Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome Home Loki!

We love our new puppy, Loki!
(Beau got the name from Norse mythology, but we're pretending that it's just a cute name.) :)
I had been nervous all weekend about whether or not we made the best decision by adopting her, but I fell in love with her again immediately when I saw her at the shelter this morning.
She's so adorable!!!

Beau hadn't seen her in person yet until this morning, and he thinks she's a GREAT dog too!!!
Ainsley was squealing and jabbering away when she saw her! She couldn't get enough of her!

Asher LOVES getting her to chase him! They're going to be great pals...just like Mickey and Pluto (as Asher brought to my attention tonight)!!!

More pictures to come. I couldn't get more than this to post at a time.
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Leanna said...

Yea! That's so great that you adopted a dog! I know your kiddos will get so much fun out of her. But do you know what her name means? We'll just hope for the opposite! =)

Sara said...

Yes! I know what her name means - basically "mischievous" - and I DO hope for the opposite! :) So far, she's been really, really good!!! Here's to hoping! :)

Amy said...

Awww, Mickey & Pluto. That's a cute thought, Asher! Cute puppy!!! I can't wait to see her in person. (And I'm still confused about why you would name a dog "mischievous". Only Beau - Mr. Mischievous" would do that.

Amy said...

Did you see how I put a dash on one end of Mr. Mischievous and quotes on the other? What was I thinking??? :)

Sara said...

That's hilarious! The quotes and dash thing. :) And all puppies are mischievous. What are you talking about? Although, I do concur that Beau IS, indeed, "Mr. Mischievous"!!!