Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There is nothing more magical than swaddling Ainsley up (yes, she still likes it - even at six and a half months...although she pops her arms out now...anyway...), putting her paci in her mouth, her eyes immediately fluttering like it's the best thing in the world to her, laying her down in her bed, and not hearing a peep out of her until she wakes up from her nap. Granted, this does NOT happen every time I put her down, but it's SO AMAZING when it does! I LOVE it!!! She's turned into such a manageable baby - compared to her first couple of months of life. I'm thankful for that! =)

She's doing the funniest thing today. She's making this very high pitched squealing sound, and it's so funny, so I laugh at her, and she keeps doing it. For the first time, I've wondered if she's actually trying to entertain me. I'm not sure if she is, but that's another one of my favorite parts of being a mommy - your kids trying to make you laugh. It's so fun! =)

Now...I'm off to work HARD! I've gotten a fair amount done around the house this morning, but I've got to get the downstairs and hall bathroom spic-n-span, because we've got company coming over this evening. Mr. Jim (one of our retired volunteers who has helped us out here at the camp a TON) and Randy, or "Sarge" as Asher is calling him - the new man who has recently been hired here at the camp and now lives here too. We really like him and are so thankful that he's here!!! AND...he was a Marine, so he's REALLY clean - which this camp needs! But I'm a little intimidated about my house not "measuring up" to his standards. =) Oh well. It is what it is. =) Hope you're all having a wonderful day!!!

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