Saturday, October 27, 2007

Three Hours Later...

Ay-ya-ya!!! Visiting family and friends is really fun, but it sure does mess Asher's sleeping up! In order not to wake everybody else in the house up when we're away, I pick Asher up more quickly than if we're at home...and I feed him in the middle of the night more...and I let him sleep with me more...etc., etc., etc. Well, this obviously cannot continue. It's just a downward spin - because once it starts, he just keeps waking up more and more. And that's not good for him OR me! Anyway, we got home yesterday (Fri.) afternoon, and I knew that it might be a hard few nights of getting him back to sleeping well. As you can tell by the title of this blog, it HAS indeed been a difficult three hours. He started fussing off and on at 11:30 and just now went to sleep! Beau made a trip in to make sure that he was ok - no dirty diaper or anything. And I spent a while two hours into it trying to comfort him and rock him to sleep. It worked...until I layed him down. Then I tried again, but he was just too antsy...too sleepy...but fighting it. Poor guy! But he is FINALLY asleep. So good night...or morning!

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