Thursday, October 30, 2008


That's "Hello" in Asher language in case you didn't know. His two new favorite people to talk to on the phone are Mickey Mouse and Lightning McQueen. Today he said, "Hehwoh Mickey Mouse." It was hilarious!

Speaking of Mickey. I have a hand-me-down Mickey costume from Amy, and I did not realize HOW CUTE it would be until I tried it on Asher today. He was by FAR the cutest little mouse I'VE ever seen!!! He's wearing it to King's Kids tomorrow. I can't wait to take pictures!!! And don't worry, I'll post them - because they'll be too cute not to! =)

Which reminds me, for reasons that I won't bore you with...Tonight we went to a little church near here with some new friends. They invited us to eat dinner with them and to watch their "entertainment" that they had afterwards (costume contest, magic show, and skit). It was really fun. But the funny part is, that Asher got up from where we were sitting before it even started. He walked up to the row in front of us and sat in between two complete strangers. And he just sat there and watched the show for a while. Then he made his way back to us. But it was pretty funny. =)


Emily said...

What??? Friends??? Dinner??? Were you peeing your pants?

Funny that Ash sat with strangers!

Kathy said...

Hey Sara!!! I'm loving reading about your little family! Sounds like you are adjusting to 2 very well!! It's a whole new world!

Mama Jeannie said...

A night out?!!! That's AWESOME!!! I love that Asher is so friendly... with supervsion that is. :0) Just FYI... you have got to get some pics on the side of your blog with Ainsley in a family pic. Poor baby. The ones of Asher are so dated anyway. :0) Love you, Mama