Wednesday, June 4, 2008


How do you like the sound effects for post titles? Sometimes there are no words. =)

This camp life is a killer sometimes! What did I get myself into by marrying a man who grew up this way?! =) Just kidding!!! I love him a million percent. But it IS a hard life sometimes - to me, anyway. I've been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster today. There's not really a great way to explain it if you've never lived full-time at a camp, which MOST people haven't =), but especially during times like this - SUMMER! - "it" just doesn't stop! And may I say that it's TOTALLY worth it! It's what has to happen for kids to come to camp and have life-changing experiences that they'll remember forever! So I wouldn't change it, but who knew how exhausting and stressful it could be sometimes?! Poor Beau has one thing after another come up. The boat breaking down on the lake, the plumbing being messed up (over and over and over and over and over in different places) and having to pull up brand new tile to get to it, tractors and lawn mowers and weed eaters breaking, running out of this and that, etc., etc., etc. And I've just been running errands for him here and there - no big deal, but I'm a weinie, so I tend to fall apart relatively often. =) And it's just hard not to have a set schedule - 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday or whatever. Hours are weird. But again, that's just part of summertime (especially) at camp. AND a large amount of the chaos and stress comes from it being our first summer here and it being the first week of camp. Hopefully as the weeks of this summer and the coming years roll on many of the kinks will be ironed out...and things will become a little more smooth.

So there's my rant. Again, I really am thankful for our opportunity to live here. It's a unique calling, and I know that it's where we're supposed to be. And it's beautiful and fun and rewarding in LOTS of ways too. It's just that today, I'm a little pooped. =) So now I think I'll go take a nap. Asher is taking a really late one today because of errands that had to be run. But he's been a good, flexible kid today. Thank you Lord. =)

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