Monday, June 2, 2008


I can't believe it, but it's DONE...well, at least as done as it HAD to be for today - the FIRST day of camp! It's never REALLY done! But I had no idea how the five new cabins were going to get ready for campers by today, and it's a MIRACLE! The campers started arriving at the camp at 1:00. They were supposed to get into the cabins around 1:30 or so, and I think Asher and I left down there about 1:17 =), and the other two guys who were working down there were just about finished picking up more trash and stuff from the construction that's been going on down there since before we moved here. WHEW! Asher is exhausted but was such a trooper the last couple of days as he actually let me be of SOME help - which I am not always. =) And he only stuck his hand in a toilet once or twice! But he's down for a nap, and I'm about to be. =) I just had to record my relief! And I'm sure Beau is feeling it as well (although it's probably only just begun for him!). We were both so exhausted after yesterday (I got home at about 11:00pm after filling two and a half shopping carts FULL of last minute supplies for the canteen and cabins!!!) that we accidentally slept until 8:05 this morning. Beau has been going to work lately well before that, so it was quite a shock when he woke up and realized what time it was! I'm glad he got that rest, but it made for an interesting morning - which it would have been no matter what time he would've gotten started. Anyway, thank You LORD for helping us get done what needed to be!!! I know it's only through HIM that it happened! And now here's to a great first week of camp at Crosstimbers!!!


Amy said...

So glad that you survived the first day!

Emily said...

I am so glad that the worst of the first is over (hopefully). You are such a n amazing wife to work your little pregnant butt off while also mothering a one year old AND doing it with a good attitude.