Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday we took the kids on four wheelers! (Don't worry, we were careful...) It was so fun!!! Ainsley was with me in her Baby Bjorn, and Asher rode in front of Beau. We were out for an hour and a half or so, and we just rode around on trails here at the camp, then went to a park near here on the lake. I had one of those two-kids-doesn't-sound-so-bad moments. I mean, what would we have done if we were outnumbered? It was a "perfect" outing! =) It made me excited about all the fun things we can do with them as they get older. (Who knows what will happen, but I would be surprised if they end up being our only two...just for the record. =))

On a different note, I think Ainsley's chub may be keeping her from crawling, but she's working on it (crawling, that is...not her "chub"). For the past few days she's been scooting on her bottom - which is funny. And yesterday she started scooting backwards on her tummy. At least she's moving. =)

The other day I was snapping my fingers, and a couple of days ago she started "snapping" hers. Brilliant baby! =)

Oh! Another funny memory that I was telling Beau about yesterday and realized that I had never recorded was about Asher. One day he asked me, "Where's Barbara?" I said, "Who's Barbarba?" He said matter of factly, "Grammy." It's true. Barbara is Grammy. Funny kid!

And one more thing of noteworthiness...Numbers have really been clicking for Asher lately for some reason, and he's been working on recognizing how many fingers we're holding up and learning to hold a certain number of fingers up himself. Yesterday he held up five fingers on one hand and one on the other and said, "Five and one makes six." He amazes us all the time!

Today the rest of our summer staff is arriving. We're excited to get this summer started!


Emily said...

I am glad that you had fun four wheeling. I am understanding the feelings of two is cool (but think that there will be more to come...just not too soon). That is funny that Ainsley is so chubby she scoots on her bottom! Holy cow, Asher is smart, really. Claire is still not doing numbers. I will have to tell her that her younger cousin, who is a boy, is showing her up- TOTALLY KIDDING!!!

Mama Jeannie said...

I can't believe I didn't comment on this entry Sass. I LOVED it so much! Maybe I read another one that same day and commented on both or a few at the same time? Anyway, your four-wheeling adventure sounded so fun. Your Asher and Ainsley are brilliant and so athletic! Crawlin/scooting on her tummy; amazing. :0) Can hardly wait to see all of you again. I bet Ainsley will be crawling for real and Asher will be doing algebra.