Saturday, February 7, 2009

Asher...again =)...and Ainsley

Right now Asher is looking at the book I'm reading, The Duggars: 20 and Counting!, and he pointed to their picture and said, "a family". He's just starting to really get the concept of what the word "family" actually means, and I love it! Most mornings we all end up in our bed or on Ainsley's floor and we say, "Family time!" It's becoming a special little tradition. Speaking of family, last weekend when my side of the family got together, he referred to his "cousins" a lot -which he had never done before. I love that he has so many great cousins to grow up with and build such special friendships with!

He sings the whole ABC song really well now - all the way through! My favorite part is, "eeF, eff, g" and "llllllop". I used to be so nervous about how I would prepare my kids for reading and things like that, but I guess it all just happens. =) (not that he's reading yet! =))

Last night he started saying, "evermore" about things - meaning "anymore". It's so funny! "I don't like that evermore!" "I no go King's Kids evermore!" "Him Darcy. He not Barney evermore!" If you can't tell by all those statements, he's getting quite argumentative, which we're trying to curb, but I suppose it's just a new developmental stage where he's trying to express his opinions. He also likes to say, "Him is." "Him is not!" "Yes it is." "No it's not." "Yes it not." (my favorite) You get the idea. He even tries to get me to "argue" with him. If he says "Yes it is.", he says, "Mommy, say 'Yes it not.'" I know, he's a mess. We're trying to work with him on all of that. It's funny and not all at the same time. Because he obviously does not fully understand what he's saying...but he does a little. =)

Tonight he was being a little toot - not wanting to obey pretty much anything we said, so we were having a serious trying-to-teach-him-to-obey-time =), and he did (finally!), and I made a big deal about it - saying, "Good job Asher! Thank you for obeying Mommy!" And he said, "You're welpoom." Oh! My heart melted! He said "you're welcome" for the first time! Unprompted! He's certainly a little toot, but he's a sweet - and even well-mannered - toot sometimes! =) We're so proud of our little rascal!

We were sitting at the dinner table for all of that obeying stuff, and after he decided to start being sweet, he said, "So. You're welpoom. Mommy, what you do today?" So I told him about my day. I asked him about his. Then he said, "Daddy, what you do today?" So cute! =)

I was changing Ainsley's diaper today, and he got down beside her and held her hand, and said, "You're ok Ainsley." It's so fun to see him be so kind and compassionate with her. I love him to pieces!!!

So there's my little Asher rant for the evening. I guess I don't get the "Love is not proud." part of 1 Corinthians 13, because, I have to admit, I'm kind of proud of my boy! Maybe the point is to know that all good things come from God, and we definitely know that! He's SUCH a gift from God. We're amazed at the little guy that He has entrusted us with!

And we feel the same about Ainsley! She just doesn't say as many cute things yet. =) But SHE is more and more beautiful to me every day, and I love her more and more every day! I'm so excited to see her develop into the little person that God has created HER to be too!!! And just for the record, she rolled from her back to her tummy last weekend. A few days later, she rolled from her tummy to her back. (Although she hasn't done either of those things since. =)) And yesterday, she sat up by herself for quite a while. It was so exciting! =) She may have her "dramatic" moments =), but she's really a good baby overall, and we're so thankful for that!


Emily said...

love this post. your little rascal is flippin' cute and ainsley is fantastic too.

Mama Jeannie said...

this is an awesome post Sass. I love hearing all about the funny/sweet things Asher is saying and how amazing, yet predictable, that Ainsley is growing up so fast... rolling over and sitting up! Amazing! Just wish you could post pics and that we could see them. Dagnabit! Love you princess girl.