Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Weekend Without Asher!!!

Well, we did it. Beau and I spent this weekend without our baby boy. I cried when we drove off, but Beau was good at changing the subject, and it didn't take me long to be ok. Then I only almost got choked up one other time. It was a GREAT weekend...for us AND Asher...AND his Grammie and Grandad! We got to Livingston at about 2:00am on Friday morning (Thursday night!), spent the day at Mark and Barbara's (Beau's parents) so that Asher could get used to being here before we left him. We left late that afternoon, and he did great! Hardly blinked an eye when we left. Barbara said he looked around for us every once in a while, but he was happy, happy all weekend! I'm SO glad it was a success!!! I was a little nervous, but it couldn't have been better. After stopping in Houston to eat dinner, we headed to Galveston and went to sleep fairly early. We got up and walked on the beach Saturday morning, had lunch at McAllester's, then went to Schlitterbahn for a few hours that afternoon. The lines were pretty long, so we just rode a couple of slides and went around the lazy river several times. It was a fun, relaxing afternoon! Then yesterday evening, we went to Fishtales, obviously a seafood restaurant. I'm not always a huge seafood fan, but I had shrimp wrapped in bacon, and it was SO GOOD! (Thanks for the idea Nadia!) We got up this morning and went to The Strand for an old fashioned chocolate malt and root beer float. It was a really neat area...lots of fun shops, but we didn't spend much time there, because we wanted to get back to our little man!!! But first on the way home, we stopped in Humble and had lunch with Beau's best friend from high school Brad and his wife D'Nina and their foreign exchange student from Turkey. We always have a great time reconnecting with them but don't get to see them nearly often enough!!! And THEN we couldn't get home fast enough!!! It was SO FUN to see Asher! He just kind of stared at us for a few seconds when he saw us, but then he got really excited! We love him SO MUCH, and he is SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his loud "language", his funny and very animated expressions, and I love holding him!!! But it was worth it! He had great bonding time with his Grammie and Grandad, and we had much needed rest and time together as a couple. Thank you Mark and Barbara for a great weekend!!! We love you!


Mama Jeannie said...

Sara, I am so thankful you and Beau had a great weekend with each other and that Asher is blessed with such amazing Grandparents like Mark and Barbara. I'm sure they made him so happy every minute of the day. Love you, Mama

Emily said...

YEAH for time alone with your hubby!!! I am so glad that you were able to get away and know that Asher was happy and being well cared for. I can only dream of the day that Allan and I get more than a couple of hours away. I am already praying that our next baby will take a bottle ;)

I miss you sister!!!

Brian & Becca said...

hi sara. i just ran into your blog. you have a beautiful little boy, congrats. and yeah for a weekend away, i know it's hard but you need it! at least i know i do :) i have 3, yes THREE little boys now! check out our blog: