Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We have a DEAD camera! That is NOT GOOD!!! We must do something about this QUICK! There are too many things to document EVERY DAY at this stage in our lives! So sad!

On a happier note...Asher told Beau yesterday, "Daddy, you're a genius!" Yes, he is, I agree! Literally. I really think he is!

He also told Beau the other day, "I'm not sure, Daddy." Cute. I had never heard him say that before.

Today we had a really fun afternoon at a newly discovered park in town (thanks to Autumn!) with new friends of ours - Ruth and her two boys, Luke, 3, and Nathan, 8 months?. It's great to have a friend who TOTALLY relates to the day to day things I'm experiencing - the misplaced clothing, the late-in-the-day showers, the hormones, etc., etc., etc... And Asher was super impressive to me as he climbed the rock climbing wall at the playground over and over and over. =)

Beau got home today, and he asked me if I was "so tired", because I normally am when he gets home, but I actually felt better today than I normally do at that time of day. Sometimes spending time with friends really energizes me. I enjoy being at home too, but I love friendship!!!

And speaking of, Dina and Dusty came over this evening for dinner and American Idol...and to bring me my new quilt! Thanks Dina! I love it!!! Now I can cover up with something other than my favorite Christmas quilt - that she also made for me. =)

Also speaking of friends...I have recently reconnected with a dear friend from high school, Dani. She was an exchange student from Brazil. My best friend from when I was little bitty, Melinda. (She taught me how to stand on my head. =)) And my best friend from high school, Holly. My little family and I may even go see her and her little family in New Mexico in the fall. We'll see, but I would love to! =) There are countless others I have recently connected with also, and it's been SO FUN! I love facebook!!! I have been blessed so richly with friendships throughout my life, and I love that so many of those connections have not been lost over the years - just misplaced. I love you friends!

And on that note, I really should retire. I have been staying up way too late lately. Too bad you can't just switch off your kids until you're ready to get up in the morning. =) Good night!


Amy said...

Switch off your kids?!? Brilliant!

I am so glad you are making more friends! Your right - friendship is so important! And how cool that you are finding old friends on fb!

And the broken camera thing.... Noooooooooo, indeed!

Mama Jeannie said...

Yes indeedy. I agree! No camera?!!! Terrible indeed. What's with the 'indeed' word popping up everywhere I look? Sass, loved this post and I'm so thankful you've reconnected with friends from your happy happy past. The Asher-isms continue to make me smile. So cute and isn't he amazingly smart for a two-year-old? WOW!! I love how cuddly and funny Ainsley is too. She's a beautiful little baby doll.