Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Random Little Post

Here's a random little post for you faithful blog-checkers - even though I only post every six months or so. =)  I really don't have anything specific in mind to blog about.  But I suppose I should say something since I'm actually sitting down at a computer - which I RARELY do!  Speaking of that...I'm not really sure how you people do it.  Granted, I have technical difficulties almost constantly at my house, but apart from that, it's hard for me to get to the computer.  I think my blogging downfall is sleep.  I NEED sleep - especially these days.  Some people make fun of me for taking a nap every day.  But if I don't, then I am DEAD by 7:00 - at the latest.  And then once Beau is home, it's dinner time and family time - then bed time again.  And then morning comes, and it all starts again.  

I'm TWENTY weeks pregnant today!  Half-way through!  We'll be meeting this little munchkin in four and a half months!  I can't believe it!  I'll have my ultrasound to find out what it is not this week but the next.  We can't WAIT to know!!!

I'm keeping my niece and nephews this weekend in Lewisville while my sister and her man are in New Orleans.  It's been fun - and EXHAUSTING!  I was rocking one kid to sleep tonight (I can't remember which one - either Cooper or Asher), and I was just thinking about the day.  And this morning seems like at least yesterday!  The kids have been great, but sleep will be a WELCOME thing tonight - as it was this afternoon. =)

Pray for Beau!  There's not much time before summer camp starts, and "the list" is overwhelming to say the least!!!  He's got a LOT to do and it keeps him awake at night sometimes, because he can't make his mind stop.  He's doing a great job, and it will all come together.  He just can't imagine how!

Coby and Adrielle, my brother and sister-in-law are about to have their second baby girl - Chloe Grace!  She's due the 26th, but things are progressing right along, and it's very likely that we'll meet her this coming week!  I can't wait!  (I'm also excited to hopefully see some of my friends in Waco that I haven't seen in a LONG time!)

Asher is, of course, as funny as ever!  A couple of new things he does...when he's excited about something, he'll very enthusiastically say, "Alright!"  It's hilarious!  When we pass the big prison in McAlester that we pass every time we go into town, he says, "Oh church!"  At least that's REALLY what it sounds like.  I'm not sure if that's what he's saying, but if he thinks that looks like church, that's funny!  He says, "Otha (other) side" when he wants to give you five.  He also says "otha side" when he puts his sunglasses on upside down.  And he'll take them off and put them on the right way.  I personally think that's amazing. =)  I'm sure there are a gazillion more very amazing things that he is doing =), but I'm stumped at the moment.  So I'll take that as my cue to go to bed. 

Good night!  "Talk" to ya in a few months or so. =)


Amy said...

Regaurding your comment on my blog...I asked for permission to include people on my blog roll. You, my dearie, did not respond... how rude! I would love to have you - and anyone else that wants to be - on my little list. I'm adding you right now. :)

Sara said...

And you spell it "regarding". Ok, I'll stop now. =)

Amy said...

Really?!?! Why does spell check think that it is okay?

That's it! I'm an idiot!

Sara said...

No, you're not an idiot. Spell-check is. =)