??? the baby swing. A "good citizen" =) let us know very nicely that we had him in the swing backwards. We were very glad she told us. It didn't seem very safe. =) And...just for the record, Beau DID think the right way was right from the beginning. Anyway, he loved swinging, sliding, playing in the sand, climbing, and riding on bouncy horses and the merry-go-round. I've loved every stage with him, and I'm sad sometimes that he is growing up so fast. But we're having SO MUCH fun...more fun every day!!! Then we went to a movie. What were we thinking, you ask. Good question. It was definitely wishful thinking! It was past nap time, so we thought for sure Asher would go to sleep during the movie. He did. But only for just under half of the movie. After he woke up, we took turns trying to keep him quiet while trying to enjoy the movie at the same time. We're glad we saw the movie ("Dan in Real Life"), but we know that our movie going days with Asher are officially over!!! When we came home, I fixed pancakes for dinner. I saw pancakes in the movie, and it made me want them. It was a nice thought, but they were a little dry. I'm not sure what the problem was. At bedtime, Asher went down easily. So far, the only hitch in us trying to get him back on a good schedule was in the middle of the night last night. If you read this before, pray that this will be a good night! I don't think we'll have to revisit another three hour trial like last night! (I HOPE!) And the not-so-good ending to the day was doing the dishes and straightening the living room. I AM glad that those two things are done now, but it took me quite a while, and there's (as always) SO MUCH to do in the rest of the house!!! But I had to take a break, so I came to blog...something that is a little treat in my day. =) And now, I think I will retire. Good night!

Three Hours Later...

Ay-ya-ya!!! Visiting family and friends is really fun, but it sure does mess Asher's sleeping up! In order not to wake everybody else in the house up when we're away, I pick Asher up more quickly than if we're at home...and I feed him in the middle of the night more...and I let him sleep with me more...etc., etc., etc. Well, this obviously cannot continue. It's just a downward spin - because once it starts, he just keeps waking up more and more. And that's not good for him OR me! Anyway, we got home yesterday (Fri.) afternoon, and I knew that it might be a hard few nights of getting him back to sleeping well. As you can tell by the title of this blog, it HAS indeed been a difficult three hours. He started fussing off and on at 11:30 and just now went to sleep! Beau made a trip in to make sure that he was ok - no dirty diaper or anything. And I spent a while two hours into it trying to comfort him and rock him to sleep. It worked...until I layed him down. Then I tried again, but he was just too antsy...too sleepy...but fighting it. Poor guy! But he is FINALLY asleep. So good night...or morning!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


For any of you who watch "The Office" you can appreciate this. You know how Dwight was "crying" (moaning is more like it) over his break-up last week? Well, I was being silly and making that sound to my sister on the phone, and Asher immediately started making a very similar sound...and he's done it many times since. He thinks it's really funny...and so do I! Maybe you would have to be there, but it's REALLY funny! =)

Things Asher is Into...

Asher's Grammie and Grandad got him a little John Deere cap that matches his daddy's. It's SO CUTE!!! And he likes it too. He'll leave it on when I put it on him. I would post a picture, but that's part of our "technical difficulties" that I talked about in my earlier post. Pictures will come again worries!

He also finally is into shoes. Until the last week maybe, he would not wear shoes! He was very opposed to them. =) Now he likes anybody's shoes and tries to put them on his feet and others' feet all by himself. He's not successful, of course, but it's pretty cute watching him try. He's into putting things where they shoes, socks, hats, phones (to his ear), sunglasses, etc., etc.

He really likes dogs. I think he might need one.

Light switches.


People. He loves attention!!! It's fun to see his little personality emerge more and more all the time!


Another noteworthy occurence was a tree falling on Beau's head. We had a group of college students volunteering at the camp. They were clearing an area, and one of the dead trees (I guess from the ice storm last year) fell on Beau's head!!! There was blood gushing everywhere! So I hear...he went and got cleaned up before he came to tell me what had happened - he didn't want to freak me out too bad...but it still looked really bad!!! He didn't seem to think he needed stitches though. Yikes!!! Thank God he's ok!!!

That same group helped us get lots of painting done at our house! We needed that!!!! I'm so thankful! We've got plenty of work still ahead of us, but things are happening...slowly but surely!


Hey Friends and Fam! Can you believe I've been "gone" (from the blogging world, that is) for SO LONG!!! Our internet is as slow as Christmas, and we've been having major technical difficulties. But here I am - even if I won't be able to make up for the last month. =) We're doing well. Asher and I have actually been in TX since this past Saturday and are having a great time...but we miss Beau!!!

An overview of the last month: We have not ceased to be amazed at the "surprises" at the camp. We are very blessed to have retired volunteers who have been renovating cabins during the weeks. Beau was fixing the dump truck for them to use before their arrival, no one had mentioned that the brakes were out on it, so when he thought it was fixed, he started it up and ran it into the one building on camp that had begun to be renovated. He was REALLY happy about that one!!! So then he proceeded to repair the building for the next several days. He did a great job! =)

We've had lots of visitors already: Mom and Dad, Mark and Barbara, Emily and Claire, Amy and Cooper. We've loved having all of them. I think I've blogged since the sisters' and my parents' trips but not since Emily's second trip and Mark and Barb's visit. Claire and Asher had a great time together. Things are really starting to get interesting with them. They're getting to be good little buddies, and after their visit, we noticed that Asher was doing a new thing or two that he picked up from Claire Bear. He reaches out for things he wants more and kind of opens and closes his hand like, "Come here Mommy, I need you." I can't resist it. =) He also played on a playground for the first time and actually had a really fun time. I didn't know if he would care one way or the other about it, but he loved playing in the gravel - and didn't even try to eat it, which I couldn't believe. And he climbed to the top of a very tall slide ladder...with me right with him of course. But he has officially turned into a CLIMBER!!! He is a BOY!!! They stayed for a few days, and we loved having them there. Then, I think that next weekend Mark and Barbara came for a couple of nights. Beau and Mark worked on the building that I was talking about before and hung ceiling fans at our house. And Barbara played with Asher while I worked on our kitchen. And we spent some good time with Dina and Dusty as well. We love them! It was a fun "reunion" for Dina and Barbara!

