Friday, April 10, 2009

Today I...

Right now, I am lying on the couch (loveseat, actually...I'm not quite sure why I chose the shorter of the two. =)), in a living room that is getting darker as the sun disappears for the day. Ainsley is cooing herself to sleep, and Asher and Beau are back in our bedroom watching tv and playing a game. So, it's quiet down here, and I'm doing "nothing". It's a good end to what has ended up being a good day. I was checking blogs, and Amy, my sister, tagged her readers to share about our "today". So here's mine:

Today I...

Ate: Raisin Bran; chocolate pudding cake that Dina made for us - yummy! (yes, BEFORE my lunch), bean and rice quesadillas (made especially for the cheese-less Asher), tilapia, and corn; graham crackers dipped in milk (one of my favorite snacks - perhaps a little strange for a 32 year old); milk duds and popcorn (one milk dud with each bite of popcorn - my favorite movie snack!); and no dinner so far - I guess I should remedy that!

Felt: purposeful as I tried to get ready first thing this morning to go the store (then Ainsley was ready for a nap when I finished actually getting ready, so I never went); relaxed and a little lazy when Beau realized about half way through the day that he had the day off because of Good Friday - We put the kids down for naps and watched one of our new favorite shows, "Lie to Me".; excited that Beau wanted to go see a movie with me if we could find a place for our kids (THANK YOU SHANNON AND KIAH!!!); frazzled as I was trying to get us out the door in time for the movie; happy to be at a movie; in suspense as I watched the movie; bummed that Ainsley was not a "good" baby while we were gone; relaxed again to sit and do "nothing" at home - yet not completely, because in this "felt" section Asher came downstairs, and Ainsley has started fussing some in her bed. So my evening as a mother continues...=)

Listened to: Disney channel shows in the background, our other show and movie, my kids playing, jabbering, singing, and crying =)

Watched: "Lie to Me" (great show!), "Knowing" (glad we saw it: suspenseful, intense, thought-provoking, emotional)

Loved: that my hubby wanted to go on a date - I like to "go" more than he does, so when he does too, it makes me really happy! The funny things Asher says and the way he says them - like when I say, "No Sweetheart." And he says, "Yes Sweetheart." Or I say, "Hi Boogidy-Boo." And he says, "Hi Boogidy-Mommy." My beautiful, rosy-cheeked, chubby baby as she discovers new things every day - today it was her hands!

Hoped: that someone would want to watch our kids so we could go to a movie =)

Enjoyed: meeting my friend Shannon's kids! I'm a FAMILY person, so not knowing a friend's family just seems incomplete to me.

Wished: that I could keep my house straight! That Asher would obey! (He's been tackling Ainsley a lot - and things like that!)

Wondered: if I would actually make it to the store today - and I didn't. =)

Drank: lemonade, water, milk, Dr. Pepper

Wanted: a shower - and I GOT one! - not a small task these days =)

Looked: in the freezer to see what we would have for lunch (Tilapia, it was.)

Tag! You're it.
Leave me a message if you take the tag.

P.S. Ainsley is officially asleep...FINALLY...after "talking", silence, and fussing a little off and on for quite a while. Whew! Always a good part of the evening. =)


Amy said...

Glad you took the tag. And btw - hope you're teeth are okay after those Milk Duds!

Mama Jeannie said...

Well, this sounds fun, a bit thought provoking, and a good brain exercise. I'll give it a whirl. :0) How are your teeth after the Milk Duds? Amy, you're so funny.

Shan said...

Where is our day together...Thursday? Guess it wasn't as worth mentioning. I'll try not to be offended. :)