Monday, December 24, 2007

What Do YOU Think???

So Beau and I have been having some friendly debates. =)

-I say Brett Favre is gray-headed. He says he has some gray hair, but he's not completely gray.

-Beau doesn't put powdered sugar on his french toast, because he says people just do that so it will look pretty...but then in basically the same breath he said that it's "too sweet". I say he contradicted himself by saying those two things. He says he didn't.

Soooooo...YOUR part of this is to comment and give us YOUR opinions!!!!


Amy said...

Don't know about Brett...

Yes, Beau... you have contradicted yourself. Either way, I wish I had eaten French Toast with you.

Mama Jeannie said...

I'm so sorry Beau, but I think you really may have contradicted yourself by saying there is a sweet taste to powdered sugar when right before, you said people put it on their French toast just to make it look a certain way. It does make it look tastier, but it does adds flavor as well... probably in a bad way, huh? :0) Lord knows none of us need anymore sugar in our lives!