Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Baby!

So yesterday I had a sonogram, because not only Beau and I, but also my doctor, have been a BIT concerned about Ainsley's SIZE! I'm not measuring WAY bigger than normal - but a little bit. And yesterday we found out why! =) The sonographer first measured her head and said, "Yep, it looks like she might be a big baby!" After she had laughingly determined that she is INDEED a big baby, she told me her current weight. Are you ready for this? 7 lbs. 1 oz.! And that's at 35 1/2 weeks! Oh MY!!! And her head is ALREADY 9cm from ear to ear. Although Amy comforted me somewhat by reminding me that her skull will push together when she's coming out. =) And then she said that she'll have a cone head!!! =) Her weight gain will most likely slow down at this point, and the sonographer's guess is that she'll be in the mid to high eights at birth. At least she'll still be in the eights...but oh my...that sounds painful! =) We'll see what my doctor has to say when I go see him next Monday. Maybe I'll have her a little early??? =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

This Marriage Thing

Last night Beau said, "It's like we've got this marriage thing figured out or something." We had had such an "Americana" evening. I mean, don't get me wrong, it wasn't like there were butterflies dancing around and music playing or anything. But I fixed a good dinner (home-made meatloaf, which I had never done before) while Beau played with Asher. We sat down at the table (which we've only been doing again for the last few nights, because our table is finally cleared off from the "summer clutter") and ate like a "real" family. =) Then Beau took out the kitchen trash AND the diapers WITHOUT me asking!!! (That was a big deal.) =) He even put a new bag in the laundry room for the diapers. And that's when he said that we had this marriage thing figured out. And then it happened. I went in to clean up the kitchen, and what do I find??? A trash can WITHOUT a new bag in it. He RUINED it!!! =) Just kidding. But we got a kick out of it. We thought we had "arrived". =)


There are about 300 new pictures on our Picasa site. They document April through July of our lives. I'm working on getting everything up to date before Ainsley gets here. So keep your eyes peeled for more. You can either click on the link to the left or the web site is http://picasaweb.google.com/beauandsarawaters. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the pictures, because the computer read them as being taken in Jan. 05 or something. But they're there.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I made LOTS of progress this morning. Thanks to anyone who prayed. =) I decided that it was my best bet to just get up and get going on the boxes instead of trying to get all my ducks in a row and THEN start...because I'm always out of energy by that point. So this morning, I unpacked the boxes and had Beau move a few things around for me. And then I cleaned the living room and dining room really well. (I even vaccuumed under the couch cushions. =)) There is still more to be done, but, although EXHAUSTED, I feel MUCH better!!! We're one step closer to Ainsley's arrival. =) Like I said, it's super tiring, but it's kind of fun too. It will be really nice if I can get the "big" things on my to do list done and then just enjoy our expanded family for a while once she gets here. Here's hoping...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will I Never Become Who I Want to Become???

How hard can it be to unpack a few boxes??? This morning, I woke up and started my day out "right". I spent time with God (something I don't set aside time to do like I should), fixed waffles for us, straightened some things up, did the dishes, did some laundry, got ready for the day, fixed lunch for Asher and myself, and then I was "done". I was exhausted. So I came to take a nap while Asher was down. I kind of slept for a little bit, but couldn't really, because Ainsley is going to be here soon, and I've GOT to get a few things done. So I got up with the intention of hopping on those things (unpacking a few boxes that are cluttering up my room - which no one can do besides me). Instead, I stopped at the computer "really quick". And I'm still here - probably an hour and a half later. And now I've got to run into town to pick up our car that's been being worked on. Anyway, that's the way every day seems to go. It starts out really well, then I get tired and lose focus. Pray for me! =) I need it! The boxes are NOT even that big of a deal. I just need to DO it!!! Then Ainsley can come! =)

My Boys

I love the way that Asher loves his daddy and wants to be just like him. (Altough that can be scary sometimes too - when he gets that "rascally" look in his eye, like he just HAS to do SOMETHING mischievous! =)) Today Asher brought me Beau's belt and wanted me to put it on him. So I wrapped it around him twice and fastened it. Then he walked over to Beau's boots - all the while wearing his cute little plaid shorts and polo shirt - and put them on too. It was so cute! =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's been a good day overall. I cooked real meals for breakfast AND dinner, so I am pretty proud of myself! =) Plus, I got three loads of laundry DONE - washed, dried, folded, AND put away. I even have clean sheets on my bed. That is all quite an accomplishment for this tired pregnant - VERY pregnant - lady! =) I don't think my tummy can stretch any MORE than it already has! And I am TIRED!!! So now I will go to sleep - without my husband, because he is sick, and he can't breathe lying down, so he has to sleep on the couch. =( Good night.


