Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Part 2...

If you could visit anyone in the world and in any country in the world, who do you want to see and where would you go?
I would go see Rachel Gorman in Germany. She was one of the moms who Emily and I nannied for almost nine years ago. I went back two more years after that and stayed with the Gormans those last two years. We are "kindred spirits". We click in a LOT of ways! I love her very much even though we rarely talk. She has six kids - as opposed to the two then three she had while we were with them. And one keeps me on my toes! =) She truly is one of the most amazing wives and mommies I have EVER known! She's amazing to watch as she interacts with her kids! I would LOVE to be able to live life with her and her family!!! She taught me so much while I spent time with her in Germany, and I know I could learn SO MUCH MORE from her!!! In case you happen to read this (which you probably won't...BECAUSE you have six kids...), I love you Rachel!

Do you get a "rush" when you get your house clean from top to bottom or even when you get one room beautifully arranged and tidied up?
This sounds like quite the cheesy question, but I'll have to admit that yes, I do. I'm guilty of being one of "those" people. Unfortunately this hardly EVER happens for me anymore. Although I am very proud of the progress I made today (the other day, now that I'm actually posting this) in my living room. =)

Will you ever have a pet and if so, what kind?
I'm sure we will. Although I don't want one until Asher can take care of it. I like animals, but I don't LOVE them, so I'm not in a big hurry. But Asher LOVES dogs, so it will be fun to have one one day. For now, though, we rely on other people's dogs for happiness. =) I would love to have a little lhaso apso, because we had one named Goober when I was growing up, and he was the best dog. But Beau says that small dogs are "fake dogs", so I suppose we'll go with something larger. We like labs, German shepherds, American bulldogs...we'll see what we end up with.

Do you have any exercise goals for now or after pregnancy?
Since before I was pregnant I was planning on walking everyday. Have I done that? No. But I feel good when I do. And I would like to get in good shape asap after Baby #2, but I don't have a "plan". I figure if I did, it wouldn't happen anyway...knowing me....unfortunately.

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Mama Jeannie said...

Sara, I think this is one of my favorite entries you've ever written. I could almost feel where you have traveled and loved the people in every single country you have visited. I would love to go to every single one with you someday. What a mama/daughter trip that would be. Well, even if we never get to experience these fabulous places together, I hope you and Beau will go for sure. Rachel must be an amazing mother and I'm thankful you have had the privilege of connecting with her as a role model and as a friend.