Sunday, March 21, 2010

We need a new car!!!

We sent this picture to our parents and siblings the other day with the subject being, "It could work!" Well, it COULD...but it would be a TIGHT squeeze!!! :) So, we'll see what we can do about that before our new little turkey arrives around Thanksgiving. We're SO EXCITED (and admittedly crazy) about our THIRD BABY being on his/her way!!! Ainsley is clueless of course, but Asher has already been super cute about it! The other day he said, "We're going to have another buddy baby!...And another sister baby!" He's stuck on me having more than one, but at least that was less than the four that he first predicted: "Two more boy babies and two more girl babies." :) And he's offered to share his room with the baby. He thinks it would be great if the baby would sleep with him, so that he (Asher) wouldn't be afraid at night. :) The baby, of course, won't be sleeping with him, but who knows where he/she will end up landing. We'll figure it out! :)

She DID it!!!

AINSLEY TEE-TEED IN THE POTTY!!!!!! She's been INSISTING on sitting on the little potty the last few days by saying, "Sotty! Sotty! Sotty!" until we entertain her by letting her. And OF COURSE she hadn't actually done anything. She's just now 18 months after all. (Those were our thoughts.) But today, she DID...twice!!! YEA for Ainsley!!! We HOPE that she's going to go ahead and get potty-trained. That would be SO NICE! But we'll see...:) (Asher is another story. We're TRYING!!!)