Speaking of Dina...she's amazing! She made a beautiful handmade quilt for Asher. She just loves to do sweet things for people! She makes us dinner, homemade pies, takes care of Asher, gives us tips on the area, and is just a great friend! She takes care of us! And we love Dusty, her son, too! Last week, he spent a couple of days helping us at the camp while he was on Fall Break from school. He has fun hanging out with Beau...playing games, of course! And he's so sweet with Asher! I look forward to going to his basketball games this fall. I've gone to one so far, and I never knew a junior high game could get so exciting, =)

We now know that Asher is, indeed, allergic to peanuts, milk, and egg whites. One night a couple of weeks ago or so, his eyes almost swelled shut, and we took him to the ER. It was so scary!!! But he was fine! He looked like a little boxer (a fighter, not a dog). Poor little guy! But after that, we got an allergy test done. A "6" is a serious allergy, and he had a "3" to peanuts and egg whites and a "2" to milk. So it's not BAD, but serious enough that we need to be careful! (not that we weren't being careful before) Anyway, so now I read labels on everything and ask every waiter lots of questions.

Asher is walking!!! Two or three weeks ago, he started taking one to three steps at a time, but just in the last few days he has really taken off. He still falls a lot, but he can walk across a whole room, and he's really picking up speed too. He's pretty darn cute!

That's all I've got for tonight. I'm sure I left LOTS out, but maybe I hit most of the high spots. Speaking of high spots, while I was in Waco the last few days, I got to see some of my great friends who I have not seen in such a long time: Steph S. and her cute curly headed baby boy Nathan, James Mark and Maria (and Mia Praise of course!!!), the newly expanded Dunn family (Emily Elizabeth is BEAUTIFUL and has so much DARK hair!!!), Tia Marie and her not quite two month old baby girl Anna-Kate. I love Waco and my friends!!! I miss them!!!! And there are so many more of you that I want to see (in Waco and beyond)...and hopefully will soon. There's NEVER enough time!!!

Good night for now. I'll try to be a "better blogger"...since I have been labeled a "blogger loser" (or something like that) by my professional blogging sisters! =)

Friday, September 28, 2007


My WHOLE family (that is, my immediate family) is going to be at my dad's game tonight in Irving, and then at Jack's game tomorrow. It's killin' me to have to miss it! Part of me was sad, because I thought that this was just something that was going to be different because we moved to Oklahoma. But it's actually just that we have something this weekend that I need to be here for. So that, in a strange way, makes it a little better. It would be different if everybody was going to be together more than three hours away, and I just couldn't come because of the distance. But that's not the case. Yea!!! I'll be at our next "thing"!!! All the grandkids are wearing shirts that Emily made (maybe?) that say "I love Poppie" cute is that?! I wish Asher could be there!!! They'll have to wear them again the first weekend in November!!! I love you all, and I can't believe you're all going to be together without me!!! I hate it! (I feel like I'm in Germany again!) =)

Snakes, Snaps, and Strolls

Well, the same day as Asher had all his other "firsts" the other day, he also saw his first snake and started "snapping". Beau found a snake - just a bull-whip (which means nothing to me, but that's what he called it), and he brought it home for Asher to see. How kind...=) He even put it over Asher's shoulders, and the SIX FOOT LONG snake kind of twitched its tail, and Asher wasn't bothered in the least. Beau had its head the whole time, so there was no danger, but it was still a little freaky...but fun at the same time. =) Then Beau let it go, and it started climbing up the side of our house. Yikes!!! No snakes in MY house please!!! But he got it and threw it out in the woods. It was an exciting experience. =)

And Asher started "snapping". It's pretty cute! He just sits there and does it over and over and over. What a baby genius. =)

AND...I'm talking about two different kinds of "strolls"...We got a backpack for Asher to ride in. Thank you Mom and Dad!!! We've already gone on a couple of walks, and today I needed to make a bed for this retreat that we're having here this weekend, so I did it with Asher on my back. It was kind of funny. That thing is gonna come in handy.

The other kind of "strolling" I'm talking about is Asher just walking around. As I was typing this, I looked at him, and he was walking all around the room, went out the door and into the hall...all standing up, walking - just holding onto things with one hand. He's been doing that, but just not SO MUCH!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wal-Mart, Turtles, and Tractors

Today I was talking to Connie on the phone, and she asked how far we lived out of town. I told her we were about 20 minutes from Wal-Mart. She found that humorous...that my reference point was Wal-Mart. It's kind of like Emily getting a kick out of our "big outing" being to Wal-Mart and Wendy's one day. What can I say...we live in the sticks. =)

On that note, it reminds me of the other day when I was taking Asher to Dina's, and I was on the phone with her while I was on my way so that she could tell me when to turn, etc. She told me that they had been doing road work, so if I couldn't get through just to let her know and they would just come carry him over or something. It cracked me up. I feel like we're on "Little House on the Prairie" or something. =) By the way, I got through.

And today Asher saw his first turtle and rode on his first tractor (other than Poppie's riding lawn mower). We were driving down one of our little camp roads with Daddy and we saw a turtle, so we stopped and got out to look at it. He thought it was cool...kind of like the chickens we have here. He is also really into those. Then after lunch, Daddy was going back out to mow a field, so Asher took a short ride with him on the tractor. It's pretty cute seeing him learn about all this new stuff. We like our boy...and so do the people at Wal-Mart. =)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Out of Control...

That's how I feel...Out of Control! We have new carpet, so even though I vaccumed really well when we moved in, there are still little loose carpet threads everywhere - for Asher to eat...and choke on. Taping needs to be done before we can paint, then we need to prime, then we need to paint...everything! Laundry needs to be done. The tub needs to be unclogged so I can give Asher a bath...we put lots of Drano in it today, but it didn't do anything. New blinds need to be hung in all the windows (after we paint). I need to plan meals for this next week and buy groceries...again. How can I go to Wal-Mart almost every day??? Boxes need to be unpacked. Cabinets need to be cleaned. Bla,bla,bla. I know I'm complaining...and that's not good...but all of this stuff is looming over my head. I don't know how the "wonder moms" of the world do it!!! It will all be ok, but sometimes I feel paralyzed by the "to-do list"! Like today, Beau was home, and we could have gotten lots done (or at least more than we get done on the days that he's working), and we DID get a LITTLE bit done! But more than anything we didn't...because I get overwhelmed, so I end up not really doing anything...which ends up making me more overwhelmed. I know it's stupid. But it's a cycle I've found myself in my whole life. It's ok. We've got a big retreat coming up next weekend that is kind of Beau's first big thing here at this camp, so after that, we'll really get crackin'! We're supposed to even have some people help us after that retreat to get the painting done. That will help a ton! On that note, I think I'll go to bed...after I check my sisters' blogs one more time. =)

More Firsts for Asher...

