Monday, January 26, 2009

Naked Cowboy (well...almost)

This morning, Asher slept until 5:30! Yea! One hour later than the last two mornings! =) When he was all done with "trying" to go back to sleep, he climbed out of our bed, and said, "Mommy, you want to play with me?" I had been SO sleepy and did NOT want to get out of bed, but when he said could I resist?! He's never said that before! I loved it! =)
We made a pit stop in the bathroom on the way to his room, and after he "tooted in the potty" as he says, he made a diaperless escape before I could catch him. He climbed up on his horse and said, "Ride 'em cowboy!" Then he said, "Mommy, I need my cowboy hat." So there I had it, a bottomless cowboy! Of course I had to grab the camera. And when I did, he started posing and making a different face after each picture. He's never done that unprompted. It was so funny!

"Ta-daaaa!", he said.

Then we played with his "Thomas the choo-choo train" as he calls ALL trains. And he read his favorite book with his warm "reindeer shoes" on. It was a fun morning.

Also, we're under an ice storm warning starting at noon today, so I made a trip into town for necessities and left the kids with Beau for a while. When I got home, Asher told me, "I step on her." (He had stepped on Ainsley, but it was an accident.) I asked him about it. Then he told me, "And I kiss her." He was very sorry that he had hurt his sister. It was sweet. And she's fine, by the way...sleeping like a baby now. =)


Amy said...

That is hilarious!

Mama Jeannie said...

I LOVE that you are posting more these days and I am enjoying every single story about your kids, you, and your Beau. LOVE the pics and I'm glad Ainsley is all right after being stepped on. I love that Beau dances with his little princess too. That is so sweet! You are a blessed little family Sass.