Yep. I'll agree with Amy. Facebook is fun - and very overwhelming! I love being able to connect with old friends! Some of them I haven't talked to in YEARS. But there's no way I'm going to have time to really keep up with people! Amy and Emily, you should post some pictures for me. I don't have the updated FlashPlayer or whatever it's called, so I can't post any. And I don't have any idea how to add "Flair". Y'all will have to educate me. =)


I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast. Yes, I cooked a real breakfast - which is uncommon for me (unfortunately). Anyway, while I was doing that, Asher was sitting in the rocking chair "reading" his books. He called me in there and pointed to a picture of a sunshine and said, "Sunshine." He's never said that word before. It was so cute. =) I love his little voice.

Then he was on the kitchen floor playing with this blue toy and - out of the blue =) - said, "Blue." He's never done that either.

I just read yesterday that he's learning something like twenty words a day - even though he doesn't SAY nearly all of them. I love his little brain! =)

Something else that was cute was when he brought his pj pants downstairs and was trying to put them on by himself. Then Beau was sitting on the floor with him teaching him step by step how to put them on. It was too sweet.

And...one more thing. Asher and Beau are both a little under the weather right now. Beau more than Asher. But everytime Beau coughs or sneezes, Asher copies him - even from different rooms in the house. It's sad that they're sick but funny that he does that. You can pray for them. It seems like a strange time to get colds, but that's what it seems to be.

I'm off to CLEAN and DECLUTTER - the story of my LIFE!!! =)

Friday, August 15, 2008


My kid said, "Asher, bobby" today. Which means, "Asher, potty." He has pulled his pants down by himself about six or seven times today (I don't know why), and late this afternoon, I asked him if he had tee-teed in his diaper. He said, "No." (but he had) Then he proceeded to basically beg to go to the potty. I knew that he wouldn't actually use it, because he doesn't know how. But he went in there like he knew what he was doing. I put him on the potty and was holding him on so that he wouldn't fall in. And he quickly protested, because he is Mr. Independent. He did not want me holding onto him. So we let him sit there. It was pretty funny seeing such a little person sit on a real potty. =) Then he would be "all done" and climb off. Then he would do the whole thing over and over again. He would've done it all evening if we would have let him. It was pretty funny!!! I guess we need to get him his own little potty. Although, I will NOT be attempting to actually potty train him in the next few weeks before Ainsley arrives! That will have to wait! =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Many Names of Daddy

When Asher wakes up (if he's had enough sleep), he usually calls for "Daddy" - in his most sing- song voice, holding each syllable out for a long time. That in itself is cute, but it gets funnier, because the only thing that stays the same in the word "Daddy" for him - especially when he's "singing" his name - is the consonants. He says, "Dad-dy", "Dow-dow", "Dow-dy", "Doh-dy", "Dad-dow", "Dow-doh"...and the list goes on, I'm sure. It's pretty funny. I don't know WHY he does that, but he does.

He doesn't do that with other words really - except for the other day. He calls my sister Amy, "MiMi". But the other day she was "MiMaw" (which she was NOT ok with!) and "MiMo" (which she thought was cuter). Funny boy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a Couple More Sweet Asher Things...

We love the sweet personality that God has given Asher. He definitely has his "ugly" moments like every kid does, but overall he is sweet! Today the three of us (or four, if you want to be technical) were sitting on the couch sharing a snack, and he was standing in between Beau and me. He had his hand on Beau's back, just patting it, and then would lay his head down on his shoulder. And it was for no "reason". We just love him! =)

Then another cute thing was tonight when we were outside "watching fireflies" (as he requests to do EVERY night - even though he's usually asleep by the time you can actually SEE them). Beau pointed out the moon to him, and he said, "Hold you moon." And then he was reaching his little arms up to "hold it", but he couldn't get it. =) I told him that it was too high in the sky, so he asked Beau to hold him "up high". So Beau held him up, and Asher REACHED as high as he could...but he still couldn't reach it. =) It was cute!

Ok. I'm really going to bed now. =) Good night.

Our HAPPY Boy!

As one of my sister Amy's latest posts says, Asher's name means "Happy" - and he IS! We love this about him! And here are two pictures she took this weekend that I just love of the little guy! (I stole them from her blog.)

