Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I love that Asher's name means "happy" and that he IS!!! There are absolutely no words to adequately express how much we LOVE him!!! We think he's the GREATEST thing in the whole wide world! We love every little thing about him!!! He's extremely laid back - MOST of the time! (He definitely has his "opionated/spirited" moments as well!) He loves his tongue, trying to crawl, holding and chewing on his toothbrush, his hammer, his Mommy and Daddy!!!...and he cocks his head to the side and sticks his hands out with fists when he's really happy about something. How could we love a human being so much?! I think Beau and I always thought that we would forever love each other the MOST, then our kids the "next most"...but we both "confessed" to each other the other day that we can't help it...we love Asher as much as we love each other...just differently. =)

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