Sunday, March 21, 2010

She DID it!!!

AINSLEY TEE-TEED IN THE POTTY!!!!!! She's been INSISTING on sitting on the little potty the last few days by saying, "Sotty! Sotty! Sotty!" until we entertain her by letting her. And OF COURSE she hadn't actually done anything. She's just now 18 months after all. (Those were our thoughts.) But today, she DID...twice!!! YEA for Ainsley!!! We HOPE that she's going to go ahead and get potty-trained. That would be SO NICE! But we'll see...:) (Asher is another story. We're TRYING!!!)

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Courtney said...

Boys are least mine was. Don't give up... I stripped Clinton of his diapers cold turkey one day and survived an initial fierce backlash. It took about 3 days before he stopped asking for "nunnerware". :-) Congrats on #3...that's very exciting!