Sunday, June 1, 2008

He Did It!

He woke up at 4:30 - that's LATER than the last night, so that's good. I got him back to sleep and was in bed again by 5:00 or so - which is less time than it took the night before. And he slept until right after 7:00. So I'm HAPPY with that! If it can just keep getting better!

When I typed the title it made me think of another funny thing that he's been doing. He says, "Idiit!" (I did it!) very excitedly when he accomplishes something he's proud of. Lately he's been playing in the dry bathtub with his bath toys while I get ready in the mornings, and he'll climb in and out and in and out. And every time he does that, he's very proud and says that. It's cute! =) It's pretty funny, too, when he stops in the middle of his "climb" for a "horse ride". He straddles the side of the tub and bounces up and down while making horse noises. I love it. =)

Something else that I love and find comical is the summer staff's love for Asher. When we are around them I hear, "Asher!" a LOT...and then I might also hear a "hi Sara" every once in a while too - of course AFTER the "Asher!" part. =) Last night someone actually said hi to me FIRST. I didn't know what to do with myself! =) Just kidding! I think it's funny. And I LOVE that they like him so much! There's one guy that bought him a little turtle book when he went to the store for something else the other day. And another guy gave him his bubbles, because Asher liked them so much. Others of them just try to engage him by giving five, playing ball with him, or playing the piano with him in the dining hall (which he loves!). They're really sweet. I think it will be a fun summer!


Emily said...

Holy Early Mornings Batman- that SUPER STINKS! It is a good thing he sleeps for 3+ hours during the day so you can attempt to catch up on your beauty rest. Of course the summer staff is falling in love with your boy. How could they not?!?!?

Amy said...

2 posts in a row! Wowzers!

Glad Asher slept later this morning and went to sleep faster when you went to him.

And, yeah - of course the summer staff loves him! He's one of the cutest kids on earth! No! Really! I mean it!