Asher is now putting things to his ears and pretending that they're phones. We'll say, "Hello", and he'll put a phone or a remote or his hand or whatever up to his ear. It's so cute. =)

And he's such a faker! It's hilarious! For a while now, he just makes random noises, trying to fake cough, laugh, cry, etc. But today he fake sneezed. It was so funny. Ever since he was tiny, he gets a big smile on his face any time he sneezes. I guess he thinks the sound is funny, and he loves it when we say, "Bless you!" So today when he faked it, it was pretty funny!

Family and Friends!

At the moment, I am overwhelmed with LOVE for my family and great friends!!! God has blessed me over my thirty years with really RICH relationships! How come I am so blessed???!!! I was just getting caught up on "my blogs" - and I especially loved Amy's, Emily's, Jami's, and Jenny's tonight. I actually learned new stuff about SISTER! Emily is hilarious! And I love reading Jami's and Jenny's blogs - close friends from my youth group in high school. It's so fun to all be mommies now (finally)...and to hear your stories and your emotions...many of the same emotions I'm experiencing now. I love it!!! =) God has been so faithful to all of us! How could we ask for more when it comes to the love we feel for our kids?! There's NOTHING like it!!!!!

Here I Am, Miss Oklahoma (Sung to the tune of "Here She Is, Miss America")

Hey Hey!!! We have internet!!! You never realize what a big deal that is until you're REALLY out in the sticks like we are! =) I should be asleep right now, but Asher woke up a little before midnight, and I've been addicted to updating myself on my sisters' and mom's blogs ever since. (I have others that I want to read, but I have to draw the line somewhere or I'll never go back to sleep!) Amy and Emily, thank you for your sweet blogs! You both made me tear up. I love you both so much and am also sad that I live farther away from you now!!! And Amy, I laughed out loud when I read about your going to the "desk store"!!! That's still hilarious! =)

Well, I love it here. Our views out our windows are so pretty! This house needs LOTS of help, but I love looking out the window over my kitchen sink and beside our dining room table. We have already burned a path between our house and Wal-Mart and Lowe's...and I'm sure the one between here and Sonic will be well known also. They have "happy hour" every day between 3-5. Woohoo! =) There is lots left to do...boxes to be unpacked, walls to be painted, and blinds to be hung...but we'll get there...SLOWLY but surely!!!

I've been ok with my lack of progress since my family left until today. I got very overwhelmed and tired of the unsettledness that we're living in, but the day ended great! We're SO BLESSED to have a friend here ALREADY!!! Out of ALL the places God could have taken us, He brought us to the same town...the same SIDE of town even...that one of Barbara's (Beau's Mom) really close friends lives. Dina. She's already been a LIFESAVER!!! The day we got here she brought us some really yummy food that she had cooked up for us. And today I took Asher over to her house for a couple of hours. I wasn't getting anything done, and I was just about at my breaking point. (not good!) So she took him, and they had a great time! And I ran a few errands without him! Thank you Dina!!!

And then we got home, and Beau and I had so much fun with our little dude!!! He's SO GREAT!!! He's EVERYWHERE!!! Last night he took his first step!!! And today he did it again!!! And he plays peek-a-boo now! He's liked us to play it with him for a long time, but now he pulls a blanket up over his own face or squats down behind something and pops up. It's so cute!!! And he said his third word today!!! "Bye-bye"! He's so amazing! =)

That's us in a very small nutshell. I better go to sleep now...if I know what's good for me. Tomorrow is another day...and I better be ready for it!!! All my love to you family and friends!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We had a special night with our Riverbend Family tonight. We went to eat one last time...all cazillion of us. (THAT part will be REALLY different in Oklahoma!!!) We have been blessed to be surrounded by such great people here and we will miss you so much!!!

On a lighter note...we went to Babe's. If you ever have a chance you should definitely go! It was GREAT! Cool atmosphere, fun music, REALLY good fried chicken and fixin's...served family style. And every once in a while all the waiters dance in the to "Boot Scootin' Boogy", "YMCA", or something like that. And one of the waitresses came and got Asher, and he "danced". It was pretty cute.

AND he CLAPPED today for the first time!!! He's so brilliant. =)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Great Things

A couple of great things have happened so far today. I had an epiphone in the middle of the night. For the last couple of weeks we have thought that Asher's bed doesn't go down as low as most baby beds, so we have been using his pack'n'play and weren't even going to put his baby bed up at the new house. Well, in the middle of the night, I realized that maybe we had put the metal part that holds the mattress (what do you call that?) on upside down. I discovered this morning that we had, and that now the mattress goes down as low as it should. So now we can use it without worrying that Asher is going to climb out...or fall out. =)

And...Asher SHARED with me for the first time! We haven't even tried to teach him about that yet. =) He was playing with the tag on one of his toys, (because he LOVES tags!), and he kept handing the toy to me. He would suck on the tag, then he would put it up to my mouth like, "Here Mommy you try it." It was really cute!

Well, I'm off to get a few things done while Asher sleeps. Only four more nights before the movers come to pack! Yikes!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Pictures...FINALLY!

For all you grandparently and auntly types who might be wanting some new they are. Click on the Picasa link to the left.

Progress and Firsts...

Well, Mom and Dad came yesterday afternoon and spent the night. I got my kitchen floor swept and mopped (which I've needed to do for WAY too long - especially with a crawler!!!), carpet vacuumed, garage cleaned out, laundry done, etc., etc., etc...Thank you Mom and Dad for coming and helping me with stuff around the house and for playing with the Ash Man!!! We loved having you here one last time.

And Asher has experienced some significant firsts in the last couple of days. He pooped in the bathtub for the first time. I know...lovely. But it was one of those "things" I always dreaded about being a mom, but it wasn't as bad as I had always thought it would be. =) I hope cleaning up his puke one day won't be as bad either - that is something I just cannot even imagine being able to handle!!! =) And today he ate his first corn on the cob...which was really cute. And I made a "tent" in his room with a blanket, and we played under it. He loved it. And we played peek-a-boo with the blanket. It felt like more of a "little boy" moment than a baby one. I hope I remember it forever! =)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Oklahoma, Here We Come!

