Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Little Nugget's Cookin'...

I heard the heartbeat yesterday! I don't know why, but I actually got pretty nervous before I saw the doctor. So that little sound was music to my ears. =) A normal beat is between 120 and 160, and his/hers was 140. And the sound kind of changed a little bit while we were listening, and my doctor said that was because he/she moved. So that was good to know too. Anyway...I think we'll find out what it is in about five weeks or so. We can't wait!!! Ainsley Grace or Carl Albert. Just kidding. Ainsley Grace will be her name if she is a girl. That was going to be Asher's name if he was a girl. And we have a street here in McAlester called Carl Albert, and my sisters and I think that would be a great name for a boy...Carl Albert Waters...can't you hear it now? No??? Me either!!! We don't have a boy's name yet. =)

I've got to go soak my poor pregnant back while Asher is sleeping. We went to Tulsa with Beau yesterday, and for some reason that car ride did a number on my back. It's killin' me!

More to come soon...=)


Emily said...

YEAH!! Nothing better than a strong heartbeat and moving healthy baby. Can hardly wait to know what that little nugget is so we can know whether to call it Ainsley or Carl Albert.

Mama Jeannie said...

You girls are so silly. Everybody knows if it's a boy his name will be Willie Gene. I thought we were calling him/her 'Squirt' Waters for now. Am I the only one?