Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Asher Case

Asher has started saying things like : "by the way", "actually", and "Can you mind to put this on your face?" (pointing to the sunscreen that was setting on the bathroom counter). He also said several times today, "It's a nice day." And many of those times was as he was floating on his back in the bathtub - with an "Ahhhh..." before the sentence. It's so fun to hear him trying to talk like we do. :)

He took his first road-trip without us last week! And he did GREAT! Our friend Dina was going to her daughter-in-law's baby shower fairly near Livingston, where Beau's parents live. So Asher rode with her on the six hour drive to see his Grammie and Grandad for the weekend. He was only there for one full day (two nights), and he didn't miss us at all! :) Next time, maybe it can be longer. But we missed HIM!!! It was nice to have special time with Ainsley, though. Thank you Dina, Mark, and Barbara!!! It was such a fun weekend for him!

Today he went to work with his daddy. :) Beau had to drive to Tulsa to pick up some parts for something, so Asher went with him. They had a fun time together, and I got a LOT done around here! It was needed BADLY!!! So badly, in fact, that I held my hand up and made a vow to Beau that I would work as steadily as possible ALL day long today (with NO computer breaks)! :) It worked. The house isn't perfect by any means, but I got a lot done!

And tonight Uncle Tyler (Beau's brother) is here. He's never gotten to come see us in Oklahoma before, so we're really happy to see him!!!


Emily said...

You have raised one cute boy. I love how happy he is. I am glad that you got so much done today. I should try the whole no computer thing...except I might die.

Mama Jeannie said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal; quota for housecleaning. Such a good feeling, isn't it? Love it when that happens in my house as well. I'm so happy that Asher had a great time with his grandma and grandad. WOW! He's had a few trailblazing, stepping stone moments of late, hasn't he? A road trip w/o his mommy and daddy, a big boy bed, and is saying all sorts of grownup things while being his funny funny self. Pictures please. :0)