Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I zerberted Asher's cheeks, then he wanted me to zerbert his nose - which was a little challenging. =) Then he returned the same zerberts to me and then said, "Your teeth!" So he zerberted my teeth! Weird! It didn't really work, by the way. =)

"She's a princess, Mommy...just like YOU!" - another cute thing that came out of my boy baby's mouth.

We just returned from a very last minute trip to see one of my close friends and her brand new baby who was taken to Cook Children's hospital in Fort Worth. I won't share names or anything on my blog, because I don't think that's my place. But I will say that the baby boy is getting better. He was severely dehydrated and jaundiced, but he has been steadily improving and as of yesterday they thought he would be moved to a private room today. He was in the NICU, then in the PICU, and he will hopefully be released tomorrow. They had concerns about his heart, but those tests came back with no signs of trouble, so that's wonderful. And they're still waiting on results for another concern. Please pray for my friends and their precious baby boy. My friend had an incredibly difficult labor and delivery (I thought I did, but mine was NOTHING compared to hers!), so please pray specifically for her recovery and rest. Of course all new mommies are beyond exhausted and emotional - but she is way beyond the "norm"! I'm so proud of her as she's done what has needed to be done, but it is catching up with her, and she NEEDS rest! It is obvious that God has been carrying them through this time, and I'm so thankful for that!!!

A bright side to that surprise trip was getting to stay with my childhood friend Angie and her family! It was GREAT to spend time with them! Thank you Chase and Angie for opening your home to us - and for taking care of my kiddos!!! They had a great time playing in their WELL- STOCKED playroom! =) And the backyard was so fun as well. Ella, Angie's four year old, LOVED Ainsley, and Ainsley thought she was pretty great too! =) Thank you Ella for letting us sleep in your room!

We got home LATE last night and are enjoying lounging around this morning before we get back into the swing of things...which I plan on doing this afternoon. Hope you're all doing well and enjoying this sunshine (Shannon!!!)!


Mama Jeannie said...

Sass, I'm so glad you made it home safely and that you are getting some much needed rest and relaxation I'm sure. I will continue to pray for your friend and her baby. Praise God that little baby is improving as each day goes by. I trust there will be good reports and grace for the mommy to rest and recover as well. I didn't know you were driving back home so soon, but glad things were so much better that you felt good about leaving. I'm sure Beau was happy to have you home. Beau, you are so sweet to bless Sara as she blesses and ministers to the needs of family and hurting friends so many times. You will have some major crowns to throw at the feet of Jesus one day. Love the both of you so much.

Tia said...

okay, i'm not sure what zerbert is?

and girl, you need to keep up. you just blew up my inbox with comments. lol. but i love it nonetheless.

also, I WILL fix your header when I get a spare hour or two. i promise. let me get to feeling better first, k?

Shan said...

"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!"

Angie Herdman said...

Ella told me yesterday that she misses baby Ainsley and if she could please have another baby sister. I told her she needed to talk to God about that one.