Friday, September 18, 2009

Ainsley Grace is ONE Today!!!

Our baby girl is turning ONE YEAR OLD today!!!

I can't BELIEVE it! This year has gone by INCREDIBLY FAST!!! We love her like crazy, and we've had so much fun with her over this past year! She's growing up so much lately! Yesterday we counted her take 14 steps! She's starting to talk a little bit more. This morning, she walked up to Asher and me and said, "Hi!", while waving. It was so cute. :) She can eat almost anything without it being cut up in small pieces. She loves to make us laugh! And her hair is getting a little longer...SLOWLY but surely. :) And yet, she's still my little baby. I was just savoring this morning how when I take her in her room to put her down to go to sleep, I sit down in her chair with her for a minute before laying her down, and she instantly lays her head on my chest, wraps her arms around me, and just relaxes completely. Those are some of my favorite moments to share with her every day! She's pretty much just altogether GREAT and PRICELESS!!!

You're our little princess!
Happy FIRST birthday Baby Girl!
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Mama Jeannie said...

Oh this is so sweet Sara Mommy. I love how you love your babies. All the pictures were precious and your are right...Ainsley Grace is truly a little Princess. I can hardly wait to celebrate her tomorrow and YOU, my dear girl, are priceless too.