Well, the countdown has begun. One week from today the movers will come pack our things, then they will load it on Monday, the 10th, and we'll head out. I can't believe this is actually happening. It is unbelievable, but feels very normal at the same time. I guess that's because this is the right thing for our lives. A few years ago we were discussing God's will for our lives, and we decided that when it was time for us to move from Riverbend, it would seem very obvious to us. And it does. We love Riverbend very much and will miss it and our "family" here greatly, but we just "know" that this is the next step in our journey. So here we go... We're excited about what lies ahead!!!

Nine months later...

Our little guy is nine months old...yesterday!!! I can't believe it! It's made me sad on many different occasions to think of him growing up...and I HAVE loved EVERY age!!! But he's SO FUN TODAY! And he's more fun ALL the time!!! Having a kid is unlike anything I've ever experienced before! And I know that each new stage will be just as fun as the last! I'll post pictures soon of our growing boy! Sorry I've slacked the last several weeks!!!

He's started doing this new thing where he'll be smiling, then he'll squint his eyes and scrunch his nose...and we laugh of course, so he does it more and more. And it's SO funny! He also fake coughs and fake laughs. For being "laid back", he sure can be quite dramatic as well...not unlike his parents, I'm afraid. =)

We have retired volunteers who come out to the camp for several weeks at a time to help with different projects, and he receives LOTS of "grandparently" love from them! He loves being held by his friends in the dining hall at lunch! =) And I love the "break" they give ME!!!

Speaking of breaks...I've been taking Asher down the hill to stay with Traci (nanny to Benjamin and Ethan at the camp) for a couple of hours in the afternoon the last two days, and it's AMAZING how much I can get done when he's not around! Not that I would choose for my life to be any other way than how it is! But it IS nice to get things accomplished without the little dude around sometimes.

Something else that cracks me up is how he throws things and hits things. He's such a little boy! He loves throwing balls over and over and over. And he just hits at whatever is in his path. We've just started trying to teach him what "gentle" means. I don't think he's getting it yet. =) We'll keep trying...for the sake of all the babies and animals that he will come in contact with in the future!

We love our little buddy! Happy nine month birthday Asher Case!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Weekend Without Asher!!!

Well, we did it. Beau and I spent this weekend without our baby boy. I cried when we drove off, but Beau was good at changing the subject, and it didn't take me long to be ok. Then I only almost got choked up one other time. It was a GREAT weekend...for us AND Asher...AND his Grammie and Grandad! We got to Livingston at about 2:00am on Friday morning (Thursday night!), spent the day at Mark and Barbara's (Beau's parents) so that Asher could get used to being here before we left him. We left late that afternoon, and he did great! Hardly blinked an eye when we left. Barbara said he looked around for us every once in a while, but he was happy, happy all weekend! I'm SO glad it was a success!!! I was a little nervous, but it couldn't have been better. After stopping in Houston to eat dinner, we headed to Galveston and went to sleep fairly early. We got up and walked on the beach Saturday morning, had lunch at McAllester's, then went to Schlitterbahn for a few hours that afternoon. The lines were pretty long, so we just rode a couple of slides and went around the lazy river several times. It was a fun, relaxing afternoon! Then yesterday evening, we went to Fishtales, obviously a seafood restaurant. I'm not always a huge seafood fan, but I had shrimp wrapped in bacon, and it was SO GOOD! (Thanks for the idea Nadia!) We got up this morning and went to The Strand for an old fashioned chocolate malt and root beer float. It was a really neat area...lots of fun shops, but we didn't spend much time there, because we wanted to get back to our little man!!! But first on the way home, we stopped in Humble and had lunch with Beau's best friend from high school Brad and his wife D'Nina and their foreign exchange student from Turkey. We always have a great time reconnecting with them but don't get to see them nearly often enough!!! And THEN we couldn't get home fast enough!!! It was SO FUN to see Asher! He just kind of stared at us for a few seconds when he saw us, but then he got really excited! We love him SO MUCH, and he is SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his loud "language", his funny and very animated expressions, and I love holding him!!! But it was worth it! He had great bonding time with his Grammie and Grandad, and we had much needed rest and time together as a couple. Thank you Mark and Barbara for a great weekend!!! We love you!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, my kid was up TOO MANY times last night!!! Beau is working today, and it takes so much energy for me to get Asher and myself ready without him that I'm going to stay home from church this morning. He already took a "nap" from 6:45-7:50, then we ate breakfast (except he didn't really eat), watched "The Backyardigans", and played. Now he's playing with a lid, a coaster, keys, and a Sonic spoon in the Pack 'N' Play right beside me while I blog. And now he's "all done", so here's to another day...I'm going to try to finish my laundry and actually mop my kitchen floor. Those are my goals. =) Ta-ta for now...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Da-da", Cords, Parenting, and Our HAPPY Boy

Asher has been "talking" a LOT as I've mentioned before. One of the sounds he makes the most is "Da-da-da-da-da...", and we've been trying to teach him that Beau is "Daddy", he is "Asher", and I am "Mommy". Well, today we're pretty sure he made the connection and called Beau "Da-da"!!! We're sure enough that we're going to mark this day as the day he said his first word! =) Beau is pretty thrilled...and so am I!!!

He's also VERY into cords! And we're trying to teach him not to touch them. That, of course, is not an easy thing to teach a baby. But he's starting to learn to obey. We're so proud of him. We think he's a good kid. =) It makes me a little nervous to think of all the complexities of the parenting experience in years to come, but I think it will be ok. If we can just take it step by step and be consistent, loving, fun, and firm, I think we'll make it. And I think Asher will too. =) I cry sometimes, because I don't want to lose this special time with Asher, but I'm really excited, too, about all that is ahead for us. I can't wait to see who he is more and more as time goes on!!!

His name means "happy", and I think that really is one of his attributes that sticks out most to me. And I pray that that will always be the case. It will be fun to see how that thread is woven into his life as he grows. I know that life will not always be care-free for him, but I pray that he will always see the bright side even in hard times.

