Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nine Days Later...

Not bad. It only took me nine days to post this time. I've actually been spending a lot of time (for me) on my computer at home the last couple of days. I've been trying to find my FAVORITE girl's a hard choice - especially over the internet...and just registering for a few things that we need for our little squirt who's on the way. But our computer has been acting half way decent - finally!

Beau has had about two days off this whole month - no exaggeration. He's working SO HARD trying to get everything done for summer camp to start! Our summer staff arrived this past Tuesday, so that was one milestone. They seem great so far. It's fun to have other people around...and to get to eat meals in the dining hall whenever we want to - which is most of the time. =) But they've also been very helpful in getting some work done around here. Last weekend the Kav Clan came to help Beau with some manly work that had to get done. Then his parents came right after they left and spent the night. And now Beau's dad is back helping YET AGAIN!!! We could NOT have made it without ALL of you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Camp starts on Monday. So PRAY for more miracles - that EVERYTHING that has to get done will get done - and that my husband will stay in one piece in the midst of it. =)

Asher is turning in to more of a little boy every day. He PRAYED for the first time the other night. =) It was so sweet. We pray for him every night before we put him down, and when we were finished, he was drinking his milk, set it down, put his hands together, started jabbering, then said, "AMEN!"...but it didn't sound EXACTLY like "amen". =) He's pretty sweet. He's also saying, "What's that?", "Bye bye Daddy", "Bye bye slide", "Bye bye ball", and "Bye bye" to anything and everything else. It's funny. He says, "peeeazzz" (please), and "thanks"...and lots of other things - some that we understand, and some that we don't. =) Oh! He also says, "Bawnk" (bonk) in a lovely Texas accent when he bonks his head on something. It's sad when he hurts himself, but funny when he says, "bawnk" so seriously. One night, he was crying in his bed, and I heard over the monitor, "Bawnk" as he was crying. He cracks me up.

He's been the biggest angel baby in the world when it comes to sleep for a while now. He sleeps up to three and a half hours on many afternoons and HAD BEEN sleeping completely through the night without any interruptions, UNTIL...about a week or two ago! Ay-yay-yay! He's killin' me! But I think we're on the uphill again. His naps are still great, but he's waking up in the middle of the night and not taking putting himself back to sleep for an answer. So I had been bringing him to bed with us at some point in the middle of the night EVERY night, but I realized that this CANNOT continue! Nobody's getting a good night's sleep! And we've got to fix it sometime - ESPECIALLY before Ainsley is born!!! So why not start now?! Anyway, the last two nights, I've still gone to him, but I've been able to get him to lie down in his bed while I stroke his head or pat him and sing to him. And eventually he drifts back off, and I can sneak out. And this morning, for the first time in TOO LONG, he slept IN HIS BED until 7:45!!! It was MAGICAL!!! =) Poor little dude! I don't know if it's been teething or what, but it's been SOMETHING! You can pray for that too. I AM!!!

Well, I'm off for now. I should probably get my pregnant beauty rest. Tomorrow is another day - and hopefully not before 7:45 or so! =)


Amy said...

Good to "hear from you" again so soon. Love the stories. Especially the "bawnk" part. :) I love that boy!

Emily said...

Love him!! He is hilarious! Congrats on two posts in just over a week, you are turning a new leaf.

Mama Jeannie said...

Who knew??? :0) I had just about stopped checking your blog because I thought you might never write again... I'm one to talk. ha I LOVE hearing from you and about Asher and the camp and how Beau is holding up with ALL the HUGE responsibilities he has facilitating this ministry. I pray God's blessing over all of you and sweet sleep for Asher every night Punkin Seed. I love you and I think you are an amazing wife and mommy!