Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 2009 - Facebook Status Updates I Don't Want to Forget

I've been out of the loop for WAAAAAYYYYY too long as far as blogging goes. I think I got behind when we went to Colorado, so I keep thinking I need to "catch up" before I can blog. I've decided that's a bad idea. So, here's a start. Memorable moments from November (so far) that I recorded on I wouldn't forget. Now...just in case facebook deletes my status updates, and for the sake of those who aren't on fb, here are those memories. :) And HOPEFULLY...I will get the other MONTHS recorded sometime soon!

*Asher was looking through a book, naming lots of animals, but when he got to a dragonfly and a moth he didn't recognize, he called them "put-put" and "tuk-tuk". Sound good to me. :)
*Ainsley is spinning around in her cupcake pajamas, getting dizzy, falling down, and laughing. She's never gotten dizzy before. It's quite entertaining! :)
*Asher just said, "Y as in yes. And now he's peeking over the computer screen at me saying, "Sir, do you have any money?"
*Asher's new thing is begging me to go upstairs - without him. And I know what he's up to! He wants to climb up on the kitchen counter and get candy, but he knows he's not supposed to. Little toot!
*"Children, obey your daddy and mommy ALL the time, for this makes God happy." (Colossians 3:20, paraphrased, of course) I told Asher this is what God tells us in the Bible, and he thoughtfully said, "That makes sense."
*Asher put on his OWN sock this morning - ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I said, "Open the hole and put your toes in.", and he DID!!!
*I think it's significant that when I'm cradling my baby girl in my arms, our hearts are almost touching.
*Sometime between 7:30 and 8:00, Ainsley found her special blanket and paci all by herself, came over to Beau and laid her head down. She was practically begging to go night-night. (She normally goes to sleep at 7:00.) It was so sweet!!!
*Asher is wearing batman pjs tonight, but with his blanket wrapped around his shoulders like a cape, he said he was "BLANKET MAN" - which is very appropriate for him, because he LOVES his "blue blankets", as he calls his two silky, soft blue blankets. :) I love that he's entering the stage of dress-up and make-believe!!! It melts my heart! :)
*Our fireplace is now gone from our living room! Beau and Randy moved it out this morning. Now we have a little more ROOM!
*Ainsley just came and piled up eight shoes beside me - one by one. She was so proud of herself everytime she would go get one and bring it back for the pile. :)
*Ainsley has lately been "Jame" (not "Jane") to Asher. Now it's "Jamea". I love his growing imagination!
*I have a wonderful husband! Yesterday he stayed home from church with the kids, since Asher had been sick and Ainsley was sleeping, and when I got home, he was finishing up fixing lunch - tilapia, corn, and toast. Then he EVEN did the dishes! It was a GREAT surprise!!!
*Asher asked me, "Do you have a diaper?" I said, "I did when I was a baby." He replied, "Oh, cute!"
*I love my kids more than I could ever express, but like I told a friend this evening...Mommies get no rest!
*Just made my first craigslist sell! I'm so excited!!!
*Sick baby boy! He's just crying, because he says his mouth and tummy hurt!
*I worked so hard to finish something before lunch, JUST so I could MARK IT OFF my to-do list, and when I went to mark it off, I hadn't even written it ON the list!!! SO disappointing! :)
*I said, "Asher, you have the grossest dad in the whole world!" He replied, "Thanks!" That kid doesn't know when it's a compliment and when it's not! :)
*My babies are playing outside ALONE! I love it that Ainsley's getting to a stage where that is somewhat possible!!! Don't worry...the door is open, and I'm right beside them! :)
*Asher quotes of the day (so far...and all unrelated): "This room looks great!" (speaking of the living room that I straightened this morning); "He wants his kids." (referring to a daddy long-legs); "I think she likes me! My brother likes me!" (talking about Ainsley - his SISTER) :)
*We're settled into our hotel room. It's funny what a great time the kids are having in a new place with no toys - just space, closet, nooks, etc.
*My husband surprised me with sterling (light purple, thornless) roses and a really sweet card today...just because! He knew I was having a hard morning, and he wanted to make me happy. I cried...happy tears. :)
*Asher was talking about driving HIS car to HIS football game, so I asked him how old he would be when he could drive, and he said, "Three." We love his "stories" that are becoming more elaborate every day! :)
*I'm off to take a walk with the kids. We ALL need to get out of the house!!! :)

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Mama Jeannie said...

I loved re-reading all the cute and warm and cozy thoughts from your November. Aren't you so glad we have Novembers? (something Anne of Green Gables might say)