Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things Asher is Into...

Asher's Grammie and Grandad got him a little John Deere cap that matches his daddy's. It's SO CUTE!!! And he likes it too. He'll leave it on when I put it on him. I would post a picture, but that's part of our "technical difficulties" that I talked about in my earlier post. Pictures will come again worries!

He also finally is into shoes. Until the last week maybe, he would not wear shoes! He was very opposed to them. =) Now he likes anybody's shoes and tries to put them on his feet and others' feet all by himself. He's not successful, of course, but it's pretty cute watching him try. He's into putting things where they shoes, socks, hats, phones (to his ear), sunglasses, etc., etc.

He really likes dogs. I think he might need one.

Light switches.


People. He loves attention!!! It's fun to see his little personality emerge more and more all the time!

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Mama Jeannie said...

How great to read your 'catch up' blog entries Sara. I'm so glad you were able to do that while you were in Waco/Flower Mound/Highland Village. It's fun reading all your family happenings even if I've heard the stories first hand already. I love how Asher is growing up and doing such fun things (his chicken suit is hilarious!)and I am thankful that Beau still has a head after some of his mishaps.