Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"He pooped!"

Asher was playing with one of his Little People this morning, and he said, "He pooped!" Then he touched his hand and said, "He touched it!" I said, "Gross! Are you going to change his diaper?!" So he layed the little two inch "guy", as he calls him, on the floor, then he said, "I get a diaper. I'll be right back." So he went and got a diaper, sat back down with his little guy, and said, "Poop on the floor!" (What an imagination!) "He sad!" And a few minutes later, "He better. He happy now." I loved my little boy's version of playing with dolls. =) Only it was a Little People construction guy. =)


Amy said...

You and your "poop/ bottom/ toot/ potty/ bathroom stories"!

Asher is hilarious!

Mama Jeannie said...

HILAIOUS!! Love your little man's imagination. :0)

Sara said...

Yep, it's my humor...what can I say? =)