Friday, June 29, 2007

The Last Few Days...

In the last few days Asher has become even more mobile. He's almost actually crawling, and he's pulling up on everything. And he gets really proud of himself when he pulls up on something. It's pretty cute.

Asher and I went to Waco on Tuesday, because I wanted to see Skyler in her gymnastics class and Allie and Jack at their Baylor basketball and baseball camps. Asher is starting to enjoy people more and more. I think that he and Claire are starting to become "buddies". We even got to go to the Baylor pool, and Asher and Claire were TOO cute in their lifejackets. Asher loved floating on his back. He was so relaxed! The only bad thing about the trip was one of our car rides from Waco out to Mom and Dad's house with Allie and Jack and two SCREAMING babies! Like I said before, "It was opposite of heaven - and I'm NOT talking about earth!" And Allie said, "I HATE cars with crying babies in them!" Emily and I agreed. =)

Early this morning, when Asher KEPT waking up, I brought him to bed with me, and we slept until 9:00!!! It was HEAVEN!!! Then Rachel, one of the summer staffers here, came over after lunch and watched Asher for me while I got some things done around the house...AND I was able to take a nap! It was GREAT!!! It was nice to get a little extra sleep today, because, for some reason, I was a little wiped out after our Waco trip.

I wish I had something "profound" to write about like the rest of you fellow bloggers, but I just don't...except: "You can make a lot of money if you invent the right thing." (Emily, that was for you!)

Good night!

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