Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chunky Monkey...and Not-So-Chunky-Monkey =)

Today we took the kids to their two year and two month checkups. Little Miss Ainsley is doing very WELL! =) The nurse slid the little thing on the scale to "20" before she weighed her, because she thought she would weigh at least THAT! And THAT is hilarious! But she indeed does NOT weigh anywhere close to 20 pounds for crying out loud! =) However, she IS in the 97th percentile for weight and 90th for height! She is a pretty tall chunky monkey! =) She weighs 13lbs. 12oz. and is 24 inches long. Asher is also very healthy - but on the lighter side. =) He is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. He weighs 26lbs. and is 2ft. 9in. tall.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Beau's family this last week. Ainsley is changing more every day - spitting up much less, much more content overall, and is smiling a lot. She's so fun! And of course Asher LOVED being with his Grammie, Grandad, Aunt Lee, and Uncle Tyler...and we got to see lots of extended family as well. It was a very special time! We played a lot outside with balls and bubbles, went on a couple of walks, and ate lots of good food (too much good food!). We even got to celebrate his birthday with them! He turned TWO on Sunday!!!

The week before that Asher, Ainsley, and I were in Waco. It was great to be there as well!!! I love being "home" - and being with family and friends. There's just NEVER enough time for my friends! Maybe I can see more of them at Christmas! But while we were there, we had a birthday cookout/smores party for Dad and Jeremy. The next day we all went to a COLD Baylor football game. Beau came in that night just to spend the next day with us when we had a birthday party for Asher with his cousins, then we had Thanksgiving lunch with my family. He had to go home that afternoon so that he could work that week. Emily and Claire stayed for a few days, and we got babysitters twice to get some shopping done and go see a movie. The following weekend, Poppie and Gibbie watched the baby grandgirls while Coby, Adrielle, and I took Skyler and Asher to see Disney on Ice. Thanks Coby and Adrielle for such a special treat! We had a great time! And thanks Mom and Dad for ALL your help with my kids and for letting us stay for so long. =)

It was a good two weeks. And now we're BACK! And there is LAUNDRY to be done, a house to CLEAN, maternity clothes to be put away, things to be thrown away and organized so that MAYBE I can find a place to put up a Christmas tree! =) So here I go...before a kid wakes up. =)

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Amy said...

Wow! I didn't know about the Disney On Ice thing! How fun!!!