Weekend Away

Camp officially ended on Thursday and by that evening we were in Texas. It was fun to spend a little time with Allan, Emily, and Claire Bear before they headed out for Hawaii this weekend. Claire and Asher were so cute when they saw each other! They really love each other! =)

Friday we dropped Asher off at Amy's. I had some really sad moments knowing that I was about to be away from him for three nights, but I got through those - and he did GREAT!!! He LOVED the weekend with his MiMi, Uncle Corey, and cousins!!! He asked for me a few times but never cried for me! It made me feel SO GOOD to know that HE was so happy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Powells!!!!! You're ALL WONDERFUL!!! =)

Friday evening we relaxed at our hotel for a little while then went to eat at Benihana! Mmmmmm!!!! It was DELICIOUS - and as always...so fun! We had a relaxing evening, I went to bed relatively early, Beau played a game most of the night, I slept until 8:30 the next morning (which is late for me - it was GREAT!!!), and Beau slept longer - since he didn't go to sleep until around 5:00 or so. =) I enjoyed reading and taking a long bath, and then we went to breakfast at the hotel. We had a really late breakfast, so for "lunch", we went to the Galleria and got the best peanut covered caramel apple I've ever had! It was SO YUMMY! We walked around there for a while, then on the way to Allan and Emily's we stopped and rented a couple of girly movies for me and a game for Beau. Emily and Allan left for HI on Saturday morning, so we used their house as our "getaway" Saturday through Monday. (Thank you Bil and Em!!!) We spent the rest of the afternoon in our separate rooms. It was really nice for BOTH of us to be able to veg in our OWN ways without ONE of us having to be responsible for Asher. =) Very relaxing! That evening we went to Panda Express - one of Beau's favorite restaurants. Sunday morning we slept, Beau played, and I read. Then we went to get massages! Ahhhhh!!! I LOVE massages!!! Especially right now! It felt great! Beau enjoyed his too but said it was a little weird, because who I thought they said was available at the time we went for him was "Kim" was actually "Ken". =) Oops! Then we went and ate and headed back to hang out at the house. Beau played and I read. =) Then we went out for the evening to make some baby exchanges at Target, stopped by Best Buy and Barnes N Noble, then called it a night. Monday morning Beau went and got us donuts and kolaches, I got ready, went and got our car washed - which it needed REALLY BADLY! - then went and saw my BOY!!!!! (Beau stayed at the house to play for the day while I went to see Asher and the Powells.)

I LOVED seeing him!!!! We both missed him SO MUCH!!! We've only left him over night one other time - and that was a year ago. But it was worth it. He was in his highchair having a popsicle when I got there and was happy to see me but didn't try to get out to "hold me" or anything. But then he started just getting giddy and really silly! It was hilarious! As if to say, "Mommy, do you remember how funny I am?!" He cracks me up!!! We rested at MiMi's house then went to run a few errands and to eat dinner with the Powells. Then we went to see DADDY!!! And that was a fun reunion as well! They always love seeing each other after they've been apart!

By the time we got out of there and home it was midnight last night, and we were all pooped. It was an exhausting end to a great and relaxing weekend. And we would do it all over again! But it will probably be a while. =) Ainsley Grace is scheduled to arrive in six weeks (or less???)! I can't believe it's upon us...and yet I can! That's why we took this weekend. We needed it/will need it (as we anticipate adding a new one to our bunch)!

So as I think about the sleeplessness that is in my very near future, I think I'll retire for the night. Just wanted to document what a fun weekend we had - and to say THANK YOU again to my sisters and their families for making it possible!!!! Thank you ALL a gazillion times over!


"Everything's bigger in Texas." - Beau said looking at my stomach, as we drove over the Texas border this past weekend. And it's true. It's growing by the minute. =) But I guess now it's bigger in Oklahoma. =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Made It!!!

Summer camp is almost over! Our "regular" camp weeks ended on Friday. All but five of our summer staff packed up and left that day. It was actually quite sad. Although May and June may have been the most difficult months of Beau's life, things slowly worked out, and it was a good summer! Lots of great things happened in people's lives, and we loved having the summer staff here. They were really great, and they loved Asher! And he loved them! We'll miss them SO MUCH!!! It's AMAZING that the "summer" has come and almost gone for us!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE it!!!

But we've got one more group coming tomorrow and leaving on Thursday. We've got a small group of staffers that will be here for that, because the group is cooking their own meals and things like that. But as of Thursday- we will have made it through our FIRST summer here! There will always be challenges in camp ministry (as there are with anything), but we have to believe that things will go MUCH more smoothly as time goes on! =) We look forward to our future here - which is a big thing to say after the May and June we had! =)

And then we're off to Dallas one more time before this munchkin is born. We left Asher over night for a few days at the end of last summer, and we're going to do it again this year! He's going to stay with his cousins (and aunt and uncle =)) this time, and we know he'll have so much fun! And WE are looking forward to un-toddlered REST!!! I can't wait!


