Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Kids

*Asher said, "I got an ant. I see his face and his legs. They're so little. But he'll eat food and get big, then he can play basketball." - or something like that. Then he thought for a minute and said, "No. He not play basketball."
*I mentioned something about Grandad (Beau's dad) fixing our car, and Asher said, "Daddy's dad?" He's starting to get connections better. The other day he said, "Daddy was a little baby, and Grammy held him."
*"I do it all my byself." (the "m" and "b" intentionally switched)
*He has started saying "music" instead of "sumic". I hate it! I want him to call it "sumic" forever! :)
*On that same note of reversing letters...We have a summer staffer here named Fisa, and Asher called him "Sifa". It's so interesting how his little brain switches things.
*Our conversation yesterday:
A: Where is Santa Claus?
M: At his house in the North Pole.
A: In the swimming pole? He took his shirt off, and you can see his armpits.
I thought I was going to lose it! That's hilarious! Has ANYONE in the whole wide world ever mentioned Santa's armpits before? I doubt it! :)


*Her fifth tooth is breaking through (top middle right).
*She's having more fun playing, since she can move around more now.
*She still usually falls asleep easily in her bed when I put her down, but it's getting a little trickier at times, because she'll sit up or stand up and then not know what to do with herself.

That's all I've got for now, folks. Happy July 8th!


Tia said...

they're so adorable! i can't wait for AK to say funny things. She does funny thing but hasn't quite said anything funny...other than, "ooooh maaaaan"

Mama Jeannie said...

LOVE IT! Santa's armpits?!! No, I agree, no one in the whole wide world has probably ever even thought about Santa's armpits. That is soooo funny! I love his thoughts about ants too. Oh my gosh! So cute. Is Ainsley figuring out how to lay back down after standing up? Poor thing. She might stand there and cry until her little legs feel like rubber. Wish I was there to rock her... if she would even let me rock her. However, hasn't it been great to be able to just lay her down and see her fall asleep all by herself? AWESOME!