Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This morning, I had a doctor's appointment - just a checkup - and I got a call from Asher saying, "I climb out." or something like that. He finally did it! Beau put him down for a nap, and a few minutes later, Asher walked down the stairs with a very proud smile on his face. And he immediately wanted to "tell Mommy phone". What a little rascal! We knew it was coming. The last month we stayed with two different family members where Asher climbed out of the pack'n'play, so then at Mom and Dad's and Beau's parents' houses, we didn't even try it. He just slept in "big boy beds". He did well in his baby bed the first few days that we've been home, but I'm afraid the time has come to an end. Just as soon as we can get to it, we'll be putting him in a toddler bed. I feel a very small twinge of sadness, but I think it's kind of fun too. A new chapter in our lives...

When I got home, I was in the kitchen - where Asher takes his wagon and climbs up on it in attempts to get whatever snack he desires at a given moment. (I don't encourage this by the way, but it doesn't stop him from trying.) Anyway, I found an almost empty gallon size ziplock bag that HAD BEEN full of popcorn last time I saw it. The baggy was on the floor with a few kernels of popcorn on the floor beside it. I, of course, gasped because I thought Asher had gotten into it while I was gone and had eaten almost ALL of it by himself. Beau was DELIGHTED, because that was JUST the response he was hoping for! He had planted it all there for me to see. =)

After Asher FINALLY went down for a nap, I was cleaning up the living room and made the comment to Beau that I feel like I have three children (because of the mess!), and he said, "That's what you signed up for. I'm the first person you're supposed to take care of. The kids are just extra." He was so proud of himself for being SO funny. =) (You see the kind of guy I'm married to. =))

And last but not least...Beau and I are reading "Love Dare". We just started it, and today the dare is to practice patience with each other and not to say ANYTHING negative to each other. So after we had had this sweet "enriching" time together, Beau pulls one of my gray hairs out of my head - and I couldn't say anything! =) It was pretty funny. He is the scoundrel of all scoundrels! (And he's raising another one to be just like him!) =)

And guessed it...I'm off to do laundry and continue the closet project from yesterday.


Emily said...

i think you have one thirty year old child that needs a knot yanked in his tail.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Sara!!!

I saw your mom Friday at the preschool Christmas program for the kiddos. Coby's girls and my kids go to the same school!

Carol Parker said...

Amazed at the dolphins helping him back into the boat. Here's one for you. An EBook, "Flukes" for adventure, suspense, romance and dolphins, dolphins, dolphins.