Speaking of the "bright side" and cords...his whole face LIGHTS UP sometimes, and I LOVE it!!! Today, he was playing in his room by himself for a minute. I came back in, and he had crawled to a cord and was playing with it. I came up to him and was being very firm as I said, "Asher, no. Put the cord down. No." He looked up, and his face LIT UP...just because I had come back in the room. He had already forgotten about the cord. I love him!

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Boy

The week started out a little rocky. Asher has been quite needy and clingy. There are moments when I absolutely love the way he loves me and needs me as I hold him and take care of him. Then there are the "other" moments. Tuesday I had HAD it! Every time I would get up to DO something - straighten up, brush my teeth (God forbid!), or whatever - Asher would quickly crawl over to me, pull up on my leg, and sometimes bite at my leg so that I would have to pick him up. =) Yes, it's kind of first...but a WHOLE day of this? It wasn't so funny. I ended the day the way I started it. Dirty, probably in my pj's (I don't remember), and my house was a ROYAL mess!!! I was THANKFUL when Beau got home, because he was OFF on Wednesday and Thursday! The "funny" thing is is that I'm doing this Bible study with some women at my church called "The Excellent Wife". It's AMAZING how UN-excellent you realize you are when you're trying so hard to be!

However, Beau was an "excellent" husband on Wednesday. I often get a "bug" to go DO something when he's off. But because he's been working his tail off, he usually wants to relax at home. But I didn't even get the chance to suggest anything on Wednesday. First he let me sleep until 9:00 while he played with Asher!!! Then he took us to Fort Worth to eat and see a movie (which is getting more interesting to do as Asher is getting much more ACTIVE!). It was really fun just to "go"! Thanks Babe!!!

Then we had another fun day relaxing together yesterday. Except Asher wouldn't eat or drink hardly anything. He was kind of driving me crazy, then I felt really bad when he ended up with a 102.6 fever last night. He hadn't been feeling good!!! Poor little guy! Then this morning when he woke up from his nap, he had a pretty bad rash covering most of his face, and he was all swollen around his eye. So I called his doctor, and after asking me several questions, they decided it would be best for us to come in just in case it was a viral infection that would need to be treated. So Asher and I made a quick trip to Waco. We got to see Gibbie for a while before the appointment (but no one else, because we didn't want to get anyone sick). Then we went to the dr., and it is indeed a virus, but it's no big deal. He'll probably have a fairly high fever at night for a few days, and Dr. Nesmith thinks he'll be fine by Monday. He checked his ears for infection, but they were clear. We love our little guy so much and just HATE seeing him under the weather!!! But he's given us plenty of smiles in the midst of this, so we know he's FINE!!! Thank you Lord!

And here I am again. My house is still the same as it almost always is - in need of some organization and good cleaning. But another day has passed, and I have only straightened my room and the living room. That's usually as far as I get! How does that happen?! It's very frustrating! I need life to STOP for a day or two so that I can get caught up!!! But, again, I MUST sleep!!!!!!!! So here I go...good night!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here I am!

I have recently been accused of being a "bad blogger"...Emily! I can't help it! I'm telling you people, I do good to READ my emails and your blogs...much less reply or post new blogs myself! =) What can I say?! I have a kid, a husband, a house, and sometimes a resemblance of a LIFE! =) Just kidding!

I wish I had pictures downloaded (or uploaded...whatever you call it), but today we went to Big Rocks Park in town. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's this really fun area with big boulders, and a river with shallow parts, deep parts, rapidy parts, etc., etc. It was so fun! Asher LOVED it! (We just stayed in the "shallow parts" with him.) Beau was carrying him in the water so that we could go meet up with some of the summer staff that was there, but he wanted to get down and play in the water. It was really cute. You probably would have had to have been there. You'll be able to see a picture or two soon.

Let's see...Asher's new things...He zerberts now every once in a while. He's taking better naps than he had been lately and sleeping better at night too. Hallelujah! =) He has stood up a couple of times by himself for a few seconds. He's our wonder-baby! =) And he's "talking" a LOT and LOUDLY!!! It's probably good that the couple who have been living in the "man room" for the summer is about to move out...for THEIR sake. =) Most of the time, it's "happy" sounds...just LOUD happy sounds! And he has five teeth now, and another one trying really hard to come out. I think it's causing him some discomfort, because he's biting like crazy. He'll spot our toes from across the room, and start crawling and smiling as if he's on a MISSION. And he IS...a mission to BITE our toes!!! It hurts, but it's pretty darn funny! Probably not a good idea to laugh, but it's hard not to. =) Who gets excited about BITING their parents?!

On a fun note, Beau and I just got finished planning his vacation days for the rest of the year. He's got TWENTY that he needs to take before January (because he couldn't take any between February and now), so we'll have some good time off! I'm hoping for a trip to Florida to see his sister Lee and our brother-in-law Chance. I haven't told him this idea yet, but I've got a friend who lives in North Carolina, and I think it would be fun to go see her. I've actually got friends in a lot of places that I would like to go see: Germany, France, Tennessee, Boston, East Texas, San Antonio, Austin, Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado. Oh! I could go on and on! But we ARE going to San Diego for our national CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) conference at the end of November. It's our year to get to go with our camp director and his wife. (The staff rotates.) It should be lots of fun! I'm thinking we'll HAVE to take Asher to the zoo. But I'm SURE that we'll spend some of his vacation time (if not a lot of it) at HOME...the place my man loves the best. =)

I do feel bad, because most of you "bloggers" out there have such great and profound things to write about. But my brain is fried by this time, and I need my sleep. So, I'll have to impress you with my deep thoughts some other time.

Lots of love!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Claire's Birthday Party and Other Things

We had a great time at Claire Bear's FIRST birthday party today! I can't BELIEVE that a YEAR has gone by! It's been a GREAT year, and it makes me sick to think about time going that fast at the same time! On the way home today, I was thinking about how we celebrate that Claire has been with us for a year, but I also cannot EXPRESS HOW THANKFUL I am that my dear sister Emily is with us too!!! She hemmoraged after Claire was born, and we were literally scared that we might lose her. That is the most TERRIFIED I've EVER been, and it's the HARDEST I've EVER prayed!!! Thank you GOD that you saved her!!! I love you Emily!!!!!!!! You know that.

