Monday, July 27, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Asher Case

Asher has started saying things like : "by the way", "actually", and "Can you mind to put this on your face?" (pointing to the sunscreen that was setting on the bathroom counter). He also said several times today, "It's a nice day." And many of those times was as he was floating on his back in the bathtub - with an "Ahhhh..." before the sentence. It's so fun to hear him trying to talk like we do. :)

He took his first road-trip without us last week! And he did GREAT! Our friend Dina was going to her daughter-in-law's baby shower fairly near Livingston, where Beau's parents live. So Asher rode with her on the six hour drive to see his Grammie and Grandad for the weekend. He was only there for one full day (two nights), and he didn't miss us at all! :) Next time, maybe it can be longer. But we missed HIM!!! It was nice to have special time with Ainsley, though. Thank you Dina, Mark, and Barbara!!! It was such a fun weekend for him!

Today he went to work with his daddy. :) Beau had to drive to Tulsa to pick up some parts for something, so Asher went with him. They had a fun time together, and I got a LOT done around here! It was needed BADLY!!! So badly, in fact, that I held my hand up and made a vow to Beau that I would work as steadily as possible ALL day long today (with NO computer breaks)! :) It worked. The house isn't perfect by any means, but I got a lot done!

And tonight Uncle Tyler (Beau's brother) is here. He's never gotten to come see us in Oklahoma before, so we're really happy to see him!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

New May Pics...

New Waters family pics from May '09. June is on its way...
NOTE: There are a billion! Look as quickly as you want, or take your will probably take lots of it. Sorry! If you skip the videos, that will help. :)

I Don't Want to Forget...

*We were talking about fire ants, and how Cooper got in fire ants a while back. And Asher said, "When we were at Poppie's and Gibbie's, and we were playing in the sparkle?" #1: Good memory! #2: SPARKLE?! That's the cutest name for a sprinkler I've ever heard! :)
*We had been looking at pictures of Asher when he was a baby the other night, from when we lived at our old house, and in some of those pictures, he was playing in a little blue inflatable swimming pool. So, the other day, we were driving, and he saw a blue swimming pool in someone's yard and said, "Is that my old little blue swimming pool at our other house?" We love where we are, but sometimes I really miss where we were!!!
*We're borrowing Beau's mom's truck right now while his dad fixes our car, and today when Beau drove up in it, Asher said, "Did you drive your mom's truck?" Funny. :)
*Ainsley's got on a shirt today that has polk-a-dots on it, and when I put it on her, Asher said, "Are those her princess polk-a-dots?" Awwwww...
*As Beau drives off for work, Asher yells, "Be careful!"
*The bridge we normally drive across to get home from town has been closed down a lot lately, and yesterday when we drove across a different bridge, Asher very excitedly said, "The bridge is open! YEA!!!!" He cracks me up.

Just a few things I wanted to remember...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

News Flash!!!

Ainsley has been saying "Mama" for quite a while now, but we haven't been SURE that she has said "Dada"...UNTIL just a few minutes ago!!! We're so happy. :) Especially Beau! I was sitting downstairs with her, and she was looking up at our landing, as if she was looking FOR something, and she started saying, "Dada. Dada." She was looking for Beau. It was too cute! :)

Our Kids

*Asher said, "I got an ant. I see his face and his legs. They're so little. But he'll eat food and get big, then he can play basketball." - or something like that. Then he thought for a minute and said, "No. He not play basketball."
*I mentioned something about Grandad (Beau's dad) fixing our car, and Asher said, "Daddy's dad?" He's starting to get connections better. The other day he said, "Daddy was a little baby, and Grammy held him."
*"I do it all my byself." (the "m" and "b" intentionally switched)
*He has started saying "music" instead of "sumic". I hate it! I want him to call it "sumic" forever! :)
*On that same note of reversing letters...We have a summer staffer here named Fisa, and Asher called him "Sifa". It's so interesting how his little brain switches things.
*Our conversation yesterday:
A: Where is Santa Claus?
M: At his house in the North Pole.
A: In the swimming pole? He took his shirt off, and you can see his armpits.
I thought I was going to lose it! That's hilarious! Has ANYONE in the whole wide world ever mentioned Santa's armpits before? I doubt it! :)


*Her fifth tooth is breaking through (top middle right).
*She's having more fun playing, since she can move around more now.
*She still usually falls asleep easily in her bed when I put her down, but it's getting a little trickier at times, because she'll sit up or stand up and then not know what to do with herself.

That's all I've got for now, folks. Happy July 8th!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Movin' On Up!

We (the kids and I) got home yesterday from spending the week with my sister Emily and her family. While we were there, Ainsley really started blossoming! She had pulled up a few times before we went there, but it really became easy to her during our stay. And she is FINALLY crawling! She's only really taken off on a "long" stretch of carpet once that I've seen, but she's on the move! That happened about three days ago. Two days ago, she started "cruising" - walking along furniture while holding on. And yesterday she had her first meal of adult food - green beans, pork chops, and crescent rolls - all cut up in TINY pieces, of course! :) And she's lovin' all of it! She's become even more content in general just because she's starting to have more to DO. It's really fun!

Asher had a great time with his cousin "Claire Bear" - except when he didn't, because they're TWO! :) They really did have a good time together, but they had countless the time when Claire was saying, "You're a-dor-a-ble." to him, and he was saying, "No." And then they kept saying the SAME things to each other back and forth and back and forth a million times until they were almost screaming at each other: "YOU'RE A-DOR-A-BLE!" "NOOOOO!" They are too cute, but's hard to teach little people how to communicate effectively! :)

We loved being there, though! Baby Jacob, my new nephew, is SO SWEET! I loved taking care of him some in the mornings and when all the other kids were down for naps in the afternoon, so Emily could get some extra sleep. He loves being swaddled, given his paci, and held close - or laid on his side in his boppy. :) He's such a little, blue-eyed sweety! I miss him already! And of course, I always love being with my sister! We even got to go on a double date one night: Allan and Emily, and Jacob and me!

The day before we came home, we also got to see several relatives on Beau's side of the family. It was so special to see them all for a little while! Beau's dad's cousin, Kathy, her husband and their new baby were coming through town, so as many family members that were around got together for lunch. It was great to see everyone at Larry's and Mary's house - or "Uncle Mary's" as Asher said. :)

Today we had a low-key day at home for most of the day, which was nice. Then this evening, we went to the Expo with our friends, the Wilsons, for the kids to do some fun activities: little carnival-type games and inflatables, and to watch our local fireworks show. The kids both really liked the fireworks! Ainsley liked them so much, she couldn't stop clapping. :) And we had fun spending time with friends!

And here's a bit of humor for you: A little history first...I have a TERRIBLE memory. Really! I do! And it's not that hard to imagine me really losing it one day. Some of you know I'm not kidding. :) And I LOVE cute little dogs like lhaso apsos! So, tonight, someone was selling cute little puppies like those, and I was oohing and ahhing over them. Beau told me not to even think about it or something like that. And I told him that one day he would surprise me with one -
"even if it's when I'm 75 or something", I said. And he said, "When you're 75, I'll hand you a crumpled up piece of paper, and you'll think it's a dog." Maybe you would have had to have been there, but it was really funny. :) He cracks me up!

So with that, I'll say...HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! And good night.