Wednesday, November 25, 2009

October 2009 Photos and Videos

Well...I'm almost caught up. Only November to go.

September 2009 Pictures/Videos

I'm getting there...Here are the pictures and videos from September 2009 - included are the pics from Ainsley's First Birthday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Colorado Pics...FINALLY!

Click here to see LOTS of pics from our little family's vacation to Colorado at the end of August - and then a few pictures into the beginning of September as well. Maybe one day I'll get caught up. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

October 2009 Facebook Status Updates

I'll post them in the opposite order this time. Which do you think is better?

*Asher just said, "I'm a little boy, cause I can't draw a M."
*First of all, I feel pretty sure that overalls are completely illegal to wear anymore, and although I haven't pulled them out in a long time, I just needed to today. Sometimes it's just an overall day. And this afternoon, they just seemed so appropriate, as my kids were having so much fun playing outside, in the dirt, with nothing but their diapers on. I loved it! :)
*Asher tee-teed in the potty THREE times today so far!!! Later, I did too...and he said, "Great job, Mommy! Now you can get some candy!"
*I had an EXCELLENT Sunday afternoon nap! They're the BEST kind!!!
*I told Asher I was going to fix biscuits this morning, and he said, "But not in the oven, I will be the MICROPHONE!" (He meant microwave...not that one can bake biscuits in the microwave.) :)
*Ainsley's walking around waving, saying, "Hiiii!" (in a good TX accent), and she figured out how to blow a whistle this morning - all by herself. She's a GENIUS! :)
*Getting ready to leave for Seattle with my sisters! (The dads are keeping the kids - except for Jacob.) Heading to Em's tonight and to the airport EARLY in the morning! We're so excited!!!
*My sisters and I had a GREAT trip to the Northwest! Beau did an amazing job with the kids while I was gone!
*Found out Asher has bronchitis - breathing treatments for a week or so.
*Beau is sick too. (The rest of us were soon to follow...)
*Asher just said, "I'm FRUSTRATED!" (I didn't even know he knew that word.) I said, "What are you frustrated about?" He said, "I KEEP dropping my animal crackers!" Yes, that IS frustrating! :) He then brought me a book, and said, "This isn't frustrated.", then put his bowl of animal crackers next to me and said, "But this is frustrated." That boy! He cracks me up!!!
*Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day
*I literally have a pulse in the center of my forehead, and my shoulders need a serious massage! I think those are markers of my stress level. I'm TRYING not to be stressed, but it's not working. Asher's the only one awake and still making noise, and it's even "cute" noise. He's asking me if his drawing is "almost beautiful"...but I'm ready for SILENCE! :)
*You think you've finally reached a moment of "quiet", and then a kid thinks he has to come play his drum right where you are. Oh well...:)...I wouldn't trade my little ones for anything in the world!!!
*For those of you who know what the top of my refrigerator looked like for two years, it is now CLUTTER-FREE!!! I sang a little tune when THAT happened! It's a MIRACLE!!! :)
*A perfectly blue sky, leaves changing colors and falling to the ground because of the strong breeze, and to top it all off, playing outside with my kids...I love moments like those!
*Two kids asleep.... ssssssssiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
*I made really yummy meatloaf tonight. Who knew that meatloaf was good?! :)
*Children can be such little terrors sometimes! How can they be so adorable and conjure up such feelings of love at one moment and be so evil the next? Don't worry, I say this with a smile on my face...kind of. :)
*Off to eat coconut meringue pie (my FAVORITE!!!!!!!), wrap up in a quilt, and watch something on tv. PLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE don't wake up children! (It didn't happen...Ainsley woke up RIGHT when I hit "share".)
*We just filled the firetruck tent with pillows and had storytime. It was so fun! :)
*Yesterday, as we were driving into town, Asher said to me, "When you were a little boy, and I was a mommy, I was driving you, Dr. Wilson fixed you, and you got a sucker!" Then he started talking about everything we don't eat. "We don't eat old food. We don't eat grass. We don't eat those signs...those lights...those cars...those trucks..." You get the picture. It was a good "lesson" for us all. :)
*Asher and Ainsley are up WAY too early this morning, and Asher said, "Do you want to play with me?" I said, "I'm enjoying sitting right here right now." Which he replied to, "I'd rather you play with me." "I'D RATHER!" So funny hearing that come out of a little guy's mouth! Then I needed to change his diaper, and he said, "In a minute. I need to do something really cool first." At least he's funny! :)
*Ainsley keeps walking behind the arm of the couch, peeking over, and saying, "Boo! Hahahaha!" It's so funny!
*Asher was outside playing, then came to the door saying, "Mommy, there are bugs EVERYWHERE! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" It was really funny! And, by the way, there were NOT bugs EVERYWHERE! There was ONE on his tractor - and it was dead! We're trying to toughen him up! :)
*I know this is gross, but it's funny. First of all, sometimes Asher calls his boogers his "hamburgers". Secondly, he just said that his boogers were sad, because they wanted to stay in his nose. Who ever thought of their you-know-whats having feelings before?! :)
*Ainsley is holding a stuffed duck up by her head, rocking back and forth, and singing to it. It's so cute!
*We're in the process of taking down our HIDEOUS vertical blinds and putting up curtains upstairs - FINALLY! This makes me VERY HAPPY!