I was also thinking about Allie! The day Allie was born, I cried all day! =) She was the first baby born in our family! And she has always felt like she was MINE! =) (Beau calls my nieces and nephews my "pseudo-kids"!) I was not in the room when she was born, but we could hear what was going on outside the door, and I held my breath with every push...and cried and cried! And I remember when she was little bitty, just going into her room and watching her sleep in her bed...then picking her up because I couldn't resist and just rocking her for the longest time! I just stared at her guessed it...cried. I was so in love with her! And as I held her in my lap even today...I still am! I love you Allie Jill!!!

Ugly Mommy

It's amazing how you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then switch to an evil witch in a split second. =) All is well now. No worries. But earlier, I was exhausted. Asher had a bad night last night, then he didn't take much of a nap on the way back from Claire's birthday party - even though he was tired. And I had just had it! He cried in the back seat, while Beau drove, and I plugged my ears with my fingers. I just felt so mad, and I wanted him to BE QUIET!!! But looking back, it didn't last that long, and we're all fine. I suppose we moms just have moments like that. Asher, of course, never knew I was losing my patience with him, but sometimes you know the way you "should" be, and you just can't muster it up. I'm glad it's over. He actually ended up going back to sleep for a little bit, then I was able to keep him pretty happy the rest of the way with puffs. Those things are magical. =) Then, when we got home, I fed him, then Beau played with him for a while, and I took a little nap...which was probably what I REALLY needed! =) I get upset with my man sometimes, but when I stop and think about him and how great he is at loving Asher and me, then I know how senseless it was to get upset in the first place. Granted...that "stopping and thinking" part sometimes takes a long time. I'm lucky he puts up with me. If only I could choose the responses and attitudes that I know I "should". Ay-ya-ya!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grammie and Grandad

Asher and I went on a trip to Grammie and Grandad's in Livingston for a few days last week. I was sorry that we hadn't gotten there earlier in the summer, but I think I was just intimidated by the drive with just Asher and me. But it was GREAT - there AND back!!! I was SHOCKED! It is about four and half hours one way, and we MADE IT! We stopped in Waco for a few hours both times, and that really helped. Asher even got to stay with Gibbie for a little bit at her office while I went and ran a few errands. Thanks Gibbie!!! He slept both times in between here and Waco basically the whole way. And he slept about half of the way both times in between Waco and Livingston. He started to get a little fussy after he woke up, but I was able to give him "puffs" and toys to keep him happy. It was a success!!!

Mark and Barbara, Beau's parents, are THE BEST in-laws I could have EVER dreamed of!!! Barbara and Asher have a BLAST together! And Mark loves working on our car! =) I'm sure that sounds funny, but EVERY time we see them, he finds something to put his time and energy into to make our car better than it already is! We're SO BLESSED by BOTH of them!!!

Asher is their first grandchild, so, as you can imagine, he does not lack for attention and love! We had lots of fun going on boat rides, taking a walk across the dam (Beau's dad is the assistant manager at the Lake Livingston dam - or Trinity River Authority.), visiting Grandad at his office, going to Nacogdoches to see Asher's great grandparents, great aunt and uncle, and two cousins, and just playing and playing! Barbara played with and took care of Asher a lot, so I got some much desired rest!!! Thank you Grammie!!! =)

We're beyond blessed to have parents who love us SO MUCH!!!


Asher has had lots of fun firsts recently. First time to play on the ground outside. First time to get sprayed by a water hose (which he thought was fun!). First boo-boo. First time to "kiss" me. First time to "dance". (He bounces up and down - sometimes when there's music, sometimes when there's not.) First taste of a sucker (bad Daddy!). First boat ride. First swim in a lake. First time to pick peaches with Pawpaw. First time to stand without holding on to anything. (This isn't a frequent occurence yet, and it didn't last long at all!) He also got his top two teeth and is working on the two on either side of those. Life is fun!

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Pictures...again

There is more to come, but for now you can look at our new pictures from Asher's and my trip to see his grandparents and other family in East Texas. (See Picasa link to the left) We had a great time! Gotta run for now...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not Enough Time

There's never enough time. Now, for instance. I am so sleepy, so I will go to bed soon. I did finally get some cleaning done after Asher went down at 8:00. So I feel better but not great, because there's still so much to do! I do good to keep things straight...much less CLEAN (which I prefer - and was pretty good at it before I got married and had a kid)!!! And then there's the clutter, the closets, the laundry, taking a shower, getting dressed, going to the grocery store, having a social life (which unfortunately I haven't been very good at since Asher came along - except with my family), etc., etc., etc. It's a little overwhelming sometimes. But sometimes you just have to stop and go to bed. So good night.

Indescribable Love

How can I love this human being SO MUCH? You hear before you have kids how great it's going to be...but there's NO WAY to describe what it's REALLY, REALLY like until you're experiencing it! Well...even now I can't DESCRIBE it, but now I understand. There are NO words to adequately express what I feel for Asher. Not to say that I don't have countless "ugly Mommy moments" - unshaved legs, unwashed hair, yesterday's makeup, boredom, helplessness, the feeling of being trapped, etc. But that NEVER takes the place of the DEPTH of awe that I feel when I look at him. To think that he started out as a little thing we couldn't even see... He is a complex human being-part Beau, part me, formed by GOD HIMSELF! He is BEAUTIFUL. He was born with his own, very unique personality, which we see unfold more every day. And I love it. To me, he's the cutest, funniest thing in the world. It's AMAZING to watch him as he discovers his world. I love it when he holds up his hand and just LOOKS at it - like, "Wow! This thing is so cool!" I LOVED watching him look out the window on his first plane ride the other day. He was DISCOVERING something new! He's PERFECT! (Well, not perfect, but you know what I mean.) I love his eyes, the way he looks at me. The way he looks at Beau. The way they literally LIGHT UP when he's happy. The expression in them when he's figuring somebody out. The look of confusion that he might have. Or just the calm and serenity that he possesses so many times. He's beautiful. I love his hands and feet, and the dimples in them. I love his tubby tummy. I love his soft skin. I LOVE his smile. I LOVE HIM!!! Thank you God for our PRICELESS GIFT! Asher Case Waters.

Peanut Butter

I'm usually the one who just "loves" silly little things, but Beau just "loves" peanut butter when he opens it for the first time. Isn't that funny? So yesterday, I had bought some pb, and we had a "family moment", and Asher got to experience the SMELL of freshly opened peanut butter for the first time! I've got a strange family! =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More New Pics...

New 4th of July and other pics on my Picasa link to the left...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Here I Am!!!

