Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Da-da", Cords, Parenting, and Our HAPPY Boy

Asher has been "talking" a LOT as I've mentioned before. One of the sounds he makes the most is "Da-da-da-da-da...", and we've been trying to teach him that Beau is "Daddy", he is "Asher", and I am "Mommy". Well, today we're pretty sure he made the connection and called Beau "Da-da"!!! We're sure enough that we're going to mark this day as the day he said his first word! =) Beau is pretty thrilled...and so am I!!!

He's also VERY into cords! And we're trying to teach him not to touch them. That, of course, is not an easy thing to teach a baby. But he's starting to learn to obey. We're so proud of him. We think he's a good kid. =) It makes me a little nervous to think of all the complexities of the parenting experience in years to come, but I think it will be ok. If we can just take it step by step and be consistent, loving, fun, and firm, I think we'll make it. And I think Asher will too. =) I cry sometimes, because I don't want to lose this special time with Asher, but I'm really excited, too, about all that is ahead for us. I can't wait to see who he is more and more as time goes on!!!

His name means "happy", and I think that really is one of his attributes that sticks out most to me. And I pray that that will always be the case. It will be fun to see how that thread is woven into his life as he grows. I know that life will not always be care-free for him, but I pray that he will always see the bright side even in hard times.

Speaking of the "bright side" and cords...his whole face LIGHTS UP sometimes, and I LOVE it!!! Today, he was playing in his room by himself for a minute. I came back in, and he had crawled to a cord and was playing with it. I came up to him and was being very firm as I said, "Asher, no. Put the cord down. No." He looked up, and his face LIT UP...just because I had come back in the room. He had already forgotten about the cord. I love him!

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