It's August, and I'm HOT!!! ALL the time! I need a fan to carry around with me wherever I go, because I'm burning up! Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, people referred to how miserable I would be because of being pregnant through the heat of summer. Well, up through the first or second week of July I thought it wasn't too bad - and then it got HOT!!! I'm going to make it, but oh my...it's amazing how different it feels now than it did just a few weeks ago.

Plus, I'm HUGE! I'm a little concerned about the size of this baby girl. They aren't concerned at the doctor's office. But I THINK I'm significantly bigger at this point in my pregnancy than I was with Asher - and I've still got almost two MONTHS left! I don't know how I'm going to ROLL OVER when that time comes around. =)

Speaking of Ainsley...my sisters, Mom, and Connie had a very special baby shower for me last week. It was so fun to receive lots of fun girly things. Our girl will not be lacking any PINK, that's for sure! Really, one of the best things of the day was having family from BOTH sides there to celebrate with us - and some very dear friends that I haven't seen in a LONG time! I love you all! Thank you for coming and loving us!!! We are so blessed to be so loved! One of the things I'm most blown away by is the way Beau's side of the family has taken me under their wings as if I am their own. Thank you ALL - friends AND family - for your sweet prayers and words of advice!!! We'll be able to use all of it!

Fat Joke of the Day and My Man

So here's Beau's FJOTD - for today and yesterday.

We were going to eat Chinese food. We pulled into the parking lot, and the sign said something like, "No trucks or trailers allowed in parking lot". Beau said, "I guess I could just drop you off at the door." Ba-dum-dum!

And today, I was having a wardrobe crisis before church. It was one of "those" mornings. I hate mornings like that! Anyway, Beau said, "I think I've got a tarp down at the shop that you could use for a dress." =)

And this isn't a fat joke, but it's another "funny" for Beau. I was very emotional yesterday evening - thanks to the good ol' pregnancy hormones, I'm sure. So he disappears for a while. I didn't know where he was, but he reappeared a while later, and all he had was a MUSTACHE!!! Yes, a little mustache that went from one side of his mouth to the other. It didn't curve or anything. It was just an ugly, straight, nasty mustache. Some people can pull it off, I know. But not my man! =) It was HILARIOUS!!! I laughed and laughed. And then I realized that he had done it just to make me laugh - because he knew I needed it. =) And for those of you who don't know - he ALWAYS has a very thick gotee - so this was QUITE a SHOCK! I wanted him to shave it off right away, but he had to save it until this morning. Funny man!

He's been my "hero" in more ways than making me laugh lately. Asher has been waking up at least once in the middle of the night lately - if not up to three times or so. And for a while I would go into his room and try to put him back to sleep - after letting him "fuss it out" on his own for a while - because that used to work. Anyway, we have come to find out that Beau has the magic touch these days with Asher and sleep. So, he is now "his" in the middle of the night. And AMAZINGLY, ALL Beau has to do is go into his room, pat him on his back, and say, "Night-night", and he lays back down and goes to sleep. One time Beau even said, "Night-night" down the hall, and Asher got quiet. When I have gone in there, it's taken me an HOUR to get him down - or I end up bringing him to bed with us - or he ends up being awake for the day at 5:00am or something crazy like that! It's very strange! But I'm not complaining. Beau obviously has something Asher needs right now - and that's fine with me. Less trips out of bed for me. I've got enough on my own because of this GROWING girl inside of me!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Rascally Husband...

I know, I know. All of you avid (is that the right word?) fans of mine have been dying for me to post again. =) Well, this morning, Beau said something "blog-worthy" that I must share. Asher and I had been "working with Daddy" this morning. "We" had worked on a golf cart, a bus, checked on things at the dining hall, emptied some trash, started a burn pile, etc. (And Asher had lots of fun playing in a big mud puddle then getting hosed off before getting back in the truck.) Anyway, the next thing on the list was working on the tractor - which happened to be down by the lake and on a little road surrounded by brush that I would have to actively keep Asher out of - in the heat. I opted out of that one and had Beau bring us home. He said, "Carpe diem!" That got us to talking about the whole concept of "carpe diem" and how I love it. I said it's my life's theme. Beau doesn't believe me. =) I guess it's hard to believe when all you see is your pregnant, tired wife all day long every day. =) So then I told him that that's why I had so many adventures before I married him. And he said - and here is the reason for the blog post - , "Why don't you carpe diem the dishes more often?!" It was quite funny! But I'll have you know, that I've stayed on top of the dishes quite nicely the last few days. =)

Also, he enjoys making "fat jokes" while I'm pregnant. (And I think it's funny too, don't worry.) So here's today's "Fat Joke of the Day": "That's not a parachute. That's Mommy's dress." Hahaha. He's too funny. =)