I'm BACK! Sorry Amy...I didn't abandon you!!! =) Where do I begin?

I was all set for the fam to come here for the 4th, but then at the last minute we decided to go up to Emily's, since we were flying from there Thursday anyway - and since Beau had to work on the 4th, and the Powells and C. Selkes weren't going to be able to come. Sooo...we had a good time. Asher enjoyed his first fireworks, and the next day he LOVED his first flight!!! I didn't know what he would think of either of those things, but he did GREAT! He was so cute as he pressed his face to the window as we were taking off and as we got up into the air to see ALL that he could see. He was SO interested! I didn't think he would know to care one way or the other. But he DID. He loved it! =) On the way back, he was so funny as he pressed his little face up against the crack between our seat and the one beside us and stared at the people in the row behind us. People were also QUITE impressed with the way Emily and I handled our two babies, two strollers, two car seats, and two diaper bags!!! (THANKFULLY Mom and Dad toted the rest of our stuff in the car...I don't know HOW we could have done it otherwise!)

Where did we fly, you ask...We went to see my grandparents - Asher's GREAT grandparents - my Mom's parents - in Clarendon (near Amarillo). We don't get to see them very often, so it was really nice to get to be with them so that Asher could get to know them a little better. It was short, so we hope to make it back again before too long. On the trip he ate "real food" a couple of times: sweet potatoe and cooked carrots. And he REALLY liked it! How do babies know when you're giving them "adult" food??? We had a great time except for our drive from the airport to Clarendon and back. Asher and Claire do GREAT together UNLESS they're in a car together! It's just a vicious cycle. Asher would fuss because he was sleepy, then Claire would get empathetic towards him, say "Ooooh", then start crying, which would make Asher cry more, then Claire would scream, which would TERRIFY Asher, and it went on and on! Emily and I had to find our "happy places"! Thank GOD that we did not drive all the way there and back!!! I mean it...THANK GOD!!! =) It would have been HORRIFIC!

We returned home on Saturday and were so happy to see Beau. Asher was SO HAPPY to see him. He couldn't stop bouncing and smiling. It was pretty cute!

My throat had started hurting at Grandma and Grandad's and by Saturday night I wasn't feeling too hot at all. So yesterday, Beau had to work, and I experienced the first day of being a "sick mommy". Life does not just instantly stop when you're sick. Can you believe that?! =) It wasn't possible for Beau to take off, so I toughed it out. Thankfully, Asher was pretty laid back yesterday himself, so it wasn't TOO bad.

I think he might be feeling a little of the same junk as I am, PLUS he's teething big time right now. His two top middle teeth are making their way out, and the one to the right of that is about to. So today wasn't as easy as yesterday. The morning was good, but this afternoon he was very fussy and clingy - he only wanted ME!

Three of the summer staff girls came over, because they were going to play with him while I got some stuff done around the house, but he would have no part of it. It was still fun to have them here though. They looked at wedding pictures, and I told them how Beau and I met and about finding out that we were pregnant and stuff like that. It's always fun when I get to go back down memory lane. =) We also went into town after Asher had a little nap in my arms and went to Sonic, the bank, and the grocery store. It was a fun afternoon.

Beau is off the next couple of days, so tomorrow I'm going to the eye doctor, then he's going to the dentist the next day. Those are our only "big plans". Maybe we'll do something else go to Wendy's or Wal Mart! (Just kidding...that was for Emily...she just thought it was too funny when I talked about our "outing" to church, Wendy's, and Wal Mart the other day.)

And that's a wrap! Nighty night! Maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Friday, June 29, 2007

New Pics

See more new pics on my Picasa link to the left.

Daddy's Duster

I always love it when Beau wears his duster when it's raining. I just think he's a hotty. =) This evening, when we came home from the dining hall, it was POURING, and Beau covered Asher up with his duster to bring him inside. It was so sweet. I don't know if anyone can appreciate it but us, but I loved it.

The Last Few Days...

In the last few days Asher has become even more mobile. He's almost actually crawling, and he's pulling up on everything. And he gets really proud of himself when he pulls up on something. It's pretty cute.

Asher and I went to Waco on Tuesday, because I wanted to see Skyler in her gymnastics class and Allie and Jack at their Baylor basketball and baseball camps. Asher is starting to enjoy people more and more. I think that he and Claire are starting to become "buddies". We even got to go to the Baylor pool, and Asher and Claire were TOO cute in their lifejackets. Asher loved floating on his back. He was so relaxed! The only bad thing about the trip was one of our car rides from Waco out to Mom and Dad's house with Allie and Jack and two SCREAMING babies! Like I said before, "It was opposite of heaven - and I'm NOT talking about earth!" And Allie said, "I HATE cars with crying babies in them!" Emily and I agreed. =)

Early this morning, when Asher KEPT waking up, I brought him to bed with me, and we slept until 9:00!!! It was HEAVEN!!! Then Rachel, one of the summer staffers here, came over after lunch and watched Asher for me while I got some things done around the house...AND I was able to take a nap! It was GREAT!!! It was nice to get a little extra sleep today, because, for some reason, I was a little wiped out after our Waco trip.

I wish I had something "profound" to write about like the rest of you fellow bloggers, but I just don't...except: "You can make a lot of money if you invent the right thing." (Emily, that was for you!)

Good night!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Zaccheus and Raspberries

It's weird, but almost anytime Asher is upset or won't eat his baby food, all I have to do is start singing, "Zaccheus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he...". For WHATEVER reason, he LOVES it! It's hilarious! And when I'm trying to feed him baby food, and he's clamping his mouth shut, if I sing that (or even just sing the first word, "Zaccheus"), 90% of the time, he'll open his mouth long enough for me to get a bite in. And sometimes that will work for several bites. And by the way, I've tried it with other songs too, but Zaccheus is his favorite! And "Have Patience" is his next favorite. He's a strange child...=)

And today he discovered the joy of blowing "raspberries" - you know, when he blows bubbles with his spit. He finds it quite entertaining!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Belly Button"

Asher and I were playing on the floor...playing "catch" with his $1 grocery store bouncy ball, him pulling up on me, us laying down on the floor "talking"...and I started pushing in his belly button and saying "belly button" or "ding dong" in a funny voice, and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. It cracks me up the things that crack him up.

Asher and God...

