Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Ainsley Gracie" (as I call her sometimes)

Just so you don't think that I love one kid more than the other...=) is a VERY BRIEF update on Ainsley Grace. I spent so much time on the last post that I don't have much time left for another one. So I'll just suffice it to say (for today) that she's doing GREAT! We took her for her four month appointment this last week, and she is STILL in the 95th percentile for height and weight: 16lbs. 8oz. and 26" long. This is her fourth day to eat baby food, and she gets better at it each day - although that doesn't mean that she's "good" at it yet. =) She's getting so fun - lots of smiles and occasional laughs too! She has fun (for brief periods of time) on her activity mat, in her swing, or in her johnny-jump-up. But her favorite thing to do is interact with us face to face. She's our cute little rolly-polly!!!


Emily said...

She is seriously cute. I can't believe she is already eating baby food. Love her!

Amy said...

I want to squeeze her!