Monday, January 19, 2009

Asher Funnies

Yesterday Asher patted Ainsley's tummy and looked at me and said, "Is this Dr. Wilson?" (his pediatrician who he pretends with a lot) Then he started saying, like you would to a baby, "Hi Dr. Wilson." Then he shook her hand and said, "Nice to meet you Dr. Wilson." It CRACKED me up!!!

Then today he looked out his window in the car and said, "Hello Santa Claus. Did you have a good nap?" That boy! He keeps us in stitches!

Ainsley's starting to work on keeping us entertained too - with her new sound. She almost constantly is growling, saying, "Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah!" She lay in her bed for almost two hours in the middle of the night last night doing that. It's funny. =)