Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Things!

Ainsley has started doing several new things since Friday! It's so fun!
*Friday: My mom was making a popping sound at Ainsley with her mouth. Does that make sense??? And she started COPYING her!!! She hadn't really copied us yet...and she'd never done that with her mouth either!
*Sunday: She was playing peek-a-boo on her own. She would pull the blanket over her head, then pull it down and smile really big!
*Monday: She tried to clap while watching Asher and me clap!
*Today: She started WAVING while watching her daddy and us wave at her!


And here are some Asher Funnies too:
*We've been teaching him not to say, "Oh my God.", because we believe you should only say God's name when you're talking to Him or about Him. So it's been a very big deal to him, and we like to talk about what we CAN say: "Oh my!" "Oh my goodness!" "Oh my gosh!" "Oh my peas!" "Oh my chinny-chin chin!" (both from one of his shows, "Super Why") Anyway...the other day I was listening to a song in the car that said, "Hosanna" in it a lot, and he asked what Hosanna meant, and I told him that it's another name for God. (Now I know that it's actually an expression of praise to God. I had forgotten. But for these purposes, we'll pretend that it's another name for God.) So yesterday, seeing what he could get away with, he said, "Oh my Hosanna!" It was REALLY FUNNY! But I didn't let him know that. I just told him that he can't say that either! =) Little rascal!
*Today he was playing like he was talking on the phone, and he said, "This is Crosstimbers." - just like Daddy. =)
*We sing a song that we stole from the Powells, and in it, we sing, "You're my pumpi-umpi-umpkin..." This morning, I said, "Hi pumpi-umpi-umpkin." And he said, "I'm not Poppie-Poppie-umpkin (Poppie is my dad.). I'm Asher-Asher-umpkin!" Too cute!

And a side-note: Yesterday we got to go to Dusty's state track meet, and he WON!!! He's the state champion in shot put for Division 1 jr. high boys in Oklahoma!!! Way to go Dusty!!! I loved being at the track meet, because I loved track in school. And Asher loved it too! He even got to "run on the track" when we were crossing it to go see Dusty. He thought that was really cool!

Besides all of that, we had a successful trip to TX - tiring but worth it! =) And now we're so happy to be home with Beau!!! Speaking of...a few of our summer staffers arrived Monday, and the rest will arrive this weekend or this coming Monday. Things are picking up! Please pray for Beau! He's doing well! Staying sane so far. But this is crunch-time, and it tends to get extremely stressful during these few weeks. Thankfully, he has help this year, and it's our second summer here, so things are already going SO MUCH better than last year!!!

Had to share about my little girl who is turning into such a fun little thing...and of course our Asher! They light up our lives! =)


Mama Jeannie said...

I love your kid stories Sass. I love YOU and I love hearing about your life with Beau, kids, and camp. WAY TO GO DUSTY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Tell him I said that,OK? How fun to go to a track event that you love and get to see a friend be so successful. I'm glad you were here Sara, but I too am so thankful you, Asher, and Ainsley are safely home again.

Emily said...

"Oh my Hosana"" that was a good post;) You have funny kids...I mean how could you not.