Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Brother

We put up Lexi's bed today, and both kids were so excited. Asher "helped", and they both had fun crawling under it. Ainsley's so cute when she says, "Lexi's bed?" However, I was just putting Asher down for his nap, and we had the following conversation:

A: But I wanted Lexi to sleep in my room.
M: I know, but there's just not enough room.
A: But I wanted a bed up there and one down here (bunkbeds).
M: That would be really cool, but we would have to get another mattress. And Lexi can't sleep on a bed like that yet, because she's going to be so little. She'll have to sleep in a baby bed.
A: Well, we could put a baby bed up there (on the top bunk).
M: That wouldn't be very safe. It could fall down.
A: But I would catch her.
M: Not if you were asleep.
A: Well, we could put logs around the baby bed, and if it started to fall, I would hear the logs start to rattle, and then I would catch her.
M: We can talk to Daddy about it after naptime.

That was good enough to hold him over for now. We're talking about putting a bunkbed up in his room anyway. He would love it.

And speaking of Asher. It's been really fun watching him learn these days. Well, it always is, but he's been amazing us in new ways just in the last week. He sounded out his first word the other night - pentaceratops. :) Just to clarify, he knew what the word was, because we were reading about the pentaceratops, and we've read that book a million times. But he pointed to each letter and sounded it out - something we haven't really worked with him on yet. It was so exciting! :)He's done that a little more with a few other words, and he's also started writing a couple more letters - D and K. He also has recently started writing his name - in order! And he even wrote the number 10 today. It's really fun watching him start to develop in this way. I love all of my kids so much - even Lexi! :)

P.S. Only 11 weeks and 6 days until her due date!


Randi said...

So cute! I love hearing the kiddo stories. Can't believe little Lexi will be here so soon!

Sara said...

I can't believe it either! I enjoyed reading several of your posts today! :)

Amy said...

Oh, sweet Asher! I think the log idea is a great one! :) I love that boy and I can't wait to meet Miss Lexi! (Ains is alright too. :) )

Emily said...

Love this "real" post! That is a hilarious conversation and I cannot believe he sounded out that word. 11 weeks and 6 day?!?!? WOW!

Mama Jeannie said...

Brilliant Ash-man! He's amazing and I think the log idea is very creative. Why not? :0)