Monday, February 23, 2009


I am taking a much needed break - because I feel like it is NECESSARY! =) Although all is not quite right in the world yet, because Ainsley is not quite asleep...but she will be soon. Then I can really relax! I've been working my tushy off today so far - which was also BEYOND necessary! After a very full second half of the week, we crashed yesterday and didn't do ANYTHING - and it showed today! Actually it's been "showing" for a few days now! So I folded and put away a MOUNTAIN of laundry. Whew! I sorted through the new hand-me-downs for Asher from the Powells. The way God has provided for us in the area of clothes (and more) for our kids has been AMAZING!!! We've hardly had to buy anything - you know besides diapers and stuff like that! =) So many people have been amazing, but we've gotten a HUGE bulk of our clothes from the Powells, Kavaliches, and Mannings! Thank you ALL!!! (By the way, Ainsley is alseep now - Asher already was.) I've put up toys (of course!), started more laundry, and I even cooked a big breakfast this morning. I'm TRYING to get it together! I'll be working really hard the next few weeks to declutter, because my in-laws are probably coming at spring break. Thanks for the motivation Mark and Barbara! =) I'm sure things won't be perfect, but perhaps they'll be better. Hopefully a LOT better! =) God has really been encouraging me lately to actively live out the things He's put in my heart. I've grown stagnant and overwhelmed in so many ways since having kids, and I'm trying to rise above that. I really want my home to be a peaceful haven for my family and anyone else who comes here. I want us all to experience the beauty and peace of God when we're here - not the utter chaos and MESS that it's been! =) Here's to hoping and praying! =)

Well, here's a new dose of Asher sayings:
*"Whatcha makin'?" (to me when I was making dinner or something) - and Beau was humored because I was ACTUALLY making something! =)

*"I'm so proud of her!" (about Ainsley) - so sweet!

*"I love you boys!" (as he reaches out his arms to touch Beau and me)

*"Hi boys!" (to Beau, Ainsley, and me)

*"I went to the basketball game YESTERDAY with Mommy, Ainsley, me, and Daddy." (He's never said "yesterday" before - and it really WAS the day before he said that! Smart kid! =))

*"I ride on an ambulance. It take me to the the hopisal (hospital)." By the way, when he talks about it, he says that the ambulance was fun (even though he didn't think so at the time), which I am thankful for. However, the other day after he said the line from above, he said, "Mommy go bye-bye. And Daddy go bye-bye. And I stay at King's Kids." And Beau asked him if he was sad that we went bye-bye, and he said yes. It BROKE my heart. I cried. (He didn't see me cry.) We're going to try the "get back on the horse if it bucks you off" thing this week, but if he's too sad we'll re-evaluate. I, of course, want to be there for him if he genuinely NEEDS me! So we'll see how it goes! His teacher, Mrs. Tricia, called yesterday to check on him, and he talked to her on the phone, so hopefully that helped a little.

*"I love you much!" (stretching out his arms as wide as he could, talking to me) I loved it!!!

*"Beautiful sumic (music)!" I think maybe he got that from "Little Einsteins" (or "Little Eimsteims" as he calls them). And I LOVE that he calls "music" "sumic". He mixes up the letters. How interesting. It's so cute.

He's just the cutest little thing!

And Ainsley's pretty darn cute herself! She's started this high-pitched squealing thing the last three days that is hilarious! It's her "new" voice! She's getting closer and closer to being able to sit up by herself. She's arching her back a lot but hasn't rolled over again. She day. =)

Have a wonderful day! Until next time...

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Mama Jeannie said...

Sara, I LOVE your kid updates so much! I love the things Ashser is saying... he adds new phrases almost daily, doesn't he? I love that you and Beau are so sensitive to what he may need right now in light of what he's been through recently and I love that Mrs. Tricia called to check on him and that she and Asher got to talk to each other. That was probably as needed for her as it was for him. You are such a great mom and I'm sure, though it will take time, you will create that retreat for your family and friends that you desire your home to be. It's already there because you are there, but I know what you mean about wanting the beauty and lack of clutter to match your heart.