Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I wasn't going to do this. I had a whole long post written, and I clicked "Publish Post", and it got lost somewhere in cyber-space. That makes me so mad! =) Anyway, after reading the sisters' and the mom's blogs, I feel somewhat inspired, so here goes...

I don't think I've told the blog-world about my Christmas quilt that Dina made for me. I LOVE it!!! It's one of my favorite things this Christmas season. I'll have to take a picture of it, so you can see it. =) I love to cuddle up with it, a cup of hot chocolate (two packets in one cup...mmmm) topped with marshmallows, and watch a Hallmark movie. It's the best at night, after Asher's asleep, the lights are off except for the Christmas tree, and Beau is in our room playing football on the Playstation. Although, I tried that last night, and I was in a deep sleep in about two minutes, then when the movie was almost over, I realized where I was, stumbled into our room, and into our bed in a huff. You know that kind of sleep where you're kind of awake but really not? Beau told me this morning that after he had gotten up to go watch tv, he searched high and low for the remote and finally found it on the floor in our room. I don't know if that's funny to anybody else, but it's kind of funny that I was so out of it, that I brought the remote to our room with me. Maybe you woulda had to have been there. =) But he was mad at me about the remote, and I was mad at him for leaving the light on. I think I slept with the light on until almost 1:00 this morning. Weird.

A couple of quick comments to my blogging sisters since my computer is as slow as Christmas, so I don't leave "comments". Amy, yes, YOU are most definitely a drama queen...just like the rest of us! =) Emily, those vests are hideous and HILARIOUS...and it makes it even better that Allan's is a woman's!!! =) Hahaha!!! And THANK YOU BOTH for your sweet posts and beautiful pictures of my baby boy on his birthday. I loved them!!! For those of you who want to see them go to: kavelke.blogspot.com and amy-momof3.blogspot.com.

Asher and I went on a "hike" today to explore here at the camp...he in his wagon and me pulling him through tall grass, up and down hills, and over rocks. It was so fun as he bounced along and spotted birds and a plane in the sky, and it made me excited that he's growing up at such a neat place. We've got so much more to explore on these almost 550 acres!!!

The baby boy has been QUITE needy today...still his happy self a lot of the time, but also very sad at the drop of a hat. It was sad to see his big crocodile tears spill out of his eyes. I don't know what was up, but we had some good cuddle time on the couch. He pretty much always falls asleep on his own in his bed, but tonight he fell asleep laying beside me on the couch, and I loved it!!! He's so sweet. And I loved that as he lay there, he looked just like the little baby I had one year ago. I hope that we'll have special moments like that forever. I know things will change dramatically as he grows up, but he will always be my baby boy!!!

There's more to say, but for now, I must say good night!


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Yeah great post. Thank you for your appreciation of the vests =)
I love those moments when your baby actually looks like a baby, which seems to only be when they are sleeping. I have a had a few moments with the bear like that recently and it brought tears to my eyes.