Thursday, June 21, 2007


Some of the things I've enjoyed so far today:
  • Asher sleeping ALL night!!!
  • Beau letting me sleep until 9:15!!!
  • Beau toasting and buttering my pop tart for me, because I normally just grab one and eat it raw since I don't have time for anything else...But he said it's just so much better...and it is! =) And a small glass of cold milk with that. =)
  • Reading my book
  • Playing with Asher - him crawling all over us...
  • Watching Asher entertain himself in his bed. (I love being with him, but sometimes it's really nice NOT to be "needed"!) He likes to play with his toys and pull himself to standing all by himself (which is a new thing!). And he's so proud when he does that. =)
  • Watching part of "Hitch"
  • Beau being off

Something I haven't enjoyed:

  • Facing the dilemma of what is best for Asher - learning to fall asleep on his own (which most of the time I think is the best thing for him)...or rocking him to sleep (which I love doing, but lately he has seemed too ansty for that). Most of the time it's not a big deal to put him down...he fusses for just a few minutes, then goes to sleep. But this morning it was harder. So I was dreading putting him down this afternoon. I rocked him for a little bit to try to get him drowsy (because I knew he was tired), but it didn't work. So I layed him down, and I think it only took him five minutes tops to fall asleep (which has happened while I was typing this). And it's times like that, that I think it's the right option for him. I'm just going to stick with it for a few days, and maybe my answer will be clear...I hope!

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Amy said...

Have you had this template the whole time?!? I didn't realize. Well, my red letters are better. :)