And that's October, folks! More to come...

November 2009 - Facebook Status Updates I Don't Want to Forget

I've been out of the loop for WAAAAAYYYYY too long as far as blogging goes. I think I got behind when we went to Colorado, so I keep thinking I need to "catch up" before I can blog. I've decided that's a bad idea. So, here's a start. Memorable moments from November (so far) that I recorded on I wouldn't forget. Now...just in case facebook deletes my status updates, and for the sake of those who aren't on fb, here are those memories. :) And HOPEFULLY...I will get the other MONTHS recorded sometime soon!

*Asher was looking through a book, naming lots of animals, but when he got to a dragonfly and a moth he didn't recognize, he called them "put-put" and "tuk-tuk". Sound good to me. :)
*Ainsley is spinning around in her cupcake pajamas, getting dizzy, falling down, and laughing. She's never gotten dizzy before. It's quite entertaining! :)
*Asher just said, "Y as in yes. And now he's peeking over the computer screen at me saying, "Sir, do you have any money?"
*Asher's new thing is begging me to go upstairs - without him. And I know what he's up to! He wants to climb up on the kitchen counter and get candy, but he knows he's not supposed to. Little toot!
*"Children, obey your daddy and mommy ALL the time, for this makes God happy." (Colossians 3:20, paraphrased, of course) I told Asher this is what God tells us in the Bible, and he thoughtfully said, "That makes sense."
*Asher put on his OWN sock this morning - ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I said, "Open the hole and put your toes in.", and he DID!!!
*I think it's significant that when I'm cradling my baby girl in my arms, our hearts are almost touching.
*Sometime between 7:30 and 8:00, Ainsley found her special blanket and paci all by herself, came over to Beau and laid her head down. She was practically begging to go night-night. (She normally goes to sleep at 7:00.) It was so sweet!!!
*Asher is wearing batman pjs tonight, but with his blanket wrapped around his shoulders like a cape, he said he was "BLANKET MAN" - which is very appropriate for him, because he LOVES his "blue blankets", as he calls his two silky, soft blue blankets. :) I love that he's entering the stage of dress-up and make-believe!!! It melts my heart! :)
*Our fireplace is now gone from our living room! Beau and Randy moved it out this morning. Now we have a little more ROOM!
*Ainsley just came and piled up eight shoes beside me - one by one. She was so proud of herself everytime she would go get one and bring it back for the pile. :)
*Ainsley has lately been "Jame" (not "Jane") to Asher. Now it's "Jamea". I love his growing imagination!
*I have a wonderful husband! Yesterday he stayed home from church with the kids, since Asher had been sick and Ainsley was sleeping, and when I got home, he was finishing up fixing lunch - tilapia, corn, and toast. Then he EVEN did the dishes! It was a GREAT surprise!!!
*Asher asked me, "Do you have a diaper?" I said, "I did when I was a baby." He replied, "Oh, cute!"
*I love my kids more than I could ever express, but like I told a friend this evening...Mommies get no rest!
*Just made my first craigslist sell! I'm so excited!!!
*Sick baby boy! He's just crying, because he says his mouth and tummy hurt!
*I worked so hard to finish something before lunch, JUST so I could MARK IT OFF my to-do list, and when I went to mark it off, I hadn't even written it ON the list!!! SO disappointing! :)
*I said, "Asher, you have the grossest dad in the whole world!" He replied, "Thanks!" That kid doesn't know when it's a compliment and when it's not! :)
*My babies are playing outside ALONE! I love it that Ainsley's getting to a stage where that is somewhat possible!!! Don't worry...the door is open, and I'm right beside them! :)
*Asher quotes of the day (so far...and all unrelated): "This room looks great!" (speaking of the living room that I straightened this morning); "He wants his kids." (referring to a daddy long-legs); "I think she likes me! My brother likes me!" (talking about Ainsley - his SISTER) :)
*We're settled into our hotel room. It's funny what a great time the kids are having in a new place with no toys - just space, closet, nooks, etc.
*My husband surprised me with sterling (light purple, thornless) roses and a really sweet card today...just because! He knew I was having a hard morning, and he wanted to make me happy. I cried...happy tears. :)
*Asher was talking about driving HIS car to HIS football game, so I asked him how old he would be when he could drive, and he said, "Three." We love his "stories" that are becoming more elaborate every day! :)
*I'm off to take a walk with the kids. We ALL need to get out of the house!!! :)