Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday we took the kids on four wheelers! (Don't worry, we were careful...) It was so fun!!! Ainsley was with me in her Baby Bjorn, and Asher rode in front of Beau. We were out for an hour and a half or so, and we just rode around on trails here at the camp, then went to a park near here on the lake. I had one of those two-kids-doesn't-sound-so-bad moments. I mean, what would we have done if we were outnumbered? It was a "perfect" outing! =) It made me excited about all the fun things we can do with them as they get older. (Who knows what will happen, but I would be surprised if they end up being our only two...just for the record. =))

On a different note, I think Ainsley's chub may be keeping her from crawling, but she's working on it (crawling, that is...not her "chub"). For the past few days she's been scooting on her bottom - which is funny. And yesterday she started scooting backwards on her tummy. At least she's moving. =)

The other day I was snapping my fingers, and a couple of days ago she started "snapping" hers. Brilliant baby! =)

Oh! Another funny memory that I was telling Beau about yesterday and realized that I had never recorded was about Asher. One day he asked me, "Where's Barbara?" I said, "Who's Barbarba?" He said matter of factly, "Grammy." It's true. Barbara is Grammy. Funny kid!

And one more thing of noteworthiness...Numbers have really been clicking for Asher lately for some reason, and he's been working on recognizing how many fingers we're holding up and learning to hold a certain number of fingers up himself. Yesterday he held up five fingers on one hand and one on the other and said, "Five and one makes six." He amazes us all the time!

Today the rest of our summer staff is arriving. We're excited to get this summer started!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I forgot yesterday, but Ainsley is also saying "Mama" now!!! Her FIRST WORD!!! She has been making the ma, ba, da, la, and ya sounds, but just this weekend we decided that she's actually associating ME with "Mama". I LOVE it! =)

And another sweet thing about Asher...Yesterday Beau was starting to get really stressed about a few things that were going wrong here at the camp - one of those being our broken (again!) mower. Asher heard him talking about it, and said, "I fix the mower with my screwdriver and my hammer. Where the mower? I fix it for you." He went upstairs and got his toolbox. He was serious! He was going to fix that lawn mower! It was so cute and sweet!!! It melted Beau's heart...and mine!

I've mentioned before Asher's love for sports, and today we went and bought him his first baseball, glove, bat, and tee. He's been playing his heart out ever since we got home - except for naptime. Tonight we have five of our summer staff guys over here. We cooked out, and I think they all took a turn at playing baseball with Asher. He's about to have PLENTY of playmates for the summer! We're excited that this time of year is here!!!

Until next time...

(By the way, the mower is fixed now. But Asher wasn't the one who did it. =))

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Things!

Ainsley has started doing several new things since Friday! It's so fun!
*Friday: My mom was making a popping sound at Ainsley with her mouth. Does that make sense??? And she started COPYING her!!! She hadn't really copied us yet...and she'd never done that with her mouth either!
*Sunday: She was playing peek-a-boo on her own. She would pull the blanket over her head, then pull it down and smile really big!
*Monday: She tried to clap while watching Asher and me clap!
*Today: She started WAVING while watching her daddy and us wave at her!


And here are some Asher Funnies too:
*We've been teaching him not to say, "Oh my God.", because we believe you should only say God's name when you're talking to Him or about Him. So it's been a very big deal to him, and we like to talk about what we CAN say: "Oh my!" "Oh my goodness!" "Oh my gosh!" "Oh my peas!" "Oh my chinny-chin chin!" (both from one of his shows, "Super Why") Anyway...the other day I was listening to a song in the car that said, "Hosanna" in it a lot, and he asked what Hosanna meant, and I told him that it's another name for God. (Now I know that it's actually an expression of praise to God. I had forgotten. But for these purposes, we'll pretend that it's another name for God.) So yesterday, seeing what he could get away with, he said, "Oh my Hosanna!" It was REALLY FUNNY! But I didn't let him know that. I just told him that he can't say that either! =) Little rascal!
*Today he was playing like he was talking on the phone, and he said, "This is Crosstimbers." - just like Daddy. =)
*We sing a song that we stole from the Powells, and in it, we sing, "You're my pumpi-umpi-umpkin..." This morning, I said, "Hi pumpi-umpi-umpkin." And he said, "I'm not Poppie-Poppie-umpkin (Poppie is my dad.). I'm Asher-Asher-umpkin!" Too cute!

And a side-note: Yesterday we got to go to Dusty's state track meet, and he WON!!! He's the state champion in shot put for Division 1 jr. high boys in Oklahoma!!! Way to go Dusty!!! I loved being at the track meet, because I loved track in school. And Asher loved it too! He even got to "run on the track" when we were crossing it to go see Dusty. He thought that was really cool!

Besides all of that, we had a successful trip to TX - tiring but worth it! =) And now we're so happy to be home with Beau!!! Speaking of...a few of our summer staffers arrived Monday, and the rest will arrive this weekend or this coming Monday. Things are picking up! Please pray for Beau! He's doing well! Staying sane so far. But this is crunch-time, and it tends to get extremely stressful during these few weeks. Thankfully, he has help this year, and it's our second summer here, so things are already going SO MUCH better than last year!!!

Had to share about my little girl who is turning into such a fun little thing...and of course our Asher! They light up our lives! =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm at my sister's house taking care of her kids while she and her hubby are livin' it up in Mexico.  I've got to document a couple of funny things that Cooper has said so that I don't forget.  He's a funny kid!
*On our way to his blastball game yesterday, I told him that he was cute.  He said, "It's 'cause I've got my awesome Mudcats clothes on!"
*I gave them all notes from their mom, and his was signed something like, "I love you Baby, Mommy".  And he said, "Why'd she call me 'baby'?"  I said, "Because you ARE her baby."  "No I'm not."  "You'll ALWAYS be her baby!"  And he said, "SHE thinks that!" =)  
*Yesterday he said, "I've never taken care of myself before."  I said, "Oh, you don't have to take care of yourself, I'll take care of you."  He said, "I don't like it when people take care of me."  Last night when I was putting him down for the night, I said, "Thanks for letting me take care of you." (not thinking of our earlier conversation)  And he said, "Remember, I'm taking care of myself."

I'm very thankful that I am able to "take care" of my pseudo-kids.  It's interesting overseeing five, but we're making it (although I don't know HOW we would have last night without Emily and Allan!!!)!  I love my niece and nephews very much!!! =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

April Pics

Click on the link to see our April pictures:

Enjoy! =)

We Love Texas!

I can't figure out how to post a video to my blog, so just click on this link to see Asher say the chant that we say every time we drive into TX. It's so darn cute (WE think! =))!

"We love Texas, yes we do! We are Texans through and through! Yea Texas!"

Friday, May 8, 2009


Ainsley has been "blowing raspberries" for a week or two now, but just yesterday she started TRYING to ENTERTAIN us!!! It's SO FUNNY! Her two favorite things to do to make us laugh are blowing raspberries while squinting her eyes and doing her "laugh" that I talked about in the last post. That girl! Also, she's still not really moving anywhere - as far as crawling or anything, but yesterday she was sitting beside me on the couch and turned to the side and lunged herself onto me. That's a step! =) And this morning, she had her first bath where she sat up and really played with toys. She loved it! She's getting so old! =)

And Asher...oh little heart melter! Last night I was getting dressed for Dusty's 8th grade graduation (Congratulations Dusty!!!), and Asher said, "Mommy, you look BEAUTIFUL! You have a BEAUTIFUL dress!!!" I love my boy! =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Two Favorite Kids


This one has been cracking me up lately (of course!)!

Little things like:
*When he is going to play baseball, he has to wear his baseball cap. If he is playing some other sport, he usually takes it off. If I am going to take a picture of him, he usually turns it around backwards (because it's "cute", you know). It's so funny!
*I need to post some pictures of him in his "working hat" too. He's been pretending so much lately. He'll put on this "trucker-looking" hat (which he calls his "working hat"), and say, "I'm going back to work." And yesterday he did that, then said, "Oh. I need my boots." So he had his red rain boots on and his trucker hat with a Stihl chainsaw on the front of it, and said, "Ok, I'm going back to work now."
*He's getting better and better at knowing what he can and can't eat or drink because of his allergies, so the other day, we were kind of playing a "game" with him asking him if he can have "this" or "that", and Beau asked him if he could eat sticks. He said, very seriously, "Yes." We laughed, and said, "People don't eat sticks." He was very confused and said, "I can eat fish sticks." Funny!
*We were sitting at the table yesterday, and he said, "I love you THIS MUCH!" - as he stretched out his arms. We went back and forth a few times and added our hand motions with it. Then I said, "You melt my heart!" And the next time I said that I loved him, he said, "You make my heart!" Sigh...I loved it! He DOES melt my heart!!!

One of my FAVORITE pictures of Ainsley so far!
She's getting funnier and funnier too!
*She likes to turn her tongue sideways in her mouth a lot, and it cracks me up.
*She's been opening her mouth really wide and letting out the funniest laugh. It's almost like she's pretending to laugh. I don't know how to describe it, but when she does it, we ALL laugh!
*She weighed 21.3 lbs. one week ago (at seven and a half months!)! =)
*She LOVES her daddy and her big brother - in small doses. =) But she still loves me the most - which is sweet and tiring all at the same time! =)
*She's a GRABBER! She's getting really good at grabbing whatever it is she's got her eye on! (We're trying to teach Asher to not get things close to her if he doesn't want her to have it, because she grabs it, he yanks it back, then we have a sad baby on our hands. And of course, we're also always teaching him about being kind and sharing too. =))

We're doing well...kind of (trying to get rid of ear infections and colds!). We are very blessed and happy...for the most part (because who is REALLY happy ALL the time?! =)). Beau is gearing up for the summer, and we are so thankful for Randy and B.J. who are both such HUGE helps at the camp. And we're striving to improve our lives daily by letting God be God in and through us (easier said than done...)! We hope you're doing well too!!!

Happy May!
P.S. I know that my alignment is weird in this post. Blogger wouldn't let me fix it for some reason. =)
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Monday, May 4, 2009

50 Random Things About Me (I never do this stuff, but why not?)

1. What color is your toothbrush? Light blue and white, I think (usually pink and white, though)
2. Who made you smile today? Ainsley when she laughed funny and Asher when he brought me a flower from outside
3. What were you doing at 8am this morning? Getting breakfast together for Ainsley and myself (Beau had already taken care of Asher's)
4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago? Feeding Ainsley before I put her down for the night
5. What is your favorite candy bar? Snickers, Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Three Musketeers (sorry, can't choose just one)
6. Have you ever been to a strip club? No way, NEVER...never WILL go to one either! I pretty much HATE them!
7. What is the last thing you said aloud? "Funny kid!"
8. What is your favorite ice cream? Blue Bell Rocky Road (I also love Cookies and Cream - and lots of others...I REALLY like ice cream!!!)
9. What was the last thing you had to drink? Water
10. Do you like your wallet? No
11. What was the last thing you ate? Chocolate Fudge Sundae from McDonald's - haven't had one of those in a really long time, but it sounded really good this evening!
12. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? I wish =)
13. The last sporting event you watched? Golf was on yesterday, but I didn't really watch it...I guess Jack and Cooper's baseball games...or maybe Dusty's...or maybe flag football...what do I know?
14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? Kettle or caramel
15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to? My friend Jodi - which was an exception, because I'm not usually allowed to text. =)
16. Ever go camping? Yes. I love it! Especially in the mountains...but anywhere pretty will do.
17. Do you take vitamins daily? Yes - JuicePlus (veggies and fruits), folic acid, and DHA
18. Do you go to church every Sunday? Every Sunday that we can
19. Do you have a tan? No. Hopefully that will at least change a little soon...but I'm kind of like Amy when it comes to that. I never get very dark, but I don't get near as many sunburns as I used to, because I was finally convinced of the value of sunscreen when I actually puked because my sunburn was so bad!
20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? It depends. I like them both.
21. Do you drink your soda with a straw? Yes, unless it's out of a can or at home.
22. What did your last text message say? That scrapbooking had been rescheduled.
23. What are you doing tomorrow? LAUNDRY! And hopefully cleaning a little too.
25. Look to your left, what do you see? My phone on the arm of the couch
26. What color is your watch? White gold
27. What do you think of when you hear Australia? The Wiggles
29. Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? Both
30. What is your favorite number? I don't have one.
31. Who's the last person you talked to on the phone? Beau
32. Any plans today? To relax this evening then go to sleep early - Ainsley is asleep, and Beau is putting Asher down. The silence is NICE!
33. How many states have you lived in? Two - but I'm a Texan through and through TOO Amy! =)
34. Biggest annoyance right now? Laundry piled high, messy bedroom and laundry room, and Asher not obeying - It's a tie.
35. Last song listened to? Beau humming "I love you Asher Case, oh yes I do. I love you Asher Case, and I'll be true. When you're not near to me, I'm blue. Oh Asher Case, I love you."
36.Can you say the alphabet backwards? I'm sure I could if I said it slowly enough.
37. Do you have a maid service clean your house? I REALLY WISH!!!
38. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? Cheap, black flip flops from Old Navy - cute but terrible quality. I really want some Chacos!!!
39. Are you jealous of anyone? Of course. I shouldn't be, but sometimes I am.
40. Is anyone jealous of you? I couldn't tell ya.
41. Do you love anyone? Yes!
42. Do any of your friends have children? Most of them
43. What do you usually do during the day? Mommy stuff. Fix food for my family, feed my family, clean up after my family, laundry, play, put kids down for naps and bedtime, facebook - and sometimes see my friends =)
44. Do you hate anyone that you know right now? No.
45. Do you use the word 'hello' daily? Yes.
46. What color is your car? Black
47. Do you like cats? They are cute, but I don't just ADORE them. And I am a little allergic to them.
48. Are you thinking about someone right now? David Spade
49. Have you ever been to Six Flags? Yes, I LOVE Six Flags! Roller coasters are one of my FAVORITE things!!!
50. How did you get your worst scar? My finger got slammed in the closet door in the band hall by Rhonda Archer when I was in jr. high. I ran across the campus yelling, "I want my Daddy! I want my Daddy!" - because he was a coach/teacher there. It was very traumatic but pretty funny to think about.