Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Two Favorite Kids


This one has been cracking me up lately (of course!)!

Little things like:
*When he is going to play baseball, he has to wear his baseball cap. If he is playing some other sport, he usually takes it off. If I am going to take a picture of him, he usually turns it around backwards (because it's "cute", you know). It's so funny!
*I need to post some pictures of him in his "working hat" too. He's been pretending so much lately. He'll put on this "trucker-looking" hat (which he calls his "working hat"), and say, "I'm going back to work." And yesterday he did that, then said, "Oh. I need my boots." So he had his red rain boots on and his trucker hat with a Stihl chainsaw on the front of it, and said, "Ok, I'm going back to work now."
*He's getting better and better at knowing what he can and can't eat or drink because of his allergies, so the other day, we were kind of playing a "game" with him asking him if he can have "this" or "that", and Beau asked him if he could eat sticks. He said, very seriously, "Yes." We laughed, and said, "People don't eat sticks." He was very confused and said, "I can eat fish sticks." Funny!
*We were sitting at the table yesterday, and he said, "I love you THIS MUCH!" - as he stretched out his arms. We went back and forth a few times and added our hand motions with it. Then I said, "You melt my heart!" And the next time I said that I loved him, he said, "You make my heart!" Sigh...I loved it! He DOES melt my heart!!!

One of my FAVORITE pictures of Ainsley so far!
She's getting funnier and funnier too!
*She likes to turn her tongue sideways in her mouth a lot, and it cracks me up.
*She's been opening her mouth really wide and letting out the funniest laugh. It's almost like she's pretending to laugh. I don't know how to describe it, but when she does it, we ALL laugh!
*She weighed 21.3 lbs. one week ago (at seven and a half months!)! =)
*She LOVES her daddy and her big brother - in small doses. =) But she still loves me the most - which is sweet and tiring all at the same time! =)
*She's a GRABBER! She's getting really good at grabbing whatever it is she's got her eye on! (We're trying to teach Asher to not get things close to her if he doesn't want her to have it, because she grabs it, he yanks it back, then we have a sad baby on our hands. And of course, we're also always teaching him about being kind and sharing too. =))

We're doing well...kind of (trying to get rid of ear infections and colds!). We are very blessed and happy...for the most part (because who is REALLY happy ALL the time?! =)). Beau is gearing up for the summer, and we are so thankful for Randy and B.J. who are both such HUGE helps at the camp. And we're striving to improve our lives daily by letting God be God in and through us (easier said than done...)! We hope you're doing well too!!!

Happy May!
P.S. I know that my alignment is weird in this post. Blogger wouldn't let me fix it for some reason. =)
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Kathy said...

They are soooooo cute!!!!

Mama Jeannie said...

I love this Sara. So good to hear the funny things your kids are doing and to get a glimpse into your heart as well. God is doing a good job of getting into your lives I believe. You are a very special girl/wife/mommy/friend/ daughter.