Monday, September 29, 2008

Thank You Mom!

My mom just left yesterday after spending a week and a half here helping us.

I could never say thank you enough for ALL that you did for us while you were here!!!
Thank you for...
  1. Keeping our laundry done
  2. Keeping our dishes washed
  3. Keeping our trash emptied
  4. Straightening our bed every day
  5. Grocery shopping for us
  6. Cooking for us
  7. Playing with Asher
  8. Enduring Beau's affinity for sci-fi
  9. Starting my bath water multiple times a day =)
  10. Organizing our stuff
  11. Changing diapers - Newborn ones and Size 4 ones =)
  12. Sacrificing time with Dad and time away from your job

I'm sure I'm leaving very significant things out. But all those things in that list made a HUGE difference for me!!! You kept things the way I like them - the way I would have them if my body would allow me. And that just makes life more peaceful...So THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! We could not have made it through our first week and a half with two kids without you!!! We're doing well today, but I miss you already. =)

I love you!


Emily said...

I am so glad she was able to give you the help you needed and deserved.

Mama Jeannie said...

Sara, it was an honor to be able to stay with you as long as I did. I loved taking care of you, your home, and just loving on your family. I wish I could have done that when every single grandchild was born. A couple days here and there are great, but I guess since you live in Oklahoma, it wasn't possible to go back and forth from home to your home. I love being back here with your daddy, but I miss you princess.