Asher is doing this new squeal/scream thing today. It's so cute! He woke up doing it and has been doing it pretty constantly since then. He used to "growl" mostly, and I guess this is a new form of expression for him. I love it. =)

One of the things that has shaped my life the most and brought me the most comfort and conviction is that God is WITH us...all the EVERY moment. It's good for me to think of that again! All we have to do is walk WITH Him, because He's HERE - even if we don't understand life sometimes. I've been confused at and hurt by life's circumstances plenty of times and many times I never "figure it out", but I always know that He is WITH me, so I carry on...and TRUST that He will be faithful...because that's who He is.

The other thing that drives me is that God is LOVE, and if I want to know HIM, I must KNOW LOVE. So that is what I strive love Him and people. Everything else is wrapped up in that. Granted, I certainly do not always succeed!!! But I want to, so I ask for His help...again...and again...and again...

My FAVORITE song is "Rushing Wind" by Keith Green:

Rushing wind blow through this temple,
Blowing out the dust within,
Come and breathe Your breath upon me,
I've been born again.

Holy Spirit, I surrender,
take me where You want to go,
Plant me by Your living water,
Plant me deep so I can grow.

Jesus, You're the one,
who sets my spirit free,
Use me Lord, glorify, Your holy name through me.

Separate me from this world Lord.
Sanctify my life for You.
Daily change me to Your image,
Help me bear good fruit.

Every day You're drawing closer.
Trials come to test my faith.
But when all is said and done Lord,
You know, it was worth the wait.

Jesus, You're the one,
Who set my spirit free,
Use me Lord, glorify, Your holy name through me.

Rushing wind blow through this temple,
Blowing out the dust within,
Come and breathe you breath upon me,
For I've been born again.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun day...

Well, we had a fun day today. Asher and I slept until about 8:30 (after feeding him at 5:30 then both of us going back to bed). Nadia and Ethan (friends at the camp) stopped by and visited for a little bit this morning. Asher and I went on a walk this afternoon and went and visited Daddy in the office. There he discovered the joy of a cardboard box. He's pulling up on just about everything now, and he liked playing inside of it too. It was pretty cute. Then we went and ran a few errands with Beau around the camp. After that, we came home, Asher took almost a two hour nap (finally, because his other two naps were pretty short), while I looked up info about car seats on the internet. Then Ethan came over to play for the evening, and Brad and Nadia went on a date. Ethan is two months older than Asher, and they're finally starting to show a little more interest towards each other. I actually created a little set up in the kitchen where I could feed both of them dinner at one time. I was pretty impressed with myself. =) Beau was also a GREAT help tonight. It was a TEAM effort! He's a good one! Once they were both asleep, I watched a little more of "Hitch" - which I've been working on a little at a time for three days now. Pathetic, isn't it? Maybe I'll actually finish tomorrow. And Beau is now undwinding from his day guessed it, playing a video game. And soon, we will both turn in. Beau has to be at work at 6:30 this week, and I'm just tired. =)

My only other big thing is that I've been researching car seats today, because Asher will soon outgrow his first one. It's a little stressful to know if it's pretty necessary to spend some extra money on one, or if a less expensive one is really just as good. If anyone has any input, feel free to offer it. =)

Have a lovely night!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Some of the things I've enjoyed so far today:
  • Asher sleeping ALL night!!!
  • Beau letting me sleep until 9:15!!!
  • Beau toasting and buttering my pop tart for me, because I normally just grab one and eat it raw since I don't have time for anything else...But he said it's just so much better...and it is! =) And a small glass of cold milk with that. =)
  • Reading my book
  • Playing with Asher - him crawling all over us...
  • Watching Asher entertain himself in his bed. (I love being with him, but sometimes it's really nice NOT to be "needed"!) He likes to play with his toys and pull himself to standing all by himself (which is a new thing!). And he's so proud when he does that. =)
  • Watching part of "Hitch"
  • Beau being off

Something I haven't enjoyed:

  • Facing the dilemma of what is best for Asher - learning to fall asleep on his own (which most of the time I think is the best thing for him)...or rocking him to sleep (which I love doing, but lately he has seemed too ansty for that). Most of the time it's not a big deal to put him down...he fusses for just a few minutes, then goes to sleep. But this morning it was harder. So I was dreading putting him down this afternoon. I rocked him for a little bit to try to get him drowsy (because I knew he was tired), but it didn't work. So I layed him down, and I think it only took him five minutes tops to fall asleep (which has happened while I was typing this). And it's times like that, that I think it's the right option for him. I'm just going to stick with it for a few days, and maybe my answer will be clear...I hope!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I love that Asher's name means "happy" and that he IS!!! There are absolutely no words to adequately express how much we LOVE him!!! We think he's the GREATEST thing in the whole wide world! We love every little thing about him!!! He's extremely laid back - MOST of the time! (He definitely has his "opionated/spirited" moments as well!) He loves his tongue, trying to crawl, holding and chewing on his toothbrush, his hammer, his Mommy and Daddy!!!...and he cocks his head to the side and sticks his hands out with fists when he's really happy about something. How could we love a human being so much?! I think Beau and I always thought that we would forever love each other the MOST, then our kids the "next most"...but we both "confessed" to each other the other day that we can't help it...we love Asher as much as we love each other...just differently. =)


This is kind of weird...I hate bugs! That's not the weird part. =) The weird part is that when Asher and I were on a walk today, I was thinking about how great the sounds are in the country. But what are those sounds??? Bugs.

Lymph nodes...thank goodness!

Emily and I were planning on meeting at the Fort Worth Zoo this morning with our babies, but when I was feeding Asher, I noticed a knot on his neck. It concerned Beau and me, so we took him to the doctor in Waco. It was just as his doctor had suspected over the phone - swollen lymph nodes. He has a little sore throat - no big deal! I'm SO THANKFUL for his good health!!!

Beau was able to go with us to Waco, so when we were finished at the doctor's, we went and had a quick lunch at Panda Express. Great orange chicken and Mongolian chicken!!! Chinese is Beau's FAVORITE, so it's always a fun treat when we can get Chinese in the big city of Glen Rose!

Upon returning home, Beau went back to work, Asher and I played for a while, he went down for a nap, I baked chocolate chip cookies, checked email, and now he's waking up from a I better go.

Happy 37th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! Thanks for showing us what love and commitment